Bengals WR Ja’Marr Chase likely won’t practice today while he deals with a little soreness, per Taylor. A day-to-day situation to monitor.

  1. The same rumor guy who posted about TY Hilton in 2015-16(?) about the hamstring /IR stint out of nowhere. Then a few days later it was confirmed.

  2. Debating dropping Pats D to scoop up Boyd. Already have Higgins but don’t mind having another WR3 with WR2 upside to go with Wandale.

  3. I picked Boyd up earlier this week as a filler for bye weeks, if this somehow is true I may have just punked my league

  4. Plot twist.. Rumor guy is actually Ja’Marr Chase and just straight trollin us while he takes the day off, sore guts from lol’ing at us

  5. Rumor guy was in here doing an AMA for like 10 seconds then the comments got deleted . It’s happening for sure

  6. Yeah and was good. Also the injury looked more like a hip flexor on the front of his leg the way he was stretching it. I doubt this is true

  7. Oh god, the rumor that I’m gay turned out to be true after all. That’s the rumor we are talking about right?

  8. Hip bone is connected to the d_ck bone 🦴 and Chase has been swinging it around the last 2 weeks. Rest up king 👑

  9. Some Rumor Guy was right about TY Hilton and his leg/calf injury being way worse than expected. I believe he was IR’d or done for the year basically

  10. I'm holding off on doing it, personally. It feels a bit skeezy. Also, somewhat removed from the ethical considerations, you want people to trade with you in the future. There has to be mutual trust that no one is hiding info imo.

  11. There's still risk involved trading him away, he could show up at practice tomorrow for all we know. Once an official report hits, then it's slimy to try and trade away imo

  12. Depends on your league. If you're in a 10+ year league with long time friends, completely ethical. Fantasy Football is war, and all is fair in love and war.

  13. The only explanation for rumor guy starting a baseless rumor that makes any sense is he was trying to devalue Chase cause he’s trying to work a deal to acquire him in his league. That’s, literally, the only plausible explanation I can come up with for that being a fake post.

  14. Couldn't it also be possible that he DID hear that information...but the source was wrong about the "out for the year" prognosis? Could be a receptionist who misheard or misinterpreted something, you never know.

  15. I picked him up yesterday and felt kinda dumb about it. Um I still don't want Chase to miss time though. The urge to trade him is high.

  16. I drafted Chase and Diggs 1 and 2. Traded Diggs away for Cook and Pittman a few weeks back hoping Chase would start playing to his rep. That happened but if he's out for rest of season???

  17. This is what I’m thinking. The only problem with this is the rumor was posted before the Ben Baby tweet saying Chase going to miss practice.

  18. He injured his hip and was limping right before halftime against the Falcons. He ended up finishing that game. This just might be precautionary extra rest. I don't think rumor guy is right.

  19. I'm not overreacting. I think he could be fine..but if Boyd is for some reason still available on your waivers you need to pick him up and inject him into your veins immediately

  20. Lol Mods deleting the other threads about him not practicing. That copium is real, folks. Y’all should pivot to Boyd or Higgins if you have Chase.

  21. He came out of the game with a non contact injury. Went back in. Wouldn’t be the first time a player went out with an injury, went back in, made it worse.

  22. So we are choosing to believe a reddit rumor saying he's out for the season but his coach said minutes ago that he "probably" won't practice today? As in, there's a shot he could practice today? With a season ending injury? Got it.

  23. Yeah this all but solidifies it for me. I’m not gonna deal with the backlash of trading him and then getting yelled at by my league mates all season so I’m just gonna try and grab Higgins. Boyd owner won’t trade him.

  24. His friend works at a hospital, but doesn't know which one he works at? Yeah, I'm calling "bulljive" (Shannon Sharpe voice) on this!

  25. OPs friend works at an orthopedic hospital and chase was getting examined there, OP said it was bad enough that they would rule chase out for the season

  26. Thinking it might be time to shop him for a WR + RB package perhaps. Whenever a bold rumor like this comes out, no one takes them seriously and it turns out as true.

  27. Lmao y’all playing with some crazy ass league mates if this is the kinda trades you can work out. Who is trading away a potential league winning RB and stud WR for chase? Even pre-injury rumored chase lol.

  28. Lot of talk about trading him before people find out he's out for the year. Personally I want to win because I built an amazing team and drag my nuts across peoples face. Not because I trade damaged goods before anyone else noticed. Just feels weird.

  29. Just think about how much a goober you were when you were 17 and you will understand why this sub is reacting this way.

  30. Just think about how much a goober you were when you were 17 and you will understand why this sub is reacting this way.

  31. This is scary either way, but the dude came back played and was even resting last week for this injury. I doubt the bengals would wait to put him on IR, and find a replacement if this were to be true. Also, with the amount of reporters there who actually have credentials, would this not be something one of THEM would catch? Why would they say day to day? Very odd rumor with smoke, but it just seems like everyone is trying to gain internet "clout" with this one. Hope for the best for Chase.

  32. Same reason it took forever to get news on the reality of Hiltons calf injury and for the Hawks to keep pushing the narrative about Carson, who ended up retiring altogether.

  33. Even if this is true, I find it hard to believe that they'd shut him down for a hip injury. Obviously it depends on the specifics of the injury, but hips aren't knees and theoretically could get cleaned up with a smaller procedure that has him back in time for this season.

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