RB fantasy finishes vs. Texans: Khalil Herbert PPR RB1, Austin Ekeler RB1, Josh Jacobs RB2, Derrick Henry RB2, Jonathan Taylor RB2, Saquon Barkley RB4, Miles Sanders RB11, Antonio Gibson RB16, Travis Etienne RB22, Javonte Williams RB25. Jeff Wilson easily worked ahead of Mostert pre-bye.

  1. I'm starting both. You know one of them is going to have a 15+ point game and the other should be solid enough. Likely there will be some good garbage time run off the clock carries.

  2. I felt like an idiot for dropping Wilson between the McCaffrey trade and Miami acquisition, but not nearly as idiotic as the guy who dropped him during Miami's BYE.

  3. I might legit start both too, it's either mostert or Pacheco/Aiyuk and I feel like monstert and Wilson will easily do 30pts combined

  4. I think I would too, esp considering the matchups. That's a gut check call. Some of the check down catches JWJ made the last few weeks for TDs were pretty gd elite

  5. Seriously debating playing mostert over kamara. Think I’d rather have Christian Kirk in my flex and mostert in my rb than have kamara get me 6 points against the niners. Not sure if I have the cajones to pull the trigger on this move though

  6. I don't think so. Awful matchup for Kamara against San Fran. Couple that with NO wanting to use taysom more. No thanks. Our deadline is tomorrow and the only thing keeping me from shipping Kamara off is his playoff schedule

  7. Same. I just don’t expect Detroit to score that much against Buffalo but he’s proved me wrong every week

  8. Thought I was smart flexing Wilson over Pierce and Godwin... but reddit hype has me scared he's going to bomb.

  9. Have JWJ in the flex right now with other decent flex options . Seriously debating starting him over either Dalvin or ETN in the RB spots. Thoughts?

  10. Basically have to decide between Conner or JWJ this week. I also have Pollard but the way he's been playing he isn't sitting.

  11. I have the same decision between Conner and JWJ. After watching Conner on Monday I feel like Wilson is the play…

  12. If I’ve got both of these guys plus DPierce, Mixon, and Lenny, what’s the play? 2RB and maaaaaybe I flex one of them over ARSB, AJB, or Dhop but probably not

  13. I'm stuck between Jamaal Williams and Mostert. Feel like this could be thr week Williams drops off a bit.

  14. Mostert, Fournette, Michael Carter: start two (I have JT at RB1 so this is RB2 and flex). I’m leaning Mostert and Michael Carter, am I dumb?

  15. Patterson, Chubb or Wilson, Chubb/Patterson as RB1 and 2? Both bad matchups for both Patterson and Chubb but I like that Patterson has been fielding KR.

  16. Mostert and Wilson both fast as shit and have Waddle/Tyreek opening up the field, any handoff could be a home run I'd be comfortable starting both

  17. I have Rachaad White and have a trade proposal to get Wilson and Allen Robinson. Thoughts? Trying to determine whose going to be most valuable between the two moving forward

  18. Do I start JWJ over any of Etienne, CMC, or Dameon Pierce? I see an argument for Pierce but still unsure…

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