Official: [WDIS Flex] - Sat Afternoon, 11/26/2022

  1. This is kind of a miserable choice tbh. Dortch is questionable with a hand injury and Hollywood is back, I'd avoid him. I'd also avoid Higbee cus the Rams are playing very injured with their 3rd string QB

  2. Jeff Wilson is a must start against Houston with Mostert likely out. In standard I'd definitely avoid Perine, probably avoid Palmer too. I think Connor will outscore White.

  3. Can start 2 of Perine, Aaron Jones, and Deebo. Deebo is questionable both other 2 are healthy. Perine at 1 pm ET start, Deebo at 4 pm et start and Jones on SNF. Any advice?

  4. Juju is getting nice in that offense. I expect him to pick up where he left off. I'm starting him wherever I have him

  5. Need to choose a Flex between Kirk and Perine. I am currently starting Najee and JWJ at RB and Higgins and Pittman at WR. Any suggestions?

  6. I’d definitely go with Hollywood, 2nd one is tough though. In between Hunt and Dotson leaning toward Hunt, but neither of them have a safe floor

  7. That’s a tough one. Mostert is listed doubtful and JWJ is going to have the full workload against Texan’s run defense. I’m starting both in my lineup.

  8. While I recognize how good Hunt is and that if Chubb went down he'd be a potential top 10 (5?) back, I'd drop him, especially since you dont own Chubb, before I drop a team's clear-cut bellcow back. Murray is on a shit offense but he's still gonna get fed each week. "One in the hand worth 2 in the bush" or something like that.

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