Let’s talk trades

  1. Learning to move off of some of your original positions is an essential skill if you want to get consistently great results. I've played in my best league for 12 years now. I've led the league in trades and roster moves in 11 consecutive years. I've made the semifinals 10 times. A major part of that is knowing when to let go and how to let go.

  2. Yeah, part of it is sunk cost fallacy. If you drafted Henry at 2 you have this implicit bias that he should be viewed as a top 2 guy in the league and that's the value you'd seek in return. I think realizing these bias exist and factoring those into the offerings you give (maybe avoid some one's 1-3 round picks at first) can help prolong conversations.

  3. I traded HOPKINS for Patterson this week. Also traded Christian Kirk for Micheal Pittman as well. 1-2 desperate, need points and starts. Moore headed to bench in favor of Patterson

  4. Looking at you, guy in my league who said “I am holding on to JRob until someone offers me their WR1”. Good luck man.

  5. it's usually the same bunch. there is an annual trade in my league between my buddy and I, and we're the only two for the past probably five years to have made a trade. a couple others have tried but they're usually dogshit offers

  6. I have made two trades so far. But that is also the total amount of trades in my league to date this season.

  7. I’ve had the trade itch this week. Hoping to get something going to hopefully get other league mates to do the same!

  8. 15 trades so far (12 team). My league loves to trade lol one guy in my league literally has entire new team after going 0-2. I think he has like 2 of his original players left.

  9. Lol I started 0-2 and retooled my whole dynasty team. Traded most of my older players and got younger. Made like 4 trades already.

  10. I traded Henderson and Diggs after last week for Evans and Fournette. As much as I love Diggs, that's two very good to elite players for one elite player and a bench option.

  11. Basically I trade to help keep the league active and fun. I made 19 trades last year and 32 total trades happened in the league. I always encourage trading as it spices things up. I have made 3 trades so far (sometimes good, sometimes shit), but overall it's not like I'm playing for life changing money so it's just fun at the end of the day.

  12. I offered my friend in a PPR league Pittman for Javonte Williams and he said I need to at least include Travis Kelce.

  13. I feel your pain. I never bother making trade offers unless they make both teams better. I always get counters that are practically asking me to donate to them.

  14. Some dude denied my trade of Zeke for Tom Brady straight up in a 1QB where he has Allen. QB is my one weakness, and my running back room is absolutely loaded. I know on paper that deal looks like shit for me, but I can’t believe he’d deny it.

  15. That depends. If he has 2 solid Rbs and a solid bench Zeke offers nothing. I would rather keep Brady. Other teams needs are also important to consider as you don't want to improve other ppls rosters

  16. If he wouldn’t start him, why would he make that trade? Most people view Zeke as a downside rb3/flx. I get that Brady is worth near nothing but if you have 2 rbs you like zeke isn’t much help.

  17. Some guy in my league wants to trade Mahomes and Kelce asked him what his price is and he said Tua and Henry. I have Burrow too. My RBs are Williams, CEH, Patterson and Pierce. I have Higbee as my TE as well. Is it worth it?

  18. Really? How so? We just went to keeper this year and there has been one trade, a few more in the works but nothing solidified. Guys just seem very comfortable with their players

  19. That seems pretty good. I’m in 4 leagues all with active group chats as well and there have only been 3 trades. One of the trades was a trade that a guy made because someone (not in the league) stole his phone and sent a trade.

  20. My league has only had about 7-8 trades so far but probably somewhere in the 50s for trades proposed (that’s probably an understatement). I have only have made one trade but been in discussions with about 20 other propositions. We have $1200 in the pot and punishment for last place so it’s a battle.

  21. Usually we have 5-6 a year and half are usually instigated by me. But so far this year no trades which feels unusual. I’m sure some stuff will shake out in the coming weeks. It’s been a weird year so far so it’s hard to get a handle on player assessment.

  22. If you're trading him you should be getting another elite back or receiver in return. Ekeler is far from bad. He's not getting the usage that he should probably getting, and borderline criminal use in the RedZone. Ekeler was amazing last year.. still one of the best receiving backs in the NFL. He didn't start all that strong last year either and ended as the RB#2 and was scoring touchdowns like candy.

  23. Ekeler is a pretty interesting one to me. As “bad” as his stat lines have been, he’s still the RB13 in PPR. Yeah, that’s not where you want a top 5 pick to be but it’s not like he’s totally shitting the bed for you. That’s still low end RB1/top RB2 numbers and this is basically his absolute floor (no TDs, inefficient ypc thus far).

  24. I traded him and Curtis Samuel for nick chubb earlier today. I’ve got solid wr depth and between the line injuries, usage, rushing inefficiency, committee back field, and Herbert hobbling around out there I am happy to have chubb take his place.

  25. Every trade I’ve been offered for my Ekeler has been an absolute fleece job. I was offered Najee and Jarvis Landry for Ekeler and Cooks and the dude thought he was doing me a favor at the RB spot

  26. I traded for him yesterday! Got ekeler and jk dobbins and gave up tyreek, Hollywood and Melvin Gordon. Might have been too much

  27. Just accepted a trade in my 12 team PPR: getting Keenan Allen and JD McKissic for my Hollywood Brown and Antonio Gibson.

  28. I would not take Najee for him. It’s week 4, draft capital is no the end all by now. CP scores more points, and there’s nothing to make you think he’ll stop besides an injury. Najee does not score that many points, the Steelers offense is atrocious, and their offensive line especially.

  29. Only trades I’ve ever gotten done are with individuals I personally know in a league. So hard to trade over the app itself.

  30. 12 team standard thinking leveraging kelce to get a startable WR. Kelce and Curtis Samuel for pitts and AJ brown. WR are waddle, Hopkins Samuel and Allen Robinson. Hard to value kelce in a trade but pitts is usable for sure.

  31. I get a lot more trades happening in my dynasty league, I think that is likely because you can throw in draft picks to make sure a deal gets done and the nature of rebuilding teams vs win now teams. In my other redraft leagues I would be shocked if its ever passed 10 in a single year

  32. help a brother out, it's my first year doing a fantasy football league and struggling seeing value. would you take this trade offer? CMC for Damien Harris and Deeboo

  33. shit, you can probably get a ton for Allen if you find somebody who needs a Qb. But, why trade him for a QB? I would try to get a RB + WR

  34. Just curious what some of you folks think of this. I have Kyler on a team in a 1QB league and I offered him plus Conner to the Allen owner. Mentioned in the trade offer that I’d be willing to consider other backs on my squad as well since I have a bunch of depth.

  35. If you want more trades you need to scrap one RB spot and change it to a flex. Our league has had 7-8 trades already, a lot of them big name players because everyone isn’t dying for 2RB and 2WR. 1RB 2WR 2FLEX is the way to go (plus the TE of course)

  36. My intuition would make me think the opposite. More and stricter positional requirements creates teams that strengths and weaknesses.

  37. Almost never. Guy who’s 0-3 in my league has hurts, jt, and saquon, and a dumpster fire at every other position with 0 depth. Yet adamant that he won’t trade any of those 3 guys, regardless of what is offered. Makes the league much less fun to have ppl like that.

  38. Normally a few per year per league and it tends to be the same handful of owners. But that's good because you can establish a rapport year after year and know they'll at least consider an offer.

  39. Not sure it’s pompous in the slightest bit to talk about trade volume. There are plenty of legaues where trades are very common two or three times per week (or more). And the analysts have access to data about which platforms are seeing which players get traded the most in any given week. There are millions of leagues. Just because trades aren’t common in your leagues doesn’t mean they aren’t in others.

  40. Finally had a decent trade. Gave away Edmonds for Godwin. Now I have another offer pending josh allen and doubs for Murray and evans. I’d be getting the latter. Not sure if I should take it considering my WR is a little thin.

  41. In the most competitive league that I play in at least two trades a week. I’ve also been involved in at least two trades already this season in each league that I am in.

  42. In two leagues. Only one trade was done in one league by me and three trades in the other one, with two being done by me too

  43. My main league is fairly active so far, granted most of it has been me pushing people. Three deals so far, I’ve been involved in two, and likely will be close another before kickoff tomorrow.

  44. 1 if we’re lucky. Because the trades that happen are fuckin Dalton Schultz for Dawson Knox. Only trade that’s happened this year and probably the only one that will. Really random.

  45. I just traded my Jeff Wilson for Dameon Pierce straight up. I am not sure why he wanted Jeff so bad but I thought dameon has a better upside. Usually 2-3 trades a year maybe closer to 2.

  46. There are about 4 people in my league that trade rest don’t at all and don’t answer anything. We all have phone numbers of each other so that helps

  47. I need to get Mattison from another owner as I have cook. I don’t know what to offer. All I have is burks, Olave, Dotson, or Richie james that I can really offer.

  48. Not a single trade so far. It seems like nobody is willing to trade for shit. I've put in a few trades but most don't even get a response. It doesn't help that most of my players had a terrible week 3, so their value is low.

  49. Just had the biggest trade of my fantasy career today. I would say there is an average of 1-2 trades per year in my leagues.

  50. 14 man league, we've had 3 trades. I made one of those. (Kelce and Bourne for Ertz, Evans, and Walker for handcuff. Not sure how I feel still)

  51. We have closer to 8-10 per season, sometimes more. Our league has been together 9 years and very active/competitive. We have a league group message that can easily have 2-300 messages a day and we are all grown men with jobs and families haha.

  52. In my 3 there’s been one. The team with Henry, Robinson, Sanders, Edmonds, and Wilson Jr traded Gibson for Garrett Wilson to be their WR3 after week 2. The Wilson owner had Jefferson, Hill, Scary Terry, and Aiyuk but was struggling at RB with AJ Dillion and Stevenson

  53. I needed RB help (I have Dalvin Cook, Cam Akers, Melvin Gordon, and Dontrell Hilliard). I traded Cooper Kupp and Dontrell Hilliard for AJ Brown and Leonard Fournette. Gave away my workhorse of a WR for a little bit of a downgrade but not much and upgraded my RB position. I think it was a good trade overall.

  54. 3-4 trades a year max in each of my four leagues, sometimes fewer. People seem to think they always need to win the trade & forget that it should benefit both parties. My favorite offer recently was his Darnell Mooney for my Jared Goff in a super flex. I responded by offering my kicker for his Mike Evans.

  55. Before this year there were maybe 5 trades in 3 years. This year my league has had like 9 trades already. It’s been a fuckin trip.

  56. To date, in 5 years, there have been 3 trades - i worked two of them, and just today one of the guys traded running backs with his son (Carter for c-pat, if I recall.. )

  57. I'm sitting on a trade offer that needs Chicago to let me now what's up. Haven't accepted, haven't declined it. I want to use Herbie to potentially trade with the Monty owner on another offer. Either way, the discussions are open. Talk to your league wherever you can.

  58. Been 11 so far in my 12 man. I’m responsible for 5 of them. I drafted so well that I ended up with a bench of Godwin, mg3, josh jacobs, and jrob.

  59. Just today I’ve been part of a 3 player trade then a 4 player trade followed by a 2 player trade. Trades have been rare in previous years but I think our 12 team league is about to crack 10 trades total.

  60. None whatsoever in either league I'm in. I've had 2 agreed to in chat only for the other guy to get cold feet.

  61. I’ve made 3 in one league this year. Just be realistic in your offers, and make sure you can actually make the trade benefit both sides.

  62. Usually like 20 ish I'd say. Only four so far this year, though. One pre-draft pick trade, one mid-draft pick trade and then two today.

  63. Just traded Jamaal Williams for Terry in a PPR 3 WR league + 1 FLX. Have CMC, Javonte, Fournette, Waddle, Sutton and Amari as current starters

  64. I drafted really well so I’ve been able to pull off a bunch of trades. I’m at 6 rn and I can still see me being able to pull off one last big one. Usually tho I get like 1-2 trades a year lol.

  65. Only one trade in my league so far and it was a day after draft. JT for Aaron Jones and ETN no clue why they let it go through

  66. I mean we are still only 3 weeks in... I'm definitely more inclined to go for a legit trade around the halfway point of the season. I think it's too early for fair trades, which means you end up either fleecing people (nice work) or ruining the future of your team.

  67. Generally a couple every year and usually for reserve players. This year, however, has been trade madness. I have been involved in about 6 and the league has had around 10 so far this season.

  68. Six trades so far this year (two of which were mine), and last year was about ten. I wish there was more, but am thankful for some activity!

  69. I tried to facilitate a three team trade today. About 30 minutes into running through 5 different trade scenarios and their individual needs/personal responses about what they were looking for, I realized that they didn’t need me at all and a much simpler, mutually beneficial trade could’ve and should’ve been done between them about a week ago. The only thing holding them back is the value each side wants from the other. Now I know what they both want (simply unrealistic) and they never bothered to reach out and ask what the other could compromise on.

  70. Normally around 5, but I’ve done 3 already. Mooney to get olave week 1. Evans to get fournette yesterday and Ekeler/dobbins to get cook/aiyuk today

  71. I've made 24 trades across 4 leagues already. Most of those have come from dealing with the same 3-4 teams in those leagues. It's excessively hard to wheel and deal with 70% of the league members.

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