Official: [WDIS RB] - Sat Morning, 09/24/2022

  1. Can I get a prayer that either Connor or Fournett plays tomorrow. I don’t mind subbing in JRob, but next up is Penny or is it better to pick up White or Darrel?

  2. if you’re 0-2 going against the one seed, you probably need ceiling more than you need floor, no? also if getsy isn’t bullshitting and the bears are actually gonna finally get around to slinging it, this game may end up a high scoring game. monty and herbert were tearing the packers apart with no passing game to speak of, if fields is throwing enough to keep the houston defense (which isn’t exactly an all pro unit) honest they’re gonna feast. i think this is a textbook case of outsmarting yourself; it’s dalvin fucking cook. start the man lmao. even if you want to play pierce if you’re 0-2 i can’t imagine that cook is the worst player out of your rb1/2/flex.

  3. I'm rolling Rhanondre out this week (in desperation) but he showed last week an increase in snaps and routes ran. The opportunity is there for him and I think this is the week he breaks out.

  4. Pick One: M Carter Or Rhamondre? Standard, Already starting G Wilson and worried about starting 2 Jets

  5. monty and it shouldn’t really be a question imo. yeah, like the other guy said, the packers running backs (who are both very good in case you haven’t noticed) had very good games against the bears. dameon pierce is not yet near either of them in terms of ability. monty is a very good running back and it’s not like the texans defense are worldbeaters, he’s gonna eat.

  6. I like Pierce here. The bears run D is awful, I think last week the Packers were averaging like 9 ypc. Should also be a pretty tight game, so the run game won't be abandoned.

  7. Conner (assuming he plays) and Wilson. With these players I think there is guaranteed workload vs the rest being boom/bust candidates

  8. I like Wilson. The rest of backfield is hurt or untested and CEH has been really efficient despite basically splitting touches with McKinnon

  9. I’d go Pierce but at Hall will eventually rise to a solid RB 2 this year imo. They are having to throw at high rates now and it’s keeping Carter more involved.

  10. Have Conner, Darrel Williams, and chase Edmonds for my RB2. If Conner is out, I’m starting Darrel. BUT if they say conner is playing, I’m worried about workload. Should I start chase or Darrel in that scenario? .5 ppr

  11. I benched both for Henderson. I wasn’t considering Pierce yet, but maybe I should have been. I haven’t seen the Texans play yet, so maybe I should look into reconsider benching Pierce.

  12. I have an offer to receive Justin Herbert for CEH …. Smash accept ? I have Rodgers and Stafford, CEH , JROB, Aaron Jones, Swift , Jeff Wilson, and Eli sittin in IR

  13. Robinson but I’m not nearly as down as the other guy On the cowboys. There have been a few shining stars with the backup. Just not Zeke or cd.

  14. Aj dillon. Hicks is out for tb, and gb doesn’t have a healthy receiver room. I think they’re going to have to run it

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