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  1. Went hero RB this year and ended up taking breece hall (pray 4 me). Also took carter as well. With the news that Carter is starting I obviously start carter right?

  2. I got stacked at WR in my 8-team league so now I have a hard time to decide who to start. It's a challenge for anyone out there. Much appreciated.

  3. Might seem dumb but it’s my first year playing properly, someone offered to give my JT for Dalvin Cook should I do it or am I missing something?

  4. According to this trade value chart you lost big time. Hope Herbert pans out for you. Lance could have a Hurts-esque fantasy season with the weapons and legs that he's working with.

  5. Are people actually in on Hayden hurst..? I could be the idiot here but seems dumb as fuck. A 29 YO TE whose best season was TE16 in ppg—sure, is on a MUCH better offense, but one due for efficiency regression and literally more target competition than about anywhere else in the league. A 3rd/4th target TE that has never shown any upside whatever is not what you’re looking for in fantasy

  6. Start? You really don't have any better options that those two for your starters, not your flex? If you're RB heavy, I would try trading for some better WR depth. Olave could be serviceable but I'm more expecting him to only score like 5 points. Plenty of others on that team that take away share %

  7. I'd go Cooks. Texans will probably be playing from behind. He's the #1 and is a consistent performer. Broncos may be able to take their foot off the pedal and run more in the second half.

  8. ESPN PPR league where the waiver wire resets each week. Right after the draft the waiver priority was set to reverse of draft order. Henderson is on waivers and I’m currently 8th on the priority. If I purposely punt this week, will the waiver wire reset so that I am #1 and can grab my precious henderson?

  9. Trade Mike Williams and Mooney for Davante Adams and Mark Ingram? Wouldn't mind the upgrade in WR and I have Kamara. (I also have Sutton and see Mooney and Sutton the same at this stage)

  10. Half PPR- need RB2, Flex and WR2 from this list please: Etienne, Josh Jacobs, Dameon Pierce, and Elijah Moore and Darnell Mooney

  11. I’d probably go with Jacobs, Moore and Mooney. I like Jacobs this season, and Moore and Mooney are both proven commodities that should find themselves in positive passing game scripts. Personally, I’d like to see Etienne and Pierce’s roles before feeling really comfortable starting them over the others

  12. I'd say DJ since he probably will at least make it through a game without getting re-injured. Should see a lot of targets from Trubisky. Trubisky is well known to checkdown to his guy. I avoided drafting Sutton due to his share not being clear with Jeudy. I like to start WRs that I know have little competition for WR1 (Pittman and Hollywood for me this year)

  13. If I was the guy getting Ekeler and one of McLaurin or Pittman I'd smash accept, so don't do it. You're giving up too much.

  14. looking to replace Stafford targeting mahomes or burrow what’s a good offer bench is: d pierce, godwin, chase edmonds, waddle, sanders, toney 10 team ppr

  15. Any thoughts on Cordarelle Patterson this year? Thought he was good last year but projections don't love him. It's between him, CEH, and Breece Hall for my RB2 spot

  16. I have him in both my leagues, I think he'll surprise again cuz Arthur likes him, and he's still the main back who figures into the passing game

  17. Stafford owner I need a back up if things continue to go south and its ugly out there. Do I go young guns Fields/Lawrence or the vets Winston/Ryan.

  18. If you really wanna bench qb, I'd go Fields for the possible upside--those other guys seem pretty interchangeable to me

  19. Have some solid rb depth ( Ekeler, Dillon, Rhamondre, Gordon III, and Henderson Jr) and need to shore up a WR 3 (currently Aiyuk with some rookie fliers and Julio Jones on the bench).

  20. Likely is a great handcuff to a top 3 TE and the potential #3 receiver on his team even without an injury to Andrews. Given your weakness at TE I'd find a way to get him on your team

  21. I already have Kupp and Adams at WR and Aiyuk on my bench would it be a good idea to try to trade Waddle for an RB like CEH or Pierce if his stock shoot’s up, I drafted Akers and am feeling like I need to bolster up my RBs big time lol 😂

  22. ARSB or montgomery this week? i’m leaning ARSB cus that 9ers run defense is no joke but it’s a tough one cus i already ate shit on arob this week.

  23. Not sure who to start, Chase Edmonds VS zeke wk1? I'm scared of the buccs run D vs Zeke's injured OL. I will say I think zeke's the most likely answer it feels scary. i've always been the start your studs type of guy.

  24. Would it be smart to sell high on Henderson as the apparent RB1? If so, what could you get for him?There may be a particularly stressed Akers owner willing to make a deal

  25. Is tee Higgins for mike Williams a good swap? It helps both our qbs for stacks, but I do T want to hurt my team. I have burrow and want Higgins

  26. I think Gabe will have a breakout year and I'm not sure about hall. Carter had a good year last year and Hall couldn't unseat him in training camp. I say take it

  27. Fine call, although green bay will be playing WR roulette all year, so I don't think a single injury to the starting wr Corp matters all that much for Rodgers.

  28. In a 14 team league should I drop Mostert for Matt Ryan? I have Tua starting right now but I’m debating rostering 2 QB’s or just 1.

  29. Mostert could easily lead the rb rotation in Miami if he can stay healthy. Don't drop him until we've seen usage. I agree you need a second qb though....

  30. It's tough but Patterson is a more sure bet. We don't know how pollard will be used this year yet even if we are all hopeful

  31. I traded cook, Akers, Schultz, and butker for Mixon, Fournette, friermuth, and McPherson. I was laughed at by my league but I'm laughing now!! Hahaha

  32. 10 team ppr: I’m able to pick up Mattison off waiver without spending a waiver add. Out of these WR’s who should I drop for him? Hollywood, Gallup, Ian McKenzie, London? I have Chase and Davis in the 1 & 2. My Rb’s are Swift, Elliot, Dillon, Penny. Or should I just hold and not scoop him up.

  33. Personally would drop McKenzie. He’s competing with Crowder just to be in a position where you’d consider him as a flex option in a 10-team league. Best case is he’s the option behind diggs, Davis, and Knox. Worst case is he’s sharing targets with Crowder or becomes a specialty guy

  34. Start 1/3 as my flex option: Chase Edmonds, Tony Pollard, Tyler Lockett. Have Montgomery and AJ Dillon as my RBs.

  35. how important is 1 win? ive got kittle and no back up te, and all my bench players i wanna see how it plays out week 1.

  36. This team is stacked. I'd say roll with Cousins for now and see later on if any team lacking depth needs a guy. With a bit of luck you'll have a starting caliber player on your bench that would be a great trade piece.

  37. Why is Schultz ranked higher than kyle pitts yet everyone is fully on board the pitts train. I want to believe it but I cant until I know the reasoning behind it.

  38. Pitts is the first option in Atlanta Schultz is not in Dallas. Pitts put up 1000 yards in his rookie season and it’s almost guaranteed he’ll have positive TD regression. Talent wise Schultz doesn’t sniff Pitts metrics or athleticism.

  39. Was offered Aj Dillon and Brandin Cooks for Aj brown and a bench piece...AJB is my wr3 behind kupp and deebo, and could use the rb help with mitchell and sanders as my starting rbs...pull the trigger? Also have hunt and patterson as bench rbs

  40. I would take that instantly. Though I don't claim to know anything about fantasy. AJ Dillon seems like an upgrade, and Cooks is good.

  41. Why is Metcalf so underrated? He’s a freak and Smith loved going his way last year. Even with lock at QB I think both quarterbacks will be looking to DK as their first read

  42. This is my first time getting into fantasy and I was kinda curious as to anyone’s opinion on any possible RB trades I could reasonably ask for with Stafford as a trade offer.

  43. Can someone help me out with my Yahoo league? We just drafted two days ago. For some reason all available players are on waivers right now instead of being free agents. That seems off no? What setting do I need to change?

  44. Alright, Ngl I want to deal Chubb. Love him, but hate his situation. Others I can package with him for a good back would be any of: Deebo, Godwin, Sutton, Hollywood Brown, Dobbins, Kareem Hunt. Should I deal him and what backs would y’all have in mind and pair him with who? My other RB is Cook FYI

  45. Not with the 49ers cloudiness. It’s close though. One more decent flex player and it’s a smash for me. Pitts is a stud

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