Buffalonians, how’s the weather?

  1. Yeah true Upstate Western New Yorkers can only be the ones to know the pain of the winters here. It's like 8 months of bad weather and gray

  2. Definitely a bit breezy. But it's always windy here. Neither of those projections look great tbh. I don't think mac Jones has the arm strength to sling in this weather. And all in all the weather is bad, but it's actually not bad for December here imo. A lot can change in the next 12 hours... it is buffalo indeed. But the bills d is solid, and Josh Allen did play college ball in Wyoming so it's not like he's a southern boy

  3. It's not that bad right now. Warmer than I expected. No wind yet. But I'm in the city. Orchard Park could have 10 feet of snow.

  4. If the weather holds, it’s going to be WINDY. Like, sustained 20-25 MPH winds, with gusts in the 40 MPH range. I would be absolutely shocked to see a high scoring game. You’re going to see tons of running plays, and quick throws and short dink and dunks. You will see few, if any, deep balls. Folk and Bass will probably only be called upon for short field goals and maybe PATs. If the wind is gusting that bad though, the coaches will decide going for 2 is a more likely success than kicking. Everyone knows once the winds get above 20 MPH that things deteriorate for QBs, WRs, and Ks. And this isn’t just a sustained 20-25 MPH wind, there’ll be gusts too. If you have Josh Allen, Mac Jones, Nick Folk, Tyler Bass, or any WR/TE, tempter the hell out of your expectations.

  5. Wind direction also matters. If the winds are cross winds... BIG issue. If they're going goal post to goal post, then it's a tale of halves (still impacting both teams, but one much more drastically than the other dependent upon going with or against the wind).

  6. As long as BUF DST & Bass don’t combine for (-3.0) like they did in week 11 I’ll have a win this week that keeps my season alive. 🙏

  7. Down by 40 with Allen, Knox, and Folk. Chances looking slim. What a wonderful Monday so far.

  8. So I understand you can just read the live forecast feed and whatever but I can tell you that the winds are pretty fookin' strong rn. Doesn't look like percipitation should be an issue but the wind is about 25mph and it's going to be all night including some gusts coming thru feel like they are easily twice that (I think that's how wind storms usually work anyways, lol). So passing the ball deep could be a bit of an issue including field goals. Nothing insane but definitely could change the game script a bit to being run-heavy/defense-heavy.

  9. I say there’s about an 80% chance he gets below that tbh since the weeks he did well he barely had any of the target share

  10. Been praying the weather is bad all week. Now I definitely need it to be. Only up 15.25 points. He has Beasley and Singletary tonight. There’s a chance!

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