Week 7 QB Streams

  1. Yeah it was slim pickings for me so the top options were Jimmy and Mariota. I went with Jimmy G hoping he has the higher floor

  2. Have Hurts. Considering Pickett (have Diontae), or Winston if healthy (have Olave). Maybe Jones if I don't want a stack.

  3. He’s still on waivers, I don’t wanna waste a claim on him, if he’s not available I’m probably rolling Jacoby Brisset

  4. I’ve stashed Goff for this for a couple weeks, but now I’m thinking I might go with Pickett or Brisett instead as they have favorable matchups and Geno was taken

  5. Garbage on ww in my 12 team. I have Goff to cover week 7 for Allen but Dallas D scares me. Other options available are Jameis, D Jones, Tua, Pickett, basically all the qbs listed

  6. Jimmy G is intriguing. He can get the ball to his playmakers and has put up decent numbers. Game is also at home in a game where they’ll need to pass, and KC’s pass D isn’t great

  7. I’m rolling with Lawrence. He’ll be at home against a giants team that’s going to lose a physical game to the ravens tomorrow. Jags have solid receivers in zay and Kirk that get open easy

  8. I have Josh Allen on a bye, who should I pick up? Russell Wilson and Tua? Both have good matchups. I’m kind of leaning towards tua.

  9. I was thinking Goff but scooped Tua vs Pitt instead when I saw the news this morning. It’ll be about 3 weeks so I feel good enough about it.

  10. Surprised to not see more Brissett mentions here. Baltimore is allowing one of the highest amount of points to QBs in the last three games.

  11. Winston @ ARI, Jimmy G vs KC, D Jones @ JAX , Fields @ NE, Mac Jones vs CHI, Ryan @ TEN, Tannehill vs IND, Wilson @ Den. Lawrence vs NYG. Pickett @ MIA.

  12. I have Carr & Adams. 14 Team league. Decided to grab Matty Ice & Alec Pierce off waivers. Then decided to have a brain fart and put in Wentz to make TNF suck less. This is my story

  13. I snagged Dak off waivers two weeks ago in hopes he’s back against the Lions next week. Things looking up.

  14. I currently have Jared Goff for this with ARSB stack, but Winston/Jacoby is available with their match ups for week 7. someone also just dropped Wilson, not sure if he’s worth taking over any of these streamers?

  15. I picked up Brisset with Cleveland, he has been low key decent week to week and has a good matchup week 7. Hope it pays off cause pickens we're slim in my league

  16. I got Daniel Jones just because he is mobile and can get rushing yards. My league has 11 person bench so it’s hard to find anything decent on waivers.

  17. Was between Tua and Dak, but since Dak isn't guaranteed to play week 7 I went with Tua to be safe. Also not sure if Dak is gonna be 100% with that finger. AND Dak hasn't played in a long time.

  18. Y’’all have so much more QB depth than my league. I’ll likely need to choose between Danny Dimes, King Goof, and Kenny PickINT

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