Is this the highest scoring week for kickers ever?

  1. I'm blowing out the team in the league I started Gano and losing in the 2 leagues I started Maher.

  2. Gano owner in my league played the Bass owner lmfaoooo I would shit puke piss cry if that happened to me

  3. Wish I could have been part of the fun. Of course Carlson has a decent game after I drop him for Folk. Fucking Carr and McDaniels.

  4. Interesting stat. Tyler bass (who I’m against) scored more than my ajb, saquan, Dameon Pierce, and Garrett Wilson combined.

  5. I have him in two leagues and he was my highest scoring player in both. Both also give some points for total field goal yardage and bonuses for certain lengths. He was 26 points in one and 27 in the other.

  6. Needed someone to play on my kickers bye and chose Gould over Maher too. Here's hoping that he does something like this too for the both of us

  7. I think Gould could also be a great play this week at by far the highest altitude an NFL game has ever been played at. The ball should sail through the thin air pretty easily, so they could try for some silly long ones that would be punts in Santa Clara.

  8. what u don't realize is that big dick dicker is gonna shatter all of these other plebians and their shitty fantasy scores. Brace yourself.

  9. I saw the wind report before the game, considered my options to pivot but didn't like any of them that much. Almost went Maher over Folk, but he's been shit for weeks ever since Dak took over and they didn't even kick in overtime last week. So far it looks like that's costing me 22+ pts and the win this week. I hate kickers.

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