Week 10 BOLD Predictions Thread

  1. Damn this could happen. I've been thinking about dropping bills Def for Dallas but I don't have any other rooster spots I'm willing to part with to keep both

  2. As is the typical case when a coach gets fired, the first one for the new coach is free. Colts beat the Raiders in a stunning upset on the backs of a JT multiple touchdown day.

  3. Hiring Saturday as interim HC and keeping Ehlinger as QB is so batshit insane that a small part of me believes this is some moneyball situation and the Colts front office knows some crazy analytics that no one has noticed before.

  4. DK Metcalf blesses his owners bright and early on Sunday morning with 7/120/2. Gets hammered at a Pub in Germany after the game.

  5. Anyone else take these bold prediction threads way too seriously? Like if a comment says one of my players is gonna have a donut it actually makes me rethink starting them lmao

  6. On the other end, positive takes that involve my players are almost always taken as objective truths by me lmao

  7. I’m the oppo, I figure if someone is making a positive bold prediction it’s only bold because the likely outcome is the opposite and I think about sitting that player

  8. Counter: Sun God gets blanketed since he’s the only threat on that offense without Swift and puts up 8 points

  9. Donovan Peoples-Jones finally his first touchdown of the season this week and ends with 6+ receptions for 100+ yards.

  10. Giants vs Texans game has no passing TDs, but 5 combined rushing TDs (2 each for Pierce & Saquon, 1 for Danny)

  11. The Colts stun the Raiders with a last second touchdown to get the win. Their offensive play caller starts doing the floss dance on the sidelines

  12. Jonathan Taylor comes back & runs all over the Raiders Defense accumulating 30+ points in the process. Josh McDaniels gets fired and the Raiders hire Frank Reich

  13. As a Colts fan this would be the best possible outcome for the season. I wouldn't care what our draft position is or whether we make the playoffs if this happens

  14. D'Andre Swift re-establishes himself as the RB1 in Detroit with a 15 carry 100+ yard rushing game along with 50 yards receiving with a TD.

  15. Case Keenum and Stefon Diggs will lead the Bills to victory over their former team in a revenge game, linking up for 2 TDs.

  16. The Steelers begin utilizing Najee as more of a check down back and passing game target, due to volume he has the best PPR game of his season. His pure running game output continues to underwhelm.

  17. Kadarius Toney finds his groove and catches two (40yd+) TD passes causing Reddit to temporarily shutdown during the KC/JAX game.

  18. Jaylen Warren has a better game this week than Najee has all season by a margin of at least five half-PPR fantasy points

  19. Given that he had 1 TD in his game against Dallas two weeks ago and 2 TDs against Miami last week... My bold take is that Cole Kmet gets 3 TDs against Detroit this week.

  20. Darius Slayton puts up another double digit point game (PPR) and continues to quietly stay available on the waiver wires despite being completely serviceable at WR.

  21. New head coach for the Colts has a singular mindset: block gud, pass to Pittman.Pittman scores 40 points on my bench.

  22. I think Jonathan Taylor has 100+ yards and 2+ TDs this week against the Raiders. Saturday is going to commit to the run against a weak run D.

  23. Herbert turns in his best performance of the year with 350 yards passing and 5 total TDs; 3 passing and 2 rushing.

  24. Najee Harris sees all the reports about Jaylen Warren getting more touches and realizes how much he hates Mike Florio. Harris goes for 120 yards and 2 tds

  25. Cooks, in a “F you” game” goes for 8/120 and 2TD against the Giants helping the Texans win and hurting their tank job

  26. diontae johnson shocks the world and goes nuclear out of nowhere as pickett gets more comfortable with the offense and has a fields-esque breakout

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