Bears QB Justin Fields suffered a left shoulder dislocation, sources say, a painful injury he somehow played through on Sunday.

  1. I was in a karate tournament when I got kicked in the back of the shoulder dislocating it. The head ref, who was a physical therapist by day, walks up and tells me to bite down hard on my mouth guard. The sound of the pop and the rush of pain that entered into my body is still the worst pain I've felt to date surpassing 2nd degree burns on my face, broken foot, and straining all of the muscles in my neck. Adrenaline is the only reason he could keep playing.

  2. Dislocated shoulder stops you in your tracks. I popped it once snowboarding and after it happened sometimes when I sneezed, or coughed too hard. Woke up in the middle of the night abruptly and did it once..eventually got the surgery and been golden since.

  3. Baker had pretty much the same injury...he played through it, but it obviously wasn't the same (and he dislocated again). Justin relies on running and being hit, unlike Baker...which he won' be able to do with confidence.

  4. They have a lot of experience with full body pain unlike us. They get car-crash wrestlemania suplex-crunched a 100 times a year.

  5. I’ve dislocated my shoulder 50+ times and have had three separate surgeries due to ice hockey. The actually pain from dislocating is immense. The pain is intense while it is out of the socket. However, my own experience was that it really didn’t hurt once I got it back in. The sensation of relief of the pain was almost worth the initial pain of the dislocation in the first place.

  6. Eberflus said the 2nd down QB run after Fields hurt his shoulder was a mistake. Was supposed to be a draw for Montgomery. Said it was miscommunication between Fields and Montgomery.

  7. He also played through injury a ton in college (I get downvoted every time I say this) so this isn't surprising to me given the volume he's had.

  8. If he was a pocket passer and since it's not his throwing arm he could be back this week unless he tore up some ligaments... then he probably should get surgery.

  9. According to Chicago he’ll either be back tomorrow or they’ve already started planning his funeral. 🫠

  10. Dude played through a bad injury tail end of Ohio State career. He’s tough as nails. It’ll be up to the Bears org cause he’ll want to play.

  11. Well I own him, so he's probably done for the season. He's going to join Breece, Kupp, lance, and Bateman in my player graveyard.

  12. If he gets a device we might need to split his rushing and passing into separate players. Like we did back in the day with Wayne Gretzky’s goals and assists in hockey pools.

  13. Yeah - really glad I kept Josh Allen. Been nice to have a non-scrub in the lineup the last couple weeks, but I guess I'll have to go back...

  14. He beat Trevor Lawrence in a bowl game with broken ribs, while setting throwing records for Ohio State. I'm not surprised.

  15. What a bleh comment. We will gloss the fact that QBs don’t play each other. He was just throwing to multiple 1st rd WRs with an absolutely loaded team versus a Clemson team that wasn’t very good. Nobody drafted on defense after that season and only two guys drafted on defense the next year, in fact, their only two guys drafted the next year. For a perennial contender to have that weak of a defense is a head scratcher.

  16. My friend played basketball with a dislocated shoulder and it would just keep slipping out while he was running. We had to put his shoulder back in place like 10 times. That's just from running. Imagine throwing 300lbs freaks of nature hitting him, too.

  17. I’ve done this before and idk how tf he did that. I’m sure mine wasn’t as bad as his and even then I felt like hell immediately after, not just with pain but also just like my shoulder was super unstable. I did mine while surfing and could barely paddle back to shore, couldn’t imagine throwing a football even if you had painkillers

  18. Can damage the ligaments and cartilage, both the dislocation and popping it back in. Best left to a medical professional to reset it. Also one dislocation makes another more likely.

  19. Yes, I do all the time. Unfortunately, once it dislocates, it will continue even on minor things like reaching over to the seat next to you or scratching your back. Need surgery and PT to ever get it “set” again.

  20. If you have a mild case then yeah. But they're incredibly painful and very often lead to torn ligaments and cartilage around the socket. Meaning you lose strength, stability, and run a very very high risk of re dislocation.

  21. Dislocation should sit for 2 weeks from injury. So in theory should miss 1 game and not throw all the following week and then ay week 13.

  22. Shut him down and let the team recover. Find out if there are any diamonds in the rough and move on to next year. The Bears could be good very very quickly.

  23. Lots of misinformation in this thread. The most common soft tissue damage as a result of a first time dislocation is damage to the labrum (bankart lesion). There is also commonly concomitant bony changes from the physical collision and impaction between the head of the humerus and the rim of shoulder socket (glenoid). Regardless of associated pathology, once you have dislocated once, you are at risk for further dislocations. The severity of the concomitant pathology will impact overall stability of the joint and guide treatment. Typically, first time dislocation does not require major bony work, unless there is significant associated bony injury (uncommon after one dislocation). At his age, unlikely to have major rotator cuff pathology. He could continue to play with a brace - the capsular repair (bankart repair), which is commonly done after first dislocation in high level athletes (most common concomitant pathology after first dislocation), is not emergent. It can be done in the off-season. It's about putting him positions to avoid repeat dislocations which could ultimately lead to him needing more significant surgery.

  24. Idk if you're a doctor or just googled a bunch of shit but I had the ex-49ers surgeon do my bankart repair and he totally botched it. PT was a nightmare.

  25. He’s tough as hell. That was evident in college. Kid has seemingly played during games when he shouldn’t have. Hope he has a quick recovery and keeps progressing. Fun player to watch.

  26. I don't mean to sound like a hero or anything, but I've finished a rugby game after putting my own shoulder back in. And I've seen dozens of others do this in my life too.

  27. How do ya know it was relocated during the game tho? The first time I dislocated my shoulder was insanely painful, doctors strapping me down and popping it back in was the most pain I've ever experienced in my life. Sounds like he was playing with it all fucked up? Idk

  28. Not quite collar bone but I've broken my foot before and shoulder dislocation was at least 10x more painful than a bone break to me. Ive had stress fractures in my shins before and those were mild. I've also had tooth abscess which is probably the most painful thing I've ever experienced in my life. I think different people react to different injuries differently. If you were able to pop your shoulder back in without issues and continue playing without immense pain or having it falling out it's likely that you've just gotten an incredibly lucky dislocation that didn't damage ligaments or cartilage around it. Shoulder dislocation is considered far more painful than things like ACL or achilles tears mainly because of how packed your shoulder is with ligaments and nerves. I'm on the other side of the spectrum there

  29. It's definitely true. I held Fields, but yeah, he was averaging nearly 150 rushing yards a game with nearly 50 rushing attempts in 3 games. That takes a toll and is far excessive from Josh Allen & Lamar Jackson rushing totals. I suppose you can partly blame the Bears for allowing Fields to play completely unrestricted.

  30. If you watch his games. Every time he’s hit sacked tackled touched or breathed on… he is grimacing in pain or can barely stand up after the play

  31. I’m terrified to play him now with the reinjury risk this weekend against a hard hitting Jets D with a good secondary. He will need to run to be successful and that’s so scary this week.

  32. It’s definitely not recommended (because you’ll do more damage AND increase the likelihood of a future dislocation) but you can pop a dislocated shoulder back in by yourself depending on the circumstances.

  33. Damn he’s beast, hope he doesn’t do any further damage by coming back to early. I have tua at least but I’m in a super flex league and fields was keeping me alive

  34. How can you go back and play after that? Did it go back in the socket? That shit is fucking painful

  35. I separated my AC joint in my shoulder in a game 14 years ago and it’s just not starting to cause me some grief.

  36. My league only allows 2 qbs on your roster. 12 team no IR. I have fields and Watson. I just need fields to play one more game.

  37. As a former boxer and now boxing coach at American Top Team. I continually suffer from dislocation of my left shoulder. It’s awful. Happens frequently. I could only imagine getting absolutely drilled with it dislocated or run with it.

  38. Traded Fields and Olave for Kamara and Chase on Friday (I have Herbert). Trade went through (due to review period) this morning. Timing was understood by both parties as we were playing in week 11. Thanks for the wins Fields. Now Chase come back!

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