1. I was up by 5 points with Aiyuk and Moore against his Deebo. Lost by 2 ppr and I’m out of the playoffs. Please end my misery

  2. I’m most likely out of the playoffs going into this past week, and I was playing against the guy who beat me in the finals last year who is 5-5 and pushing for the playoffs. Went into the game up by 3 with only his rondale left. Feels good lmao

  3. I squeaked out a win with hopkins and conner by 1.5 5th vs 4th with big playoff implications. Won 151 to 149. We both did better than any other team. What a match! Against 3rd next week to hopefully seal my spot in the playoffs.

  4. Played toney over watson. Had cmc and gould left and was down 23 pts. Lost by 0.3 pts because arizona didn’t show up to play. In the end toney still affected my score. Will never forgive him.

  5. Just took out the undefeated, high point scoring #1 seed in our league. Talked smack all week and then backed it up with a win. Feeling pretty good right now.

  6. I sat Pollard for Meyers in my flex. Pierce and JJ didn’t help the cause. Arizona got me -4 to help me lose by 3.98 points. This one hurts. Should have just not played a defense…. Or sat pollard. Never again.

  7. Lost a close one because I lost Mixon/Fields/Toney and freaking Aiyuk goes 2/20/2.... FF is the worst.

  8. I cannot believe I survived Josh Allen, Justin Jefferson and Dameon Pierce all having bad games and still put up 123 points.

  9. I had it sealed with the second Aiyuk until Kittle his second. My opponent had 60 points from Kelce and Kittle this week

  10. I went in up by 10 and with Connor against CMC and figured I’d was fucked going up against the best team in my league. Won by 7 and playoff hopes are alive.

  11. I've been a bottom 3 scorer this week (and many weeks it feels like) and still got the W, fantasy gods felt pity for me after a week 2 L when I was the 2nd highest scorer in the league

  12. Third fucking game this season lost by less than half a point. Another kneel and I would’ve had it.

  13. My three WRs combined for 5.6 points and still won by 17. All thanks to Mahomes, Kelce and of course Christian Watson!!!

  14. I was up by less than a point. I was thinking I'll play their defence and make sure no stat* corrections can beat me. Thanks to their -1 point i have just lost.

  15. I dropped Texans and picked Cardinals up last minute. Fucked myself. That 1 point Houston got would have got me the W.

  16. I just realized I had the second lowest score in my league this week. Thankfully I played the dude with the lowest score lmao

  17. Congrats! I'm also 10-1 now thanks to Jimmy G & Aiyuk stack tonight. Clinched 1st place, but No buys in my league... fully expect to lose first round as repayment for some of my luckier wins

  18. Look at all these bastards down voting you because you’re doing well…I’m stoked for you! I’m 8-3 and fighting for the bye week!

  19. Unluckiest season I’ve had yet, 2-8 before this week with the highest points against with a good points scored, only playing for pride at this point.

  20. You need to switch your league to having 2 weekly wins, one head to head and the other for scoring in the top half of the league for that week.

  21. After losing last week by .1, had a must must win this week. Was up 1.5 with Jimmy G and Rondale vs his DHop and Conner. Handsome Jimmy squeezed out a 1 point dub for me. Goat

  22. I had almost the same situation, except I had only Jimmy and my opponent had only Hopkins. We traded the lead 4 times in the first half. This did not feel like it was destined to work out at halftime but here we are!

  23. I lost last week by .12 because of Hurts getting negative yards on the last play of MNF….and just lost now by .05 pts because the zona QB decided to go for the TD down 28 pts or whatever it was instead of just running it and ending the game (played against 49ers D). Not having fun this season, ugh

  24. Despite the efforts by Toney and the Cards D/ST to cost me the week, I won by .4! Closest game of my young FF career. LFG!

  25. I lost by 0.9 on the last full 49ers drive where deebo got the first down and then Gould got the xp on kittles TD lol

  26. 49ers won't always be pulling their starters in the 4th up by 30. Did you watch the game or are you one of the many who pretends to watch but insists on having an opinion?

  27. Jimmy outscored Allen and Hurts this week, kinda hard to hold that against him. You could still win from a stat correction though.

  28. That last drive gave me the lead due to the 9ers defense giving up the yards. Then he threw an interception and I lost. Fantasy football is cruel.

  29. I thought for sure they were gonna score on that garbage time drive which would have lost me my week (started 49ers DST) until Womack decided to not drop the pick that time.

  30. My league is so fucking weird, it’s so even that I’m about to be 4-7 but all 3-10 seeds are sitting between 4-7 and 5-6.

  31. My leagues like that too. I’m 4-6 barely on the outside of playoffs. Before this weeks results, we had SIX players tied for 1st at 6-4. Been a crazy season.

  32. I had a .1 victory in hand if Arizona doesn’t throw that INT. Going into tonight it was his Kittle and SF defense against my Hopkins with a 9 point lead. I hate fantasy football so freaking much sometimes.

  33. Up by 7 coming into this game, with Kyler out didn't think I had a chance of holding on w/ opponent having both D Hop and Mitchell. Snagging Jimmy G on saturday as my backup plan really came in clutch.

  34. Beat the 2nd place guy in my league and took 2nd for myself. I was up 20 and had Hopkins. He had Kittle. Seemed impossible to lose, but he made me sweat a bit.

  35. I have been playing Fantasy Football for twenty years, this is the first time I’ve had a kicker and a defense with higher scores than my skill players

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