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  1. I’m normally not a fan of stacking skill position players from the same team, but Mixon and Chase overachieved last year in a way that I can’t argue against. Also like your rookie corps, they all have good potential imo

  2. I feel like you could’ve drafted a better team with the 3rd pick tbh. I don’t like that you took Aaron Jones, which probably meant you had to waste a pick on AJ Dillion too in round 7 or 8. I like your WR core, I just think CeeDee is a risky WR1.

  3. I just don't know if getting Jevontes backup/counterpart was a good idea, and might have loaded up a little too hard on WR as i didn't get first til 6.12

  4. That looks good, but with Kelce do you really need a back up TE? Y not just pick up a random on waiver/FA for his bye week? You won't start anyone else but him

  5. First time playing fantasy football, pretty much went off Beersheets from what I understood of it so I'd appreciate any advice.

  6. Nice value going RB RB RB. If Elijah Moore and Zeke have high-percentile outcomes this year, this could be a dangerous squad. You need a WR to hit big.

  7. 10 Team snake draft. PPR, 4 point passing, 6 point receiving/rushing. I picked ninth overall. I fucked up in round 7 or 8 because I had to leave the draft and had drake london in queue so I picked him at 69 instead of adp 115 or something. Thats what I ended up with:

  8. Good WR depth, but a little worried about the RBs. Hall is still unproven and I’m not convinced he won’t be in a committee. I also think Fant might be a bust this year since he’ll be competing with Dissly for targets. Are there any other TEs on waivers? Kmet, Freiermuth, Njoku?

  9. No to a backup qb. I agree with the other guy. Feels like a lot of reaches. Diante goes in the 4th and Dk usually 5th. I am out on Cooper this year but that just might be a blind spot for me. Gesicki doesnt sound like he is even going to be on the field much.

  10. outside of CMC i dont like your Rbs , AJ dillion is a good player but hes still a back up, breece hall is a rookie even if hes the RB1.

  11. solid RB core, youll be fine throughout the year. you did really well with the 8th pick , good stuff sir 87/100 team youll make the playoffs

  12. 9/10 RB core , 10 if james rob goes off. WRs are solid cant complain about your TE situation. I think youll make the playoffs 85/100

  13. Would Like to hear Opinions on my Drafted Team. What should I change / look into for the future? Any trades maybe? Would love to know what yall think?!

  14. 10 team half ppr, ESPN standard Kyler Murray, trey lance CMC, Fournette, chase Edmonds, penny, mattison, Henderson jr Diggs, Sutton, marquise brown, Bateman, e Moore Pitts

  15. This team is really good. Elite WR's, especially with thomas and hopkins on the bench. RB depth, pierce was a really good pickup and I think he eats.

  16. 12 T PPR: QB: Brady RB1: Swift RB2: Zeke WR1: Jefferson WR2: Higgins TE: Hockenson FLEX: Waddle FLEX: Kareem Hunt Bench: Pollard, Jarvis, Skyy Moore, Rondale Moore, Jamaal Williams, Nico collins, Zamir white

  17. RBs are solid enough and Pitts should be at the very least a top 5 TE but your WRs are lacking big time for a 10 team league. Also not super thrilled by Hurts but that is probably more personal preference.

  18. Really like it, you seem pretty well set on each starter and still have ARob and Edmonds on the bench. JK Dobbins biggest question mark if you wanted to leverage that bench at all for an upgrade but plenty of options that could pan out as well

  19. 12 team, 0.5 PPR $200 Auction Keeper League with very deep rosters (start QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, 2 FLEX, D/ST, and have 8 bench spots)

  20. you have a really good bench, your starter will get you a playoff spot. youre gonna have a lot of high point days. 84/100 playoff team

  21. Hey Everyone! New here, so bear with me if I break any rules please. I’d love to get some feedback on my roster and potential weak spots or players to trade high. Thanks!

  22. I don't think you need both Kyler and Dak, and I'm not thrilled with the WR depth. Assuming Robinson goes to IR, I'd look to add a WR off waivers.

  23. Your bench is stacked. Mattison could easily turn into an RB1 at any moment. Same goes with Dillon. Davis & Robinson I’d be going by gut feeling/match-ups but that’s a damn great FLEX for a 12 team league. I love drafting a premium TE and Pitts is one with insane upside. Should easily make the Play-Offs as long as the injury bug doesn’t hit/Najee’s injury doesn’t worsen.

  24. I'm not quite sold on Lance yet. Not bad though. Good RB depth. Might need to add another WR, but Arob and Pickens should pull through. Not bad at all.

  25. Liking the RB room, but your WR room looks a bit...ugh. Admittedly, I don't play 3WR+1Flex, so my idea of what WR3 should look like is probably off, but I'd look for someone with a little more upside if possible.

  26. Yeah, Ertz is a little weak, but if you weren't going to pick up an elite TE then I think you're good to have waited for Ertz. Ertz was one of the more targeted backs in the last few weeks of last season once he got integrated into AZ's offense and should see plenty of work with Hopkins out.

  27. Not the right thread but what are your thoughts on drafting mixon and chase together? Have 10th pick in my 10 man draft and thinking this might be a likely scenario, but don’t know how I feel about my top 2 picks being on the same team

  28. I understand how you feel, feels bad and feels like it limits your upside each week (only so many touchdowns each team can score). But don't overthink it, good players are worth it even if their on the same team. AJ Brown and Henry were both great, same with Aaron Jones and Davante Adams or Kelce and Hill. The bengals will probably have a faster and better offense this year with the upgrades at the O-line. I get how it feels weird, but more so you could see it as making a bet on the team as a whole to be good. Personally, yeah I like to diversify a bit with teams, but if Mixon is the best guy when it swings back around then don't be afraid to take him because you already grabbed Chase.

  29. I think this is a strong team. Should be good for a run. However, WR depth beyond Hollywood/LAzard could be a problem depending on how those 2 pan out. Is Lazard the real deal? Is Hollywood going to be good once DHop is back?

  30. Solid as a whole, Albert O is projected to be starting TE so don't worry yourself too much. Ideally, he sees some RZ targets gets you 10 pts you would be happy I think

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