Official: [WDIS Flex] - Sun , 09/11/2022

  1. WDIS in my flex, 1/2 PPR? J Palmer (vs KC) or J Wilson Jr. (vs Sea)? Leaning Palmer because it’s projected to be a shootout, Allen is out, and I need the upside (projected to lose by 15+ pts).

  2. Sanders imo. If Godwin was fully healthy it would be one thing, but I need to see how he plays for a week or two before being confident in it

  3. I’ve decided I’m not gonna panic and I’m just gonna keep Mooney in over Dillon/Penny/MT. You get drafted first, you get started first week 1

  4. I need to decide between Moore and Thomas too I'm leaning Moore since its possible Thomas is on some kind of limited capacity.

  5. Thielen. Game should be a shootout and with Jaire and JJ battling most the time, there will be a lot of opportunity for Thielen. We haven't seen Mitch's connection with Diontae yet.

  6. 12 team ppr. Weather is bad in Chicago. Right now I have Mooney in my flex @Chicago. Should I swap him out for one of these?

  7. Since it's PPR I'd prob go Thielen just cause of all the hype around this new coaching staff. Edmonds isn't a bad choice here though either

  8. Field looks downright dangerous in Chi. Im not playing any WR in that game other than Deebo. Id go Hunt. Kirk gonna be heavily involved, but would want to see it once. Hunt will get a lot of touches.

  9. .5 Ppr , do I start pitts or rashad penny in My flex? Was an idiot and drafting pitts and kelce so in a bit of a bind

  10. Which of the Mikes, Michael Thomas @ ATL or Mike Williams vs LV? I've also got Rashod Bateman @ NYJ and Antonio Gibson vs JAX as options (full PPR 8 man league). I kind of want to stick to a WR unless you'd strongly recommend Gibson.

  11. Maybe Woods if you really dont want to deal with Mooney. Still think he has to get targets though...but yeah that weather is scary.

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