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  1. If Cook and Barkley stay healthy you'll be fine. Your TE is pretty weak, I think Ertz is banged up and and I don't trust Gesicki in the new Miami offense.

  2. A little weak at WR, I think you should have gone for another stud instead of Etienne, your RB core is nice. Hopefully Higgins and Hollywood can ball. Cooks is a safe option.

  3. 10 team PPR SF, not thrilled with how this draft went so hoping to get some thoughts. Feel like my WRs in a 10 team are pretty weak and wondering if it might be worth trading one of my QBs for an upgrade.

  4. I would say it probably would have been better to take more shots at RB but I love your wr value especially in a ppr league. Shame you can only play one flex.

  5. I think in 3 WR I would’ve gone for an elite WR a little sooner- and in PPR Chubb and Harris aren’t really swinging for the fences. It’s solid. If you’re in a 1 QB league I’d rather not hold Tua and take a bench stash.

  6. I like your team personally aside from Ertz, my move would be to pick up either Tonyan, njoku or Albert o and drop foreman. Prescott is good value and your WRs all have high upside and can outperform their draft position, which is all you can ask.

  7. A little concerned with your WR's. Hopefully Juju becomes the lead guy. Looks like you went big with RB's this year. Herbert is a solid pick and Tua can be really good this year as well.

  8. Solid Team. Love it actually. Your RBs are solid and I think your WR's have a lot of potenital. The QBs are a little concerning in a two QB league as Im not sure with Carr but with Adams in town now he could also be big.

  9. I like your team. D. Henry went first in my drafy and I think Williams is gonna be solid this year for the Broncos. Your WR's are also solid. Im not too big on Russell Wilson as your QB but he could be solid and I think you couldve done far worse

  10. I like your team, seems like you went with the "stud in each position" approach. Cook, CD, Kelce, McPherson are very nice. I actually might like Moore a bit more than CD, but that means you have a great wr2.

  11. Yeah pretty stacked outside of WR, might consider making a move with one of your RBs for a WR. Cousins is also a bit wasted here. Regardless great foundation, 3 RBs in the top 15 is crazy

  12. RB's look solid but not sure about your WR's. Possible Bateman and THomas finish as your top WRs out of that group. RBs are solid though.

  13. Yeah, would've drafted almost exactly the same in your position. Hopefully Pierce starts putting up numbers and you have flexibility trade wise. I like Olave too, just feel like you have a ton of Wr2/3s, may be able to package one with Pierce if he starts showing out for a true WR1

  14. A little concerned about your RB position with you starting two rookies but you never know.. WR and Flex looks solid though!

  15. Loving the Wr depth but like you said, the RB is concerning. I would look to get some trades with Sutton/cooks for an rb2. If not, just pay attention to the waiver wire for any valid RB

  16. 12 team ppr Brady Taylor Akers Lamb Jeudy Andrews Hollywood Patterson Bass Commanders Winston Davis Henderson Pollard Devonta

  17. I like it to be honest. WR is certainly hit and miss but you only need Jeudy to be serviceable and Kupp should make up for both. Steelers D could be replaceable!

  18. I really like the Swift/Mixon combo. Not elite at WR exactly but I think Bateman is going to have a great year and if Hollywood can fix his drops a little bit in AZ he'll be pretty dangerous too.

  19. You're in a good place to start the year. I would continue to look for trades/ww at the TE and WR positions. Maybe move a wr for a RB . But your starters aren't bad. It's just the drop from starters to your bench that is concerning.

  20. Honestly pretty good, your RB corps is a bit thin with how injury prone your starters are, but if they stay healthy you should be doing well.

  21. Your team is extremely solid for a 12 man. Elijah can be a good backup in case CMC goes down. Just keep an eye on the waiver wire for more potential WR depth assuming you have a flex spot.

  22. I took CMC first overall so I'm with you there. But I was pretty anti-Zeke before the Tyron Smith injury and am way out on him now. Hopefully Zeke's floor is still pretty decent and maybe Harris can be a good option if not. I like Hines and Henderson a lot though, so at least you've got good depth behind CMC.

  23. 12 team full PPR (we dropped kickers for a W/R/T flex) - #3rd pick, snake. Keepers are +1 round where previously drafted

  24. Im not the biggest Lance believer but your team has great depth. Heavy pass catching backs, solid receivers. 9/10.

  25. I like it. I feel like early pick teams have real well rounded teams. Having Kelce and Taylor is greattt. And your WRs got a lot of floor guys. And a couple ceiling plays as well.

  26. This year I think you’ll have a solid team but I think it has sooo much potential in a year or two. Once Breece gets a strangle hold on the starting spot. And Pollard gets more usage ya team is gonna be a juggernaut.

  27. I would agree with your assessment. But Mooney and Hollywood could both break out in which case you are laughing as your core looks strong in all other positions.

  28. Could bolster RBs and save yourself the headache of wondering who to start at WR every week at the same time. Pretty solid though! And Hunt should do well

  29. I’m not very high on Waller this year as a think davante and renfrow will not leave many targets left for him especially in the red zone. Carr is a fine option but I don’t think the rest of your team has the upside to make up for his pretty low ceiling. Hunt is a fine RB2 in 12 team but could look to upgrade there as well. Wide receivers are the strength of this team, but I think you are gonna need Mooney or Aiyuk to really breakout for this to be a championship team

  30. I really like this team for super flex. You have two QBs with very realistic top 5 potential and high rushing floors, paired with CMC as your Hero RB and Edmonds is a great value RB2. You are lacking a truly elite wide receiver in my opinion, but Moore and Sutton def have a slight chance to finish top 10. But like I said, the QBs with CMC have insane upside and should help you gain an edge against every other team in the league

  31. I would be a little concerned about starting the season with Breece as your RB2 just because we don’t know what his situation will look like at the beginning of the season but he has huge upside if he can separate himself from Carter but outside of that, this team is stacked. Especially when Hopkins and B Rob come back.

  32. If Pierce lives up to the hype this team is great. If he doesn’t, you have the WR depth to make a 2 for 1 trade for a stud RB to fill that hole.

  33. Outside of Jefferson this team is pretty risky but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Most of your squad is pretty boom or bust but if mike Williams takes a leap and Lance works out, this is a tough team to beat.

  34. Honestly can’t fault you, this is a solid team. WR potentially weak if MT doesn’t pull through or Sutton isn’t the guy, but pretty decent!

  35. Absolutely no holes in this team. You got great value on all your wide receivers, CeeDee in the 4th is Highway robbery. Take a look at my team?

  36. Awesome team, great starters with some potentially high reward depth. That WR group is absolutely filthy, can't imagine you will be at a disadvantage there any week.

  37. Damn..... I really like this team a lot. It might be one of my favorite teams I've ever seen on here. 4 legit RBs, 4 legit WRs, and oh yeah, possibly a top 2-3 QB and top 2-3 TE.

  38. 12 team, 0.5 PPR $200 Auction Keeper League with very deep rosters (start QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, 2 FLEX, D/ST, and have 8 bench spots)

  39. Like you said your RB are scary as you need 2/3 of Hall, Edmonds and ETN to hit and return value, BRob going down definitely hurt. You should have at least 4 solid WR though so hopefully they can make up for it or you can use one to snag another RB if needed

  40. RBs are very strong, Mahomes and Kelce stack in 12 team is also a strong foundation. Your two starting receivers are also strong but depth behind them is my only concern, but overall this is a very balanced team that should compete every week

  41. I don't love this team. For a 10 team league, your bench shouldn't look like this. You have a guy suspended 6 games and a bunch of lottery tickets on your bench

  42. I don’t love the upside for this team as you will likely be starting 2 sets of pair players from the same team (Mixon and chase, Jeudy and Javonte with Russ at QB). This also means you are going to have a difficult time during these two team’s bye weeks. This team has a very strong floor for sure but it will be hard to beat a team that’s more diversified with more upside, just my opinion.

  43. WR might be thin depending on how terrible the Seahawks are offensively. Having Kelce and Jefferson might make up for a questionable 2nd WR spot. QB and RB are solid.

  44. You did awesome with your RBs, every single one is a guy I would have been thrilled to take at your pick. Your starting WRs have some question marks, but I think AJB is gonna light it up this year if he stays healthy, and Bateman and JuJu have incredible upside this year. I'd look to improve WR depth but between waivers and all your trade pieces I'm sure you'll be able to shore that up. I like Kmet as a late flier too, I think he'll hit this year.

  45. Cousins is a great backup and Lamar should bounce back after a down year. I like Sutton and Cooks too, you're looking strong at WR.

  46. Yeah I’d say the jj take was a reach at that spot, but to each their own I suppose. Your wr’s are great so I’d be happy with that. Dameon pierce is trending upward you may hit the lotto there

  47. Yea your RBs are really iffy. If Washinton gives Gibson his touches from last year until Robinson comes back that will help. Your WR should be really good and could make up for the RB deficiency until you find a solution.

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