Leonard Fournette is listed as doubtful for Sunday's game

  1. I’ve got Kamara, Murray, and White. Murray and White have pretty much guaranteed more volume and better matchups but sitting Kamara feels like a sin

  2. Wow, no I really don’t know if I should start White @ Browns or Pierce @ Miami. Feel like Pierce might get scripted out again and White’s playing one of the worst run defenses, but the “start your studs” mantra keeps me wondering

  3. I have the same decision, must-win game. I'm going White. I'll take a Brady offense against a bad defense over a Kyle Allen offense against an ok defense

  4. Been holding Rachaad White for weeks now for this exact scenario and now he’ll probably be on my bench anyways in favour of JWJ lol

  5. I'm a rachaad white owner but it would be hilarious to see this sub cope when he gets 13 carries for 53 yards on Sunday.

  6. As someone who has Ekeler, Rhamondre, and Tyler Lockett in the flex, I can't wait to see him drop 30 in my bench lmao.

  7. I was very close to not playing Dalvin yesterday, and honestly looks like I shouldn’t have. My other RBs are CMC and JWJ so White will unfortunately be riding the bench for me as well

  8. Id rather go White, Perine is not a good player and while we dont really have much film about White id rather just bet on him than the known underwhelming player.

  9. I’ve been trying to package White to the Fournette owner all year. Oh well guess I’ll just flex him this week against him.

  10. Do you play the clear lead back against one of the worst run defenses in the league, or do you play a guy in a time share against one of the best run defenses in the league? Chop your nuts off.

  11. Oh man, having Najee/Walker/Kamara was great but now I have Jeff Wilson AND Rachaad White on top of that? Jeeze I feel like a rich rich man

  12. I am asking myself the same question. "Start your studs" is always in the back of my mind but if Tampa gets up early, chubb will have another down week and White could feast. Of course Chubb is arguably the best back in the league and not starting him could be considered a cardinal sin

  13. Yeah man I’m pretty bummed about that playing Singletary if only he had that TD I’d be happy. But I can superflex White in so not to bad. Have Amon/JJ and my opp. had Dalvin play so evens out my Singletary play a little.

  14. I guess Devonta is sitting this week in favor of white and Perine. Devonta has nice floor but his ceiling has been low. Perine and white have a legit shot of over 100y and multiple TDs. Watch Devonta will go off this week lol

  15. I think I have successfully started Devonta on a good week like once lol most of the time when I start him he’s a dude or just ok and then other times I sit him and he’s the difference in me losing instead of winning lol I hate it so much

  16. I'm seriously considering sitting Deebo for him, I'm in a must win week and I feel like White is the safer of the two options.

  17. Man, I'm in a bit of a pickle now. Have White, JWJ, Chubb and ETN. Who do I start then asides from Chubb who is a lock.

  18. Not only have I held White all year but my opponent also has Fournette and is thin at RB…pants tent engaged

  19. Isn’t Cleveland’s weather going to be bad? Lots of rain? How would this affect RBs? Limit White’s receptions?

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