Official: [WDIS WR] - Sat Evening, 11/26/2022

  1. In standard I would totally start Olave for upside. Godwin is a target hog but lately he didn't manage to get a lot of yards

  2. Need help Christian Watson against the eagles or Hollywood brown on a snap count against the chargers? Philly’s defense is legit only 5 passes over 30+ yards this season allowed and one passing TD in the last 5 games which is what has been watsons value but brown is only playing a limited amount of snaps. Appreciate it

  3. Josh Palmer. LAC has a good chance to have a great day on offense, so I would want to try to get a chunk of that cake.

  4. I'd keep it as is. While stacking WRs like that isn't exactly ideal, I think this week is a good scenario to do so with the LAC corps. Plus, none of the alternatives really get the blood flowing or have nearly the upside of that duo.

  5. Probably an unpopular opinion, but I'd go Wilson. I think he's going to be a huge part of their gameplan after the QB switch. CHI defense also leaves a lot to be desired, so Jets could actually have a good day offensively.

  6. I'd go Lockett. He has a floor of like, 12 points. On top of that, he has a super favorable matchup. I could see him being a top 15 WR this week

  7. Aiyuk. He’s proven himself reliable over the last several games. Burks might be a late-season boom but I need to see more than one productive week

  8. Keep an eye on the weather reports. Hopefully someone here is in CLE throwing the football 🏈 around the in parking lot 😆 I have Amari but I don’t have a good option like DK.

  9. Olave for ceiling, perine for floor, depending on what you need. I think perine is safer, but olave better upside.

  10. I’m in the exact same situation. Leaning Olave given 49ers good run d which means Saints will need to throw and Palmer considering Mike Williams is out and he benefits from being WR2 behind Allen.

  11. Out of those I'd go Lockett. He's been so consistent and is almost guaranteed to have 15 points or more.

  12. Forecast in CLE is 15-25mph winds with higher gusts expected and rain 🌧. Might be tough for Brady so I’d lean Jimmy G

  13. 4 man PPR, should I roll with Tyreek Hill or Diggs in the WR2 slot? I already played Jefferson on Thursday

  14. Oddly enough, the only position the 49ers defense has given up meaningful fantasy points to is WR. The saints will likely have difficulty running the ball, so they will have to move it down field through the air with Olave, Landry, and Kamara. I'd start Olave confidently over Hollywood, who might be on a snap count, and Watson, who has a bad matchup in possibly rainy weather.

  15. I’m in the same boat and I may pick Palmer and Aiyuk idk if Deebo is healthy, I’m waiting to see more but worried he could leave the game

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