How likely is it that Ezekiel Elliot gets replaced as the starting RB this year?

  1. Unlikely they are paying him a fuckton they’ll run him into the ground to get their money’s worth. Pollard will still be solid af though.

  2. I think it's partially because Zeke is a better blocker and can handle a heavy workload. Pollard may or may not excel with 20+ carries a game.

  3. I don't buy this take. Teams are going to do whatever helps them win as many games as possible. Destroying players is not a smart tactic, and a team has never "ran a player into the ground" on the final year of their contract. Lots of teams use the fuck out of their RBs (Ex. Steelers), but that has nothing to do with what stage of their contract they're at. They do it regardless.

  4. This exactly. He’s incredibly durable and a face of the franchise as far as our front office is concerned. Pollard just isn’t gonna get the volume barring injury.

  5. I’ll take the discount on Zeke on a lot of my teams if I can get him as an RB2. If you take out week 1 last year vs bucs (one of the best run D), he was having a good start to the season from wk 2-6.

  6. This is all you need to know. He was on one leg last year and they kept feeding him. If he’s playing there’s no way it changes this year. Love Zeke at his price.

  7. I’m a cowboys fan Pollard is getting some slot work all of camp so when Gallup is out so look out for that in the 1st month or so

  8. All the reports I see talk about how much they're going out of their way to find a way to get Pollard on the field, even putting him out in the slot. If he were good enough to replace Zeke oytright they wouldn't be doing that, they'd just replace Zeke and put in Pollard. Obviously Zeke still has some legs. I'm not worried about him.

  9. I really feel like a lot of ppl are overthinking this. Zeke was great the 1st few games til the injury. Last yr at this time ppl were talking about how good he looked in camp, how he had lost weight and how he seemed to be quicker. I remember when I saw the injury live I thought it was an ACL but he gutted it out and came back in. He literally played on one leg most of the yr and now everyone assumes he's washed. I'm buying the dip if he falls to me in the 3rd or 4th

  10. He’s also the better pass blocker by far. They’ve got to protect Dak at all costs. He’ll be on the field all the time. I love Pollard, but really just as a top-priority Zeke handcuff.

  11. I tore my pcl, and when it wasn’t anywhere near healed ran a 5:58 mile, not fast, but a pr since high school. It isn’t debilitating, just couldn’t squat to full depth, or bend the leg all the way. After 7 months I can finally touch my hamstring to my calf.

  12. Yep. And Jerry Jones has been publicly saying in the media that Zeke has to be their star, and that Pollard can’t be taking Carrie’s at the expense of Zeke.

  13. As a Cowboys fan i can assure Zeke wont get replaced. Even though Pollard was far and away the most efficent back, Zeke still got a bulk of the work. Zeke has immense RB1 upside as shown in the Philly and Carolina games.

  14. Zeke was RB6 last year on a strained PCL. For those who don’t know, it is directly responsible for stability and burst - the exact thing everyone said he lacked last year, and he was RB6. He is much superior to Pollard as a blocker.

  15. End-of-year rankings are largely an indication of who played the most games. It's critical to note that Zeke was 14th in PPG last year, and was much worse than that for most of the season.

  16. Story as old as time. A super talented complimentary back has Reddit clamoring for those drooling NFL coaches to just give him touches, and is all shocked when they get less efficient

  17. What matters here is both Elliot and Pollard will play A LOT. Both are fine. Elliot just needs more touches to produce where as Pollard is hyper efficient in both rushing and receiving. I envision a situation quite similar to AJ Dillon and A Jones in Green Bay. The Cowboys need playmakers outside of Ceedee Lamb, and Pollard is a playmaker. If it’s at RB or in the slot, etc they need him on the field.

  18. He’s a #2 back this year for sure that still has #1 upside. He will not be replaced as in he moves down the depth chart. It’s just not happening

  19. 0. Zeke is so underrated rn it’s absurd lol. He was insane to start last year and then fell off a bit as he played through a knee injury. His adp right now is way too low imo

  20. Not likely. He is one of the best in the league at pass protection, and will command a higher snap share than Pollard even if for that reason alone.

  21. People keep saying that and it's not true. He's an average pass blocker. Except last year where it was terrible and worse than pollard

  22. With the contract he has he’s either getting traded or cut right out before he gets dropped to the number 2

  23. 0%. He was playing injured last year and will probably play the first 2 downs at least, with pollard playing maybe 3rd downs and some slot wr

  24. Almost 0 percent. Pollard will probably see more time with the lack of receiving options but I think zeke is a fine RB2.

  25. I say highly unlikely unless the Cowboys are bad. If they suck they'll shut down Zeke and give Pollard the end of the season to prove himself

  26. Doubtful, but his targets and carries may drop with an uptick in Pollard usage. But he will be the starter the whole year.

  27. The touches are locked in if he can suit up and stay healthy. Pollard should be around 8-12 touches per game, maybe more if he's the hotter back.

  28. Why would they replace Zeke before his contract is actually up? Pollard is extremely talented, but he’s a scat back. Zeke is their main RB, they chose to pay him over Amari Cooper, and if anything they’re just gonna run him into the ground before his contract expires

  29. Outside of injury it’s not happening. Jerry is gonna get his money’s worth out of that contract, no matter how good Pollard is.

  30. This year? I imagine they’ll run the brakes off Zeke unless he’s just completely sucking. After this year I’d be shocked if he stayed with the team on his current deal, barring a huge year from him. He was great, but Dallas ran him into the ground and should’ve never given him that crazy deal. Everyone said I was crazy when I said pay Dak before Zeke. Now everyone’s bitching about Zeke contract. But I’d feel confident with him as my 2. He should at worst be a mid range RB2 with fringe RB1 upside.

  31. Cowboys fans know better than most that Zeke’s pass blocking chops will continue to see him as the starter for long as he’s able to play.

  32. Not likely. He’s making way too much - and was productive despite a torn PCL. I think they’ll work Pollard in more but I think he’s pretty firmly the RB1 in Dallas.

  33. The guy is a future HOFer that averages over 1000k a year.. he would need to lose a lot of steps before he would be outright replaced and even then he’s just gonna get traded if he’s that bad

  34. Elliot has no upside. He’s a boring pick at RB2z Not saying don’t take him but consider that when looking at your team build. You want some boring players like him and Keenan Allen and you want some boom or bust guys like AJ Brown or Goedert

  35. Yeah it’s true he’s not crazy exciting. I love Zeke but will probably take AJB & Sutton over him at the 2/3. Big time deep threat and big play guys. It’s just more fun to watch. People in here act like they play fantasy to feed their family. I play to make sundays better. Fucking auto draft teams kick ass all the time and most people are wrong in preseason anyways so just take the fun players you want and don’t listen to the nerds who think they can predict whether player A or player B are going to be the better pick based on super limited data points.

  36. Barring injury Pollard will be the main back by mid-season. Zeke is old and slower and contracts don't matter on Sunday, just who can produce.

  37. Cowboys quite literally can't afford to demote him. Dudes making way too much $ for Jerry to be okay with making him rb2

  38. Worst case scenario (besides injury obviously) is a 1A 1B situation with him still being the 1A guy and that's absolute worst. Still worthwhile to have on your team

  39. I'm in Houston and will be nominating both Zeke and Pollard in auction hoping to drain peoples $. I have no clue, but not interested.

  40. Longtime cowboy fan here. Zero chance he gets replaced as starter. We saw last year with a partial torn pcl he still started. They are gonna run him into the ground this year but their oline sucks so I wouldn’t expect old zeke production.

  41. Zeke is a solid mid pick imo. I took him 2nd last year and wasnt overly disappointed, he's going to get his touches and yardsstill can break tackles with the best of them, and the cowboys will force the ball to him. his paycheck says there is a 0 percent chance of him being a Fullback

  42. Not likely I’m buying the dip in 2022 on Elliot. Finishes as an RB1 every year. Certainly a lot of risk this year but as a mid RB2 I’ll take the risk

  43. Not likely. He tore his pcl last year and still was the number 1 on the team. Jerry wants him out there because he got the money. Don’t let this sub trick you into thinking pollard is taking over for anything other than an injury

  44. Barring injury there is a almost zero chance. Zeke was great last year before his injury and he is the soul of the Cowboys. Mike McCarthy works for Jerry Jones and Zeke isbone of Jerry's guys.

  45. Pretty close to 0%. Jerry Jones and McCarthy are the type to stick to their expensive “feature” rb at the cost of youth and talent. They’re old heads that believe in that RB1. Tony will get work, and there’s every reason to believe he can get the same per game work as last season, but no way in HELL is he replacing Zeke aside from some disastrous level season from Zeke (fumbling multiple times per game, etc)

  46. Why is this even a question? It’s quite obvious Zeke is the guy, pollard gets his touches, but there’s no difference from last year and the year before.

  47. I get that pollard is good...but people talking about Zeke like he can't do it anymore....dude JUST TURNED 27! I get he handled a big load earlier on but even in a "down year" he get 1300 total yards and 12 tds???

  48. I see it kind of similar to the Packers RB situation. I could be wrong but I think they’ll both eat, and potentially both our score their ADP.

  49. Just with any starter, injury will let Pollard start. I do feel Pollard has the potential to have an Ekeler style rise. I believe he will be a starter, be it on the Cowboys or somewhere else. I do not believe this is the year barring injury.

  50. The most concerning thing to me about Zeke is his Y/G have gone done every year since he’s been in the league. We’re on year 7 now. I don’t think he’s getting replaced in a contract year tho.

  51. Of all the stacked teams in my league, with D'Andre Swift and Zeke on my roster... I fear the team with Jamal Williams and Tony Pollar on their bench the most.

  52. All comparison metrics aside between Zeke and Pollard, with the news about Tyron Smith missing the year it’s even more of an argument to keep Zeke on the field. He’s the better pass blocker and I believe they have a rookie (not Tyler Smith) filling in for Dak’s blind spot at Left Tackle. They’re going to need all the help they can get in pass protection - this is why Zeke will play over Pollard always.

  53. This is the last year of guaranteed money in his contract ($12.4-ish million). They are going to run him into the ground. If he holds up, it’ll buy him another year. If not, they can easily move on from him next year.

  54. Pollard is a great back but doesn't seem to be a good workhorse. Even with constant injury zeke is still eclipsing 1k yard seasons.

  55. The Cowboys offensive line will be horrible and they will be losing a lot more games. The backs will split carries and none of them will have enough production to be viable in any fantasy league. Dak will have to throw the ball 50 times a game and will get tons of fantasy points until he gets injured from the beating he is going to take this season.

  56. I think they will each get a minimum of 40% of the total RB touches, because I just can't envision Zeke getting outright benched, but if Pollard is overwhelmingly more efficient again he's going to get serious touches. If either of them get hurt the other is instantly a top 10 back at a minimum IMO.

  57. The biggest thing is that even if he remains the starter, I saw him run up the back of RG/RT basically every single time last year. The power seems mostly gone and the elusiveness/hole-picking just doesn’t seem there. Night and day with Pollard.

  58. dallas fan here. He won't. It's more likely that saquon ends up as RB1 in fantasy this year. Cowboys are gonna use him until the wheels fall off. They can get out from under his deal reasonably after this season, so expect heavy usage. Also the WR corps in Dallas is very uncertain, so it's gonna be a run heavy offense through at least the first few weeks until gallup returns, if not all season. Zeke has also shown a significant ability to play through injuries. I've usually gotten him as RB3 in my leagues and will use him as the flex, just because of the way the drafts have fallen, but I would be fine with taking him as RB2. He'll get you consistent numbers.

  59. His profile pictures frightens me, and I don't want to have to click on his name and see that on Monday mornings when I read his write up for the week.

  60. I don’t see Pollard taking the job outright. I do think Pollard will get more touches than in the past though and limit Zeke’s ceiling. Like 55-60% for Zeke is as high as I would estimate.

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