WR Kadarius Toney is questionable to return with a hamstring injury.

  1. Bro I’m sick to my fucking stomach, played Toney and Mike Williams over Wandale Robinson and Josh Palmer in the league I’m down 30, and dropped Palmer in another league

  2. Yea I can’t even be mad at this. I was talking so much shit to my friends for holding on to him all this time and then this happens

  3. I'm not the one you were referring to, but I also started Toney over Amari today. My league has 3 WR slots and i filled them with CD Lamb, Christian Watson, and Toney. For 10 weeks it was true that Away Game Amari was a terrible choice. But today we found out that Neutral Ground Cooper was in fact, ELITE.

  4. I almost did that… but last second decided to play Toney over Jakobi Myers instead. Was more tolerable … but now I will still lose this week

  5. Everyone was saying the Giants shouldn’t have traded him after his first few weeks in KC. Maybe the Giants knew better than all of us. Dude is just injury prone

  6. I needed 0.4 to win, full ppr. Put him in over olave because I was a heavy favorite and wanted to have some fun. Pain

  7. Suddenly the Giants are geniuses and I'm a total moron. I traded Godwin away because I "have my WR2 in Toney." I believed Kelce and Mahomes and Juju and Hardman being out. Damn

  8. I played both! But also got super lucky that my opponent’s team was god awful this week (Allen QB, Carter/Foreman RBs, Jefferson/Boyd/Olave WRs and Schultz TE)

  9. Overheard in Chiefs locker room after Chargers game: “He got me,” Reid said of Toney’s Hamstring. "That f***ing Toney boomed me." Kelce added, “Hamstring so bad,” repeating it four times.

  10. Asked my 5yo who I should start between Pickens and Toney. He said Pickens. I started Toney anyway. That’s what I get.

  11. Luckily me entire team balled out minus Toney and B-Rob and my opponent’s did not, he’ll be lucky to hit 80, so it didn’t hurt me but lmao.

  12. I picked up both Watson and Toney. Went back and forth on who to start and landed on Toney as the safer option.

  13. Fantasy football is a fuckin disease 🤣 I don’t have Toney but I have Mike Williams and it’s just a shitshow every week

  14. After sitting in a very windy and cold MetLife Stadium to watch our worst game of the year, this has made be me feel so much better. I do feel bad that’s he’s injured, but this is just too funny

  15. Of fucking course he had to get injured in the one week that Hardman and Juju are out. Just to entrap people in the one week that he was supposed to go off.

  16. At this point it's like a cruel joke! This guy probably breaks his back bringing in the groceries. Most brittle boned player I've seen in a long time tbh

  17. Is a bad hamstring the worst injury a player can have fantasy-wise? Seems inevitable the player will play about 1/3 to 1/2 the season sporadically.

  18. Yeah if you tried talking sense to anyone you were met with lots of downvotes. There was a chance he would go off but this outcome was honestly the most likely.

  19. Benched Christian Watson, josh palmer, and wandale Robinson for this fuck. And I had Watson in originally but decided to take him out for toney 2 minutes before tnf

  20. I went back and forth all day between Toney and M. Williams. Finally went with Williams so… 1 for 15 instead of 0.

  21. With toney putting up a bagel, if Watson outscores Butker for the rest of the game my supposed all star squad will have lost to a waiver wire team

  22. Joe Schoen and the Giants had a rough injury-ridden loss today but at the end of the day, this might help a little. That 3rd and 6th is looking like a win.

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