What is SZN?

  1. On Sundays I lay awake at night and fantasize about Josh Gordon on my fantasy team. Dad has the game on downstairs and Tony Romo's soothing voice drifts up through the floorboards to serve as my lullaby.

  2. It often comes up sarcastically when a player’s value is expected to increase due to another player being injured, demoted or unavailable for some other reason.

  3. Thank you. Jesus. It took so long for my to find a real answer. That’s one thing that has gotten out of hand on Reddit. Like 70% of posts are trying to just be funny without regard for op lol

  4. SZN is an abbreviation on season. It started as part of a hype train for Jags RB James Robinson in 2020 because it is just a one letter swap to go from Robinson to RobinSZN. And because Robinson was one of the rare hype trains that actually stayed on the rails, it stuck around.

  5. This is… uh not really the answer. I mean you have the idea correct but saying ____ SZN has been around for probably a decade now at this point

  6. Szn = season. For example if you draft both Adam’s and renfrow you might say “Carr Szn!” Or “raiders Szn” because you believe Carr/raiders are going to be good for your fantasy players this year. Trying to actually give you a serious reply here lol

  7. Stonks was a relic of all the absolutely moronic smooth brained bagholders of GME when they had to migrate from WSB when they were clearly exposed as bagholders and could no longer handle the riducule

  8. Didn’t it start with one specific player? James Robinson? Anyone remember? Maybe a couple years earlier than that

  9. SZN = Season. The simplest way I can explain it is if you see someone say “Najee SZN” they’re essentially saying “it’s Najee time”. People use it for all sorts of things but in a fantasy sense it means the person saying it thinks the player is gonna ball out

  10. It literally means "season" it's a modern pop culture term that's grown in popularity the last 4 or 5 years. Lots of hip hop albums have SZN in the title to imply this is their season. Much the same way ff managers use it for their players in a very fitting way to overhyped their draft "steal" darling.

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