Is power armor weightless when worn?

  1. According to 4 it just weighs a lot less when it's on the frame likely because it's weight is distributed. In NV without the power part of power armor it's said to weigh like a brahmin on your back which would match the weight values given to individual pieces in 4.

  2. From Hanlon's explanation of Heavy Trooper armor, NCR technicians strip away the servos and pneumatics that support the weight of the armor, bypassing the training needed but at the cost of terrible burdensome weight and probably long term back issues

  3. Not sure about Fallout power armor in particular, but in popular fiction power armor is usually explained as the internal suit-sensors interpreting your movement, and having servos throughout the armor mimicking this movement, effectively making the amour much lighter then normal or even weightless for the wearer.

  4. Fortunately New Vegas has NCR salvaged power armor that supports the idea of servos being the reason for necessary power armor training, but supporting the weight like in other fictional power armor. Apparently ripping those servos out makes the remaining armor feel like carrying a Brahmin on your back

  5. I believe it basically is from the user's perspective, yes. The servomotors in the suit bear the suits's own weight plus whatever you're handling. In Fallout 3, Paladin Gunny opens his training on PA with "first thing you need to do is relax your muscles. Let the suit do the work."

  6. In fallout nv the t51b weights 40 pounds and its gives you +1 To strength ,so if you wear it it's weights only 30

  7. Power Armor has weight and acts against your character's carry weight just like anything else, so no. The servos (extra Strength) compensate somewhat but not quite, and even then the weight is still there.

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