What are your bold predictions for week 4 ?

  1. I got my girl to join a league with me and it's been a lot of fun. When we're watching games and one of her guys gets a catch she gets so excited 😊

  2. Justin Jefferson and Davante Adams look at their bank accounts and decide they’ll muster the courage to overcome double coverage.

  3. CMC breaks Flipper Anderson's single game scrimmage yard record (336) in a tropical storm on a single quad.

  4. I don’t know why I’m starting Jacksonville D. I dropped nola for them and let’s see if it pays off. Jags schedule gets juicy after this week

  5. As someone who was shocked to find J Will as a FA on my wire yesterday and snatched him up, I would LOVE this to be true. Let's gooooo!

  6. I'm so tempted to slot this guy in over Bradin Cooks. I just assume if I do that it means Lazard will get 3 TD's and Doubs will get 3 targets.

  7. I’m a saints fan and Latt struggles with guys like JJ. He’s better against big physical receivers. I’m worried about that matchup, but maybe he can do it

  8. I’m a truther of both. But I feel like this is the case this week. Robison has benefited from positive game scripts 2/3 games. They will most likely be losing this week. So I expect the passing down back to do better (ETN)

  9. I don't lose to the highest scoring team of the week to make it 4 weeks I'm a row. First time ever starting a season 0-3...

  10. Ekeler continues to not see goal line work but scores 2 TDs from dump offs 20 yards out. Finishes with 30+ and the chargers finally realize he needs to get the ball to win games

  11. CMC plays gets 70 yds on the ground, 3 catches and 20 yds, and Carolina doesn't score a single TD. Their kicker is K1 for the week though

  12. a. I'll be upset if I watch another dud of a primetime game b. jags beat the eagles (although I'm also doubting this, the eagles defense is insane)

  13. I will set my lineup the night before then read some breaking news in the morning and change my lineup only to lose due to said lineup change.

  14. Jaguars Defense has a solid/startable week and puts up decent points. I expect it to be a close game on the scoreboard, the Eagles havent really faced a good defense yet; I could see them struggling a bit more with the Jags speed which the other 3 units didn't really have.

  15. Joe Burrow will get sacked at least 0 times, and my total fantasy points scored this week will be about the same as my opponents allowed points.

  16. Lamb gets slaughtered and finishes with less than 50 yards, no TD’s …. Russ smells what the rock is cookin, and it smells better than the trash he made on his way to 15 or less points …. Giants lose again and Herbert outscores himself from week 3 …. Kirk is JAG and he plays for the Jags but still leads his team in targets and yards in a losing effort ….

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