1. Was in a 3 way tie for first in my division. Including first overall playoff seed. Had a game this week with one of the people I was tied with and smoked him 226 to 133. And the other guy lost. It's been a good day.

  2. I was down 130-15 after the morning games. I ended up winning 162-144 thanks to Carr, Ekeler, DK, Jacobs, 49ers D, and Butker. The miracle 115 point comeback clenched my playoff spot too.

  3. Jimmy G with 14 points is outstanding as they were winning the whole game pretty much effortless. Still out of the playoffs, but it was fun.

  4. Once again, my opponent and I are the top two scoring teams of the week. I'm about to miss the playoffs off of just an insanely unlucky schedule.

  5. Looked like playoffs until Kupp went down for Waddle’s bye and Saquon has been the worst RB on my team since Kupp went down

  6. Need some quality Reddit advice here! With the Jacobs TD to secure the Raiders win, it also put me up 118.92 to 115.90. He has no players left; HOWEVER, I have N. Harris AND the Pitt defense. I saw last week someone lost for not benching players after "securing" a dub. In fact, I actually had Rondale Moore -- but I lost regardless of that stupid 1st play negative yardage injury. Do I bench both Harris and Steelers defense? Or play them? The incentive is obviously more points scored = possible higher playoff ranking -- and there's also a weekly high payout of $10, which I'm near. But do I risk possibly losing if Steelers defense AND Harris possibly go negative?

  7. Depends on what's more important for you. Secure the win? Sit them. High points? Play them. I need points for tie breakers so I'm playing him.

  8. With a 3 point lead I wouldn’t worry, those kinds of situations only happen really when someone’s up by like 0.5 or something crazy close. If you’re really worried I’d maybe not play a defense, but Najee is not gonna go for -30 yards.

  9. Pacheco is that fucking dude. He is getting fed in KC and runs like a crazy person every time he's got the ball. Anyone getting 15+ touches in that offense is gonna be valuable, I think he's gonna be on a lot of championship rosters

  10. So there's pretty much a zero percent chance that Miles Sanders outscores Jake Elliott right? I am down 11.72 in Yahoo, he has Elliott and I have Sanders. I only ask because obviously crazier things have happened in Fantasy Football.

  11. I might lose this week, ending my season. All because Treylon Burks fell on that Derrick Henry fumble for TD. FML

  12. up 10 points with Jonathan Taylor vs AJ Brown + Eagles DST. I have an open Kicker spot - all 4 kickers are available. Do I take the chance to wait it out until after tonight's game at risk of opponent blocking me

  13. To all the herbert doubters imagine him with Mike Williams. Dude is going to be a stud ros if his weapons are healthy.

  14. I lost by a point to end my playoff hopes and give me my 7th loss. I don't know how to emotionally process this

  15. I was projected to win at 140-100 today. My opponent had fucking Melvin Gordon and fucking Mixon in their lineup and he is going to beat me 140-110. I even thought about picking up Perine just so he couldn’t. Perine is still on the wire btw. Thought that would score me some points with the fantasy gods, but no. Fuck me, thanks for letting me vent, I know projections mean next to nothing…but damn, that is all.

  16. i sure am glad i didn't take the BS trade of Pollard and SChultz for Jacobs to one of the leagues top 3 teams lmao this man is going to get me into the playoffs out of 13th place.

  17. Im down 10 points with my oppoent being done and I have Miles Sanders left. Yet ESPN gives my oppoent a 45% chance of winning. Probably because Sanders had 5 points the last 2 weeks and Eagles hate using him. Really skeptical Miles can break 10 points tonight. Against the Packers who are usually easy to run on.

  18. I need Miles Sanders to score 10 so its an all out garuntee that the Eagles would rather lose the game than give him enough carries to score that much.

  19. I seriously don’t know why I hopefor OT anymore. Literally 5 or 6 games this year went to OT and I bet my players had a combined 1 point off that.

  20. Still extremely grateful to the guy who offered him (and jeudy) to me for Keenan Allen week 2. Biggest reason I'm still in a playoff spot after losing Breece & Kupp

  21. Tbh might take next year off from FF, that Josh Jacobs TD devastated me. I love Football and FF makes me not enjoy it as much as I would like to

  22. Henry’s fumble cost me 13 points between him and Tanny, and I just lost by 7. Why did I ever start playing this fucking game

  23. I had a pretty strong feeling about Jacobs for no apparent reason other than thinking the addition of Adams would open up the offense and he’s still a talented back.

  24. Welp. That Jacobs TD prob just lost me my matchup. Now I have to pray that Rodgers annihilates the Eagles defense which is unlikely. Goodbye to my 8 game winstreak 🥲

  25. Dude goes from Questionable to play with a calf injury to Questionable to return to the game for a calf injury to scoring 50 points.

  26. If jt scores 33.9 pts in our format (superflex 6pt td, 100yd rush pass bonus, 0.5ppr 0.5fd) imma lose. Dalton got screwed there... fuck me if mac jones was the play and i removed him 2 min before ne kickoff that's fantasy for ya

  27. Can't believe we're about to be done with Week 12 and Josh Jacobs is RB3 overall with a shot at RB1 to end the season.

  28. Man, ETN really killed me. I have him in two leagues. I think I’ll still pull it out in one. But in the other I need the Eagles defense to self destruct in order to have a shot lol

  29. After Kelce's td, I thought I was going to pull it off and defend my playoff spot in spite of etienne's 0. From that point, Josh jacobs by himself outscored kyler Murray and Travis kelce combined comfortably. Now I'm already looking at a bigger deficit than parris Campbell will make up, and jacobs is still chugging towards 40 touches.

  30. Wild to get to this point in the season and only be starting two guys I drafted. The rest waiver wire picks. FF is a finicky SOB.

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