1. Oh what an absolute nut kicker to wake up too. Have an infant so, the later games I've been hit or miss on watching. Mixon out hurt early in the day didn't help, but I still had a 20+ lead with Mike Williams going and all he had left was Kelce.

  2. Still hard to comprehend that the cowboys drop 40, but my two players for them (CD and Gallup) drop 12 combined lol. So frustrating

  3. So Trade Deadline in my League is Nov 25th. What Happens if a trade gets accepted right before that but the Review period ends after the 25th? Will the Trade get cancelled?

  4. Mine went through but on Yahoo, deadline was the 19th accepted on the 19th and processed this morning

  5. Went to bed up 53 points against my opponent who only has Kelce and Aiyuk only to wake up to find out Kelce put up 35.5 points f***k! What are my chances of defending 17.5 against Aiyuk??

  6. ESPN is trippin giving me an 87% win probability to make 15 points with CMC, Conner, and Hopkins

  7. I would take both Palmer and Burks over Curtis Samuel. They're both getting more targets. Palmer is great if either Mike or Keenan miss a game or aren't 100% and Burks doesn't have as much competition for targets.

  8. I had no real expectation for McKitty myself. I couldn't pick up someone till they ruled everett out. McKitty and Chief's Noah Grey were the only tight ends avilable who hadn't played yet.

  9. I haven’t been really paying attention this season but Pickens has been kinda valuable. He’s been glued to my bench but has strung together some nice weeks. He’s sneaky talented too. Unfortunately he hasn’t gotten any attention and has flown completely under the radar so I don’t think any of us owners will get any value for him.

  10. This is my 11th year as commissioner. I’ve had a strict no-veto rule for quite some time outside of obvious collusion. I wouldn’t even bat an eye at that deal. Zero reason it should have been veto’d.

  11. Not really only cause it’s same team on varying game scrip dependent players. I’ve seen crazy things before so you never know . Good luck!

  12. I’m looking at Dalvin Cook’s points this season and it always seems to alternate from a meh week to a meh week to a good week. It was meh this week so he’s gonna go for over 20 points next week right? Against the Patriots lol

  13. Should I start Deebo or Aiyuk tomorrow? Starting George Kittle as well- other team has Deondre Hopkins playing

  14. In full PPR, after losing Ertz I added McBride, now my only TE. I held kicker Myers through his bye and added Maher.

  15. I was down 20 with Mahomes + Kelce vs his QB WR WR TE K. Now I’m up 40 with just Moore and garoppolo standing in my way. Win probability was 18% 🤯

  16. Down 20 points now.. he has Kittle tomorrow, I have James Conner and Trey McBride… any chance in hell for me?

  17. Mark Andrews going ahead of Kelce in most drafts in retrospect is one of the most head scratching overthought things that happened this past fantasy offseason

  18. Crazy I did the same and now I have kyler or colt (whoever plays) against cmc and rondale and I’m only up by 4. Unless the improbable happens looks like my playoff hopes are finished.

  19. Welp. I benched Palmer and started Keenan/Toney. Guess the winning combo was to start Keenan/Palmer and bench Toney. Could’ve had the W. Now I need Mitchell to come through tomorrow night. Down by 15.

  20. I benched palmer and najee and went with drake, pierce, and diontae. In my other league I was fortunate enough to start foreman over pollard

  21. About to miss the playoffs with the highest PF in the league! Hit 1245.02 in half PPR tonight, next closest is 1150. I'm 4-7, just snapped a five game losing streak.

  22. How many team league? I'm in a 12 man half PPR, and have most points with 1369.02, and have the most points allowed, going to be 6-5 and only be 4th.

  23. If I started kadarius toney last week I would have won and if I hadn’t this week I would have won (decided to bench olave for him🤢)

  24. Primetime Mahomes comeback once again. Sites have to start projecting him at 350/3 minimum for night games.

  25. So my opponent had only 7 players playing today. I was winning 114 - 64.. till mahomes played.. now I'm losing 119-114..

  26. Never listening to anyone on Reddit again. Palmer goes off for 30 on my bench and Keenan gets me 12. Fuck all of you, I’ll see you next week

  27. Sutton and Allen are chilling on my bench with 10pts each and Aiyuk is also there with the potential to match that tomorrow... All while AJ Brown and Toney scored me 6.5 total half PPR points :(

  28. Outside of week 2 where he finished as the TE13 with 10.1 PPR points, Kelce has finished as the TE1 two weeks, TE2 two weeks, and the TE3 in 5 weeks. 15.8+ PPR points in 9/10 games this year. 6/10 games with 20+, and now 2 games with 33+ points. Unbelievable.

  29. I can't believe he fell to me at the end of the 2nd in a twelve man league. Dude is absolutely unstoppable.

  30. Imagine having all three on your team! Herbert, Ekeler, Palmer and Kelce gave me 100 points in half PPR tonight.

  31. Whelp, in the final moments I lost the highest score and weekly $ because my Mahomes decided to give it to someone else’s Kelce. If only I left Palmer in! I really wanted $35 😞

  32. Anyone else start Kirk Cousins, Justin Jefferson, Kadarius Toney, Mike Williams, and Dameon Pierce? Gonna be lucky to break 50 this week and my top scorer is the Cowboys D/ST with 17

  33. He didn't play bad today. He's a good QB the same player from last year is there his WRs are all hurt. He should be putting up 30 regularly once they are all back.

  34. Kelce and Maher saved my fucking ass! My opponent got cmc, deebo and jimmy g left. Each of them has to score 27 points (.5 ppr) .. theoretically possible but I don’t think so.

  35. It’s no coincidence that the most fun I’ve ever had playing fantasy football was when I had Kelce two years ago and having Kelce this year.

  36. What a bitter sweet Sunday night. In 2 leagues. One I’m up by a bunch of points playing against kelce and I have Mike Williams and Toney. My other league I’m down 70+ and have kelce, Pacheco, and Palmer. A total flip of a win/loss, my own personal witching hour. Unreal.

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