How people can smoke without lighters or even matches?

  1. Lighters were in FO1 and they were butane per the in game description. Presumably there are still cans of butane around-like cram and nuka cola.

  2. Zippo lighters will run on any flammable liquid, not as well as with proper lighter fluid but they work. (source: personal experience) There are Zippos all over the wasteland, as well as cans of turpentine, lighter fluid, flamer fuel, oil and vodka.

  3. From a quick google search, early lighters used sulfric acid, zinc, and hydrogen to ignite, which could be used similar to what Benny’s lighter uses.

  4. This, people don’t seem to realize that a manufacturing capacity keeping up with the demands of 200-300million people means a LOT of extra stuff left lying around for a few million people left after an apocalyptic event.

  5. What you see in the games isn't the same scale as what would actually exist in the lore. There may be tobacco farms throughout California or even New Vegas, but they just aren't deemed important enough to show in the game. I mean look in any town or city in game and you'll see there are probably only a few dozen people at most. This is purely because of technical limitations.

  6. Flip-lighters do exist. It's likely they canonically are quite plentiful everywhere, but we're only included in FO4 for the robust scavenging system.

  7. I do know lighters are a thing, and that they are alternatives. I was just overthinking I suppose how people around the wastes could smoke if they didn't had access to the necessary stuff.

  8. I swear some Fallout fans need to be taught basic surviving skill or joined scout school. We always get this question as if people cannot do some DIY crafts eventhough such culture is ingrained in America. If anything the fact that some people being turned tribals instead of just being wiped out mean people can adapt without modern infrastructure.

  9. The real question is: for cigarettes one needs tobacco, and those are plants. Where in the world there are extensive tobacco plantations? It couldn't be that after 100+ years lots of cigarettes are still usable.

  10. Something something radiation, something something fev something something it's almost definitely nobody cared to give any thought to because it's a meaningless detail

  11. I've used a number of things to fill a zippo as a kid. Really any form of flammable aerosol works. I used starter fluid a lot.

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