Chiefs WR Kadarius Toney is ruled out

  1. We’re only allowed 6 quarters of Hypedarius per season. More than that would cause the fantasy world to explode.

  2. I know the hype train is dying quick.. but I wonder how much time he will miss. Sucks it seemed like he really had a chance to pop off

  3. Figured likely and toney would never see the field week 7 traded them for jimmy g. Glad toney was who I thought he was

  4. There's players that I say never again but might end up drafting if the value is right. I think toney however is truly a never draft again.

  5. So funny how this shit goes. Got Watson and toney on waivers and felt like a king after last Thursday with Jones Henry and Watson, and was stoked to get to see toney in prime time, but decided to drop Palmer for mooney after hearing Allen and big Mike were going to play. Never thought I could be winning and losing at the same time

  6. You guys are silly if you think Toney is going to be contributing much this season. Chiefs made this move looking ahead at next year. Give him an off-season with there strength and conditioning coach and WR1 next ywar

  7. Of course that’s more obvious now. He’s not going to contribute because he’s missing more time because of the injury. If he was heathy, there’s no telling how much they would work him in for the rest of the season.

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