Official: [WDIS Flex] - Sun Afternoon, 11/06/2022

  1. I also have to decide between Doubs and Herbert and I’m leaning Doubs. Hock is coming into a new offense so I’m concerned about usage until he gets up to speed

  2. I would go with Palmer but that’s cause of Atlanta’s weak pass D. I think belichick has some tricks up his sleeve esp at home

  3. 12 man .5 PPR. Super flex. Need a flex player with Dak and Tannehill out. C Kirk, Monty, k Herbert, Doubs, or Claypool start in flex?

  4. Bro I got the same choice. Can’t fucking pick. I’m boutta flip a coin. Leaning deon just based on volume he’ll get and should find the endzone. I think moss is inactive

  5. I would probably go B.Rob just because ATL passing volume is horrendous most weeks and we don't know what Toney will do yet.

  6. I think you can start CPatt with confidence against that weak D. He’s gonna get an insane number of touches even if he isn’t on the field for all the snaps (hope I’m not wrong. I have him in my flex too)

  7. Jackson will get volume but also against a Pats team that will try to force Ehlinger to most likely throw given he's so green, so run game might still get stifled. Curtis Samuel would be my pick. I have to pick between Deon Jackson on my other team too and it feels like such a gamble

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