1. just look out for the weather for his home games, unfortuantely he doesnt get to play in a dome every week. only dome game left is vegas week 15. i feel comfortable starting him week 14 in arizona too. those are all the road games he has left unfortuantely. i need the wind to be below 20mph cuz thats what it was last week against jets. idk if ill have the heart to drop him ugh

  2. I kept Folk through his bye week two weeks ago (kept him on the bench and got Butker) and while he did disappoint last week, I knew that was just an aberration.

  3. i was so close to dropping folk to pick up maher but i am beyond grateful that my opponent picked maher up and i decided to rock with folk ROS

  4. do u not have any players left or are u just being a drama queen. this was literally the second game of the week

  5. Dude. Almost all of his offensive line is hurt and the few remaining were in and out with injury and rest. It’s not a Saquon talent issue. Had some of these guys had until Sunday to play, it probably would’ve been a different narrative

  6. Why did I drop Gano randomly today for Maher? I had Gano all year and he served me well but I guess I woke up wanting to be spicy today for no reason and paid for it lol

  7. My dilema with meyers ... dpj or palmer, meyers is a good chain mover, good floor but low ceiling. Palmer is good if williams misses this week, dpj is a risky play

  8. Wanted Dak to remain under 10, but honestly I take this performance over what my opponent could've gotten with Lamar. Yes Lamar had been mid lately, but the Jags D would be a perfect opportunity for a bounce back.

  9. Hurts but we take 14.7 points half ppr. I’m facing diggs this week and I’m glad he only got 17.7

  10. Just the absolute worst god damn luck this year. That Ceedee no td fucked me. How am I supposed to have fun with this

  11. Lol the game script was perfectly fine for him to get more than 11 carries. The issue is the offensive line is garbage.

  12. Yea this was a weird game for CD. Super thankful for the 6/105, but the 2 catches for about 25 yards he lost due to holding (and I missed a big chunk of the game maybe it was more), going down at the 1 and the just missed td next play, plus a ton of just off 50/50 balls that honestly I think he shoulda had

  13. Please don’t get the onside recovery. I just got these Danny Dimes points and would rather him not throw a last second pick on a Hail Mary

  14. Really hoped for more from barkley. Ok game but not good enough when you're playing against St Brown and Schultz

  15. As someone facing Barkley, we'll that's it, he didn't have a boom game but only scored 1.3 less than Zeke. I hope he scores 30 next week

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