Are the appearance of vaults being different in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 purely due to art style change?

  1. Vaults were also different in Fallout 1 and 2, the doors especially. I'm pretty sure it hasn't been explicitly said that "actually all vaults look like this" so I would chalk it up to a bit of art direction and a bit of some vault just being nicer.

  2. We also know vaults we're built to different specifications not only based on need, but some of them seemingly received what amounted to random differences in power supply and computing mainframes too, according to fallout 3's vault tec info.

  3. Also while Vault Tec was the main company they probably used different contractors in different areas, plus some materials may have been cheaper in some areas

  4. I believe the art direction from older games to new was the reason they look different. I'm not sure where I heard this, but its the most likely reason.

  5. It's probably an art style change but the Boston area was noticeably wealthier than other parts of the country by 2077.

  6. At the same time though, DC would get quite the budget for vaults no? And vegas... well I mean it's vegas, plus one of the most important wealthiest men in the country living there. So I'd definitely vote art style completely.

  7. As far as I know there’s no lore specific reason but it’s plausible enough that there would be slightly different design changes depending on the specific architect and region and resources available at the time or the time they had to build each vault. It is most however most likely just an in game art style change (but it can be somewhat explained away unlikely other inconsistencies).

  8. It's not an established fact in-game, but I think the fact that several canon vaults were still under construction at the time the bombs fell is quite telling.

  9. tbh I thought the opposite, the ones in D.C. were built earlier with less capital and thus are more utilitarian, since they just needed to protect from nuclear hellfire. But as things got further along Valt Tec got more capital (be it in grants from the government, private investment, or people paying to reserve their spots in the vaults) so they were able to afford the resources to have them look nicer

  10. When I went back and replayed Fallout 1 for the Nth time (before getting frustrated by the CTDs and not wanting to delve into modding to fix those again and quitting) I was struck by how similar the old game vaults were to the modern games.

  11. A lot of folks have mentioned that budgets, material availabilities, local wealth levels, and general purpose of the Vaults as potential influences over their differing designs. It's very much a change in artstyle but there is precedent for the differences in canon.

  12. I wonder if maybe because the main headquarters is in DC and those specific vaults are nicer because it’s closer to the headquarters in those states. I’d say there are a few examples in life today of other places being nicer because they are close to the main headquarters.

  13. Vaults where built over a relatively long period of time. Changes in architects, advances in technology, and even just different regional contractors all likely played a part.

  14. we know the gov were at least hypothesizing where they’d drop the bombs, so maybe all of the vaults are specialized with material and aesthetic to each region?

  15. Perhaps it depends on the money Vault Tec had access to. Also perhaps different regions of Vault Tech had different vaults.

  16. Fallout 4 and 76 don’t look post apocalyptic at all. It’s like a bright colored cartoon. It looks good at times, sure. Nowhere near old Fallouts though.

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