[Chiefs] We have placed WR Mecole Hardman on Reserve/Injured.

  1. Dropped my entire team for Toney. His output should be enough, and if not, I don’t deserve to win.

  2. I cannot believe that in the same season we've gone from Toney being an afterthought on a run-heavy Giants offense, to him potentially being a top target for the Chiefs because all the other WR got hurt. He went from one of the worst situations for his fantasy value to one of the absolute best. This kind of stuff never happens in fantasy

  3. I hopped from the Watson hype train to the Tony train b/c it was going to fast, but now this Tony train not even Denze Washington can stop

  4. It often ends in dissapointment but when a meme hype train gets going it truly is a sight to behold lmao.

  5. There is potentially a chance for a lot of championship teams to have Pacheco and kadarius and we'll all be asking out selves how did we let that one guy get both for free

  6. I drafted Pacheco in late rounds, dropped him a couple times and got him again lol. Got toney on waivers this week. Starting both Sunday

  7. Someone is going to play Mahomes, Pacheco, Toney, Kelce, and Butker this week, and it honestly won't be that bad of a line-up

  8. I've made 6 trades this season and 3 of them involved me trading away players that got put on IR immediately after the trade processing.

  9. Absolutely. Everyone hype training Toney but MVS has just as good a chance to be the top WR this week for the chiefs.

  10. The next 2 weeks will be massive for Toney owners until he stops coming into work all of the sudden.

  11. I wondered this. It seems as if Toney would take Hardman’s place and I guess Justin Watson would take JuJu’s spot. Doubt there’s much there for Moore plus it seems they may be down on him. I don’t know that I’m just speculating.

  12. I'm playing from behind this week and I need to take a chance on someone making a huge splash. After a ton of reluctance, I'm starting Toney.

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