Best Rookie WR?

  1. You can say that about any fantasy related opinion it's all subjective. However I drafted Pickens, london on potential. Olave has the most realistic chance to accomplish top rookie wr

  2. Are they saying the rookies they drafted or did they draft the rookies they thought would be the best? Like yeah no shit people drafted the cheap guys they thought would be good for fantasy.

  3. I get to the draft recap and I like to read them for each team. I know the draft evals are often shit, but they do have some good nuggets of information. One interesting tidbit I found out this year is that in my 6 man 20 starter 4 bench league (it's savage and chaotic) that only 5 rookies were drafted in the entire league. All to the same owner lmao.

  4. Drake London, Treylon Burks, Chris Olave, George Pickens, Dotson are the only ones I really see contributing much this year. Garrett Wilson is probably the best receiver overall but he is not in an ideal situation since he has Elijah Moore and Corey Davis ahead of him

  5. Came here to do just that. Got Jameson Williams in my dynasty league. Never mind that it’s the Lions and their QB is Jared Goff. Oh, and he’s injured.

  6. I actually didn’t get any rookie WRs across all my leagues. I wanted to try and get London, Olave, Pickens, or Dotson, but guys reached for all of them above their ADP in my drafts. Tolbert, Pierce, and Collins are out there on my waivers and I’ve considered snagging them but not sure I want to drop anyone on my roster for them

  7. I feel like the cap on current Wentz's #2 makes that only possible with a universally quite sad rookie season from the rest of the class.

  8. I agree. Think London will be competing with him for best overall season and Williams could really have a huge impact on fantasy playoffs.

  9. He definitely has the best opportunity, I think, over them all. Olave with Winston sounds great at first blush, but Thomas is supposed to be healthy and that makes me think he might be boom or bust. Not bad, but not sure on reliability.

  10. He looks pretty damn nice on his TD catch. The catch itself was normal, but he looked huge and imposing in game action.

  11. I haven't really drafted Burks but it's giving me some lower-tiered 'people avoiding Chase because he forgot how to catch in preseason' vibes.

  12. Like his talent. Don’t like his situation. A goff led offense with St. Brown/Chark/Swift/Hock all vying for targets doesn’t spell a great recipe for success for a rookie coming back from an ACL tear.

  13. I’m curious to see how Jameson Williams does when he’s back from injury. Goff looking to make a statement this year that he’s not done

  14. As a Steelers fan, I'm not touching Pickens in fantasy this year unless it's a dynasty. I think he's an amazing player and the Steelers got a steal in the draft, but there's just not enough work to go around in that offense with that OL.

  15. purely talent-wise, i think he's the best. and no i dont have him on any of my teams unfortunately.

  16. I'd say London. Based on pure talent, the guy is incredible. I'm not saying he's a Justin Jefferson or Jamar Chase, but his ability to make a contested catch is jaw dropping.

  17. Drake had 1000+ yards and 7* tds in 8 games last year at usc. No matter how hyper targeted u are that’s still very impressive. College production is not the end all be all obviously but I just think drake passes the eye test and the production backed it up.

  18. I'm not even sure the hurdle matters too much - Dan Orlovsky on the worst team of all time supported a 1300/12 WR, a 1300/8 RB and 1500 more receiving yards back in 08 before the offensive explosion.

  19. I dunno about this year, but next year with unsuspended Calvin Ridley, year 2 London, and year 3 Pitts the Falcons will be a super lethal offense (if Mariota does decent or they pickup a good QB during offseason), definitely looking forward to watching their reemergence in the future.

  20. I have london on both my teams he runs a 4.55-4.6 40 is that fast enough to distance himself from corners. His route running isnt very impressive either. competitive drive, 50/50 ball catching ability and size was enough to draft. Will His situation cap his potential ceiling?

  21. On pure talent, London is the best.However, opportunity is king for fantasy and he will hv Mariota throwing to him, alongside having Pitts.

  22. Given their QB situations, Doubs and Moore have the best potential. Even though the volume might be cut shorter than the rest of the draft class, having an elite QB elevates performance and Doubs and Moore have the skill set.

  23. Wandale Robinson could be a beast in PPR. Speedy, shifty 2nd rounder drafted to play slot in Daboll’s offense that gave Cole Beasley 100+ targets last year

  24. I want to be in on wandale but after toney szn last year i dont think i can trust a giants rookie wr again this year

  25. He went undrafted but now I have to pick who to drop to throw the dart at him. It's either Dotson, rondale Moore or Garret Wilson.

  26. Burks is the best situation, imo. He has the easiest and most obvious path to lead his team in targets. He has the explosive playmaking ability and high level talent. He also has a quarterback good enough to supply a high level fantasy finish.

  27. I like to buy rookie cards of my ffb rookies sometimes. My last pick was Doubs. The card market for Doubs is insanely high(granted I don't know much about cards). Are GB rookie cards always higher than most? His seems to be higher than GB rookie Watson too.

  28. I’ve got Jameson Williams stashed on my taxi and Pickens burning a bench spot. Lots of potential for these guys to develop end of year and if you’re in a keeper league they could be real steals

  29. Olave is the answer and it isn’t even particularly close imo. He is as pro ready as a receiver can be coming out of college. He’s also going onto a good team with an offense with a QB that won’t hesitate to sling it.

  30. Calling my shot on olave. I think jameis is the most underrated qb in the league and MT will be back and good this year but not as good as he used to be so he’ll draw number 1 coverage away from olave and open things up for him down the field a lot of their early opponents have either no corners or only one cb like the falcons who will be ok mt

  31. I’m surprised this is the only mention of Wilson. Obviously there’s not gonna be another jamarr but Garett Wilson is the closest prospect to Jamarr chase in this draft. Not anywhere close to as good or polished ofc.

  32. Garrett Wilson will blow up in week 4-6. NY likes to make rookies "earn it" as an appeal to the veterans. We know Breece and Wilson should be starters.

  33. Skyy Moore and Doubs/Watson have the potential to be a second half of season huge break out but they also have a realistic chance of being wr3 or not startable the entire season

  34. Could be Doubs since Rodgers has to throw to someone and he’s had a good camp. Watson is already hurt, Lazard is a bum. Packers don’t really use TE much. I think Doubs will be their leading WR, Jones will be 2nd

  35. Alec Pierce. In a good situation without much competition. Campbell is 2nd, but doubt he makes it through the year.

  36. Garrett Wilson is going to lead rookie receivers this year. He is an incredible talent and remarkably polished and consistent. And he won't have all eyes on him with Moore on the field with him, giving him a great chance to explode onto the field

  37. Jameson Williams, Lions got blessed that he tore his ACL late last season to allow them to move up to pick 12 and draft him there this year, he may be a league winning OBJ type stash that you can have on your IR that's 25% owned right now as he will be back later this season. Meanwhile, the connection Goff has been having with $10mil rental DJ Chark has been great to carry fantasy relevance until Jameson's return and I believe those two are the players to own on the Lions (each playable for half a season) instead of Swift and Amon St. Brown at their inflated value from last year.

  38. Tons of potential in this class but I'll go London and Burks this year based on pedigree, pure opportunity and target share.

  39. I think the talent drop off after Olave is quite steep even though Burks and Dotson are both technically first round picks, they were mostly taken out of desperation and it sounds like Burks hasn't won a big role yet.

  40. I think it was JJ Zachariason (probably butchered that) that said that rookie WRs outperform ADP 73% of the time. So I've been taking 2 rookie WRs. Usually one of the earlier guys and a later one like Doubs or Pickens.

  41. I like David bell but prob not going to be fantasy relevant. Dude looks like the next keenan allen, slow as fuck but very technical.

  42. I think he’s in a really good situation and honestly if I had to pick a sleeper early on the season it would be him. Brissett isn’t likely to air it out deep very often and I know it was just one preseason series with no Amari but there was a drive where he looked really really comfortable targeting Bell.

  43. I don’t have any of them. Usually not a fan of rookie WRs. London is the best of them though, one of my favorite WRs coming out of college and has virtually no competition for targets and Atlanta will be be behind a LOT this year and will have to throw a lot late in games as a result

  44. I personally drafted Burks and Wilson. Ended up trading Wilson for Pickens though because I think he becomes fantasy relevant a bit sooner.

  45. London should be an easy pick, Pickens has some sneaky value I think, same with Wilson. And I'm getting st brown vibes from skyy

  46. Olave, Wilson, and Jameson were my favorites in the draft. I don't love Wilson's landing spot with the Jets. While I thought Jameson was the best WR in the class, his ACL will keep him from contributing in a meaningful way until the second half. Olave is arguably the best route runner in the rookie class and has a chance to be the #2 option right away. He's my favorite here for sure

  47. You think Nicole Collins will have a good year I don't imagine Davis mills will be very good. Mooney, Elijah moore who else heading into year 2?

  48. I’m biased because I’m a Steelers fan, but I genuinely think George Pickens. He has balled out in preseason and I can see him overcoming DJ for the WR1 spot next season, if not this season.

  49. Not this year because there's too many mouths to feed with OBJ coming back but Lance McCutcheon on the Rams is gonna ball out eventually.

  50. Drafted London and picked up Doubs after I put BRob on IR. Doubs has 4 weeks to battle it out with Woods for my WR6 postition…

  51. It’s probably gonna be Olave. He will be WR2 in what could be a sneaky high power offense that could be in some shootout games. Jameis isn’t afraid to sling the rock and has already shown that he’ll target Olave. He’s a great route runner and knows how to get open, and will likely have MT and Jarvis Landry drawing coverage away.

  52. In terms of rounds they're getting picked in, give me Skyy Moore, or Romeo Doubs. Olive looks good, he's just gonna be #3 behind MT and Kamara on that offense, I think it caps his potential a bit

  53. I didn’t grab any rookie WR’s in any of my drafts, but if Doubs would’ve been there late I probably would’ve took a shot on him. Just feels like his situation is a good one to come in to.

  54. Just to name a player that no one else will mention, I'm going with deep sleeper Christian Watson. Freak athlete with the best QB. And it's usually the 2nd round receiver who breaks out on this team

  55. I'm excited to watch him play, but I am worried his lack of participation in camp this summer may set him back a little, but can see him finishing strong.

  56. It’s gotta be London. He’s got high draft capital and he’ll have the most opportunity. I also like Skyy Moore and Romeo Doubs because they have a path to opportunity with elite qbs. I don’t think any of these guys will end up being the best wr from their class. That will be Wilson or Olave.

  57. Upside wise, I’m going Burks, you can get him rounds later than Olave near end of draft and he has a path to a major role this year.

  58. I think olave can thrive at the next level. He’s a unique blend of athleticism, route running, and ability to just know how to be open

  59. Burks because I’m a hogs fan! Well, bias aside I’ve just seen a ton of his tape. He’s physically huge and has huge hands, I think once he starts showing he can win jump balls and come down with it, he gets a ton of balls thrown to him.

  60. I'll throw Alec Pierce into the ring. He's going to be a TD machine. He's the WR2 for the Colts and has been practicing vs Stephen Gilmore and its starting to pay off.

  61. I have London, Olave, Burks and Pickens backing up Sutton and Mooney so I have my options and a dream! We will see

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