1. What am I supposed to do about Gabe Davis? He’s kind of frustrating for me now. I never know how good he’s actually going to do any week. There could be days weeks that I don’t start him and his scores double digits and other weeks where I do start him and he scores less than five points

  2. Thought we had avoided a bullshit fumble recovery for the Bills D on that last play but I have rechecked my score and found that us Bills D opponents got fucked.

  3. I'm thankful diggs still did right by my team even after having basically nothing for 3 quarters I genuinely love that man

  4. I had Allen vs their Davis but the guy I need to loose this week had Digg, was def mixed emotions.

  5. Going Vikings D tonight instead of playing Eagles D against my Jones & Watson. Trying to avoid playing against myself

  6. Josh Allen & Gabe Davis put up 35.7 on me and I’m totally Ok with that. That could have been Josh’s statline alone. Happy thanksgiving y’all

  7. If you have Justin Fields and Dak who are you starting? No QB options avaliable on waivers if Fields can't go

  8. Still can't believe Detroit decided the rational decision on a 3rd in 1 deep in Bills territory with 32 seconds left was to throw a lob bomb to DJ Chark down the sideline.

  9. Bills did have a few plays where they stopped runs for a loss. They gambled Bills would sell out for the obvious run and they would surprise them with a pass.

  10. Really don’t wanna start Danny dimes in a sf league but the best available on waivers is Pickett and on my roster is Patterson or Foreman

  11. Josh Palmer or Jakobi Meyers? Palmer has been great for me the last little bit, Meyers is also reliable. My opponent has Herbert so I was leaning Palmer just to maybe offset some points.

  12. Love to hear from all the people who said they're gonna bench Allen next week. And there were a LOT of them around the 3rd quarter.

  13. Thanks to Diggs, Allen and Amon Ra I got off to a 84 point start. Unfortunately I’m in last place with the second most points scored so my opponent should have 200+ today.

  14. Starting swift is pain. He was literally a few yards/one catch short of an extra like 16 points.

  15. I debated it, but I just don’t know if they can move the ball down the field against that defense

  16. I’d just like to rant about how Josh Allen is a fucking idiot and will suffer a season ending injury with how much he doesn’t slide after running the ball. He’s well passed the line of scrimmage and takes massive hits over and over. I saw it with Carson wentz and I see it with him, I hate watching him play now knowing he’s going to get injured because he won’t slide.

  17. I'm so tired of listening to ESPN blurbs telling me how THIS is a must start game for Gabe and then I lose with someone like Watson or DPJ on my bench with double digits bc what unhinged person would start those guys instead of davis and aj brown (also sick this week).....

  18. Could have easily been more if Josh doesn’t throw the redzone int as well as the stagnant second half of offense until the end.

  19. I’m jinxed this year. Singletary doesn’t get a touch down there and then they don’t even get to OT. Frustrating, 9 isn’t terrible it’s about where his projections are but he should of had a lot more

  20. Gabriel Davis complete disaster this season. Kupp getting injured and having to rely on this man is going to kill me

  21. He's not supposed to be your WR1 bro. He's a flex play who is boom or bust with huge upside. What did people expect? A bona-fide WR1? The dude just had two solid weeks in a row. I am a Davis owner so i understand he can frustrating at times but you get what u drafted

  22. All same day? Websites still usually count them as free agents to prevent roster bs of people adding and dropping every player.

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