Why was the pre-war fallout world so underdeveloped for 2077, compared to our world or other universes (like Cyberpunk 2077)?

  1. Exactly with so much war countries tend to forget to continue developing in the civilian market until the warfare is over. Mostly because resources are deemed more important in the military sectors.

  2. Simply put, it seems that the pre war world developed differently. Consider the underlying technologies used for small scale fusion power—even to the scale of energy cells for personal devices or small arms . To achieve this, R&D in the Fallout world cracked the secrets to room temperature superconductors: that is one big thing in other settings that’s just offhandedly mentioned in Fallout’s. For another example, there’s the creation of mass-producible energy weapons, which would require solutions for power generation as well as the heat-resistant materials that keep the rifle from melting or worse in a user’s hands. These are pretty big advancements in their own right, it’s just that they’re not as showy as a Cyberpunk full-body borg or an AV.

  3. It's rather worse for wear when we see it, but the Boston of Fallout 4 looks a lot like that illustration you linked. Look at the skyline images

  4. Came here to say something very similar. The Fallout world pre war does look really advanced and futuristic. We just don't see it much because its been destroyed.

  5. Fictional universes - unless they have an agreement on consistency - cannot really be compared to be honest. I mean one could do it but it is like powerscale comparison between different comics, it is arbitrary.

  6. The answer is that fallout is overdeveloped, but lacks of resources. Oil is gone and so is plastic and other oil based products. Overall fallout in 2077 is way ahead of other settings in science.

  7. Well they did have some technological roadblocks that we didn't. They developed nuclear fusion well before us, but they didn't develop microtransisters (microchips) until far, far later than we did. Judging by the tech level of the fallout computers and the very basic level of their internet I'd say they invented the chips, or it least started to microsize electronics, around 2030-2040.

  8. Boston and Appalachia have areas with super futuristic buildings, the skyscrapers like Trinity Tower, Mass Fusion and several others plus the Megamansions and Hornwright buildings in Appalachia are definitely good examples. The buildings in your picture aren't a million miles away from Downtown Boston, around the Mass Bay Medical Center.

  9. This might just be nitpicking, but the examples you provide are from the 60's, which had its own vision of the future. Fallouts retrofuturism is about a decade+ earlier than both The Jetsons and Mccall's illustrations.

  10. You're right, I am also guessing that it is a mixture of technological innovations going to the military instead of to civilians, never-ending wars, low resources, and societal collapse prevented technology from advancing any further.

  11. It is important to note that the world of Cyberpunk 2077 is similar to the Fallout world because it is set in an alternative timeline that is not our universe, the Fallout world diverged from ours around 1945, whereas Cyberpunk diverged from ours around 1988-1990, when the first two Cyberpunk tabletop RPG games were released, both Cyberpunk and Fallout are alternate history stories that are set in the future, but that also have pasts that are different from our own.

  12. Wolfenstein is also set in an alternative reality that diverged around 1943 , and there they have everything already by 1960 using the technology of a sect that already discovered a ton centuries before.

  13. Fallout is atompunk. It’s loosely based on how people during the 50s and 60s might have envisioned the future. A consequence is that many technologies that weren’t predicted during these decades are absent. This is why Fallout doesn’t have cell phones, social media, or other advances we’ve made in the past few decades.

  14. The tech In dead money and big Mt are like, fucking really impressive, I just assume most of it was specialized and not available to normal citizens or destroyed/worn out since the war

  15. It's actually said that if the space race never ended and both money and focus continued into space exploration well after the 1960s, we would of had Space-X level reusable rockets as early as 1994.

  16. Stagnation due to obsessive consumerism, peak oil and resource wars, massive corruption and infiltration.

  17. It isn't necessarily under developed, just developed differently. The entire world is based on the nuclear fusion revolution having started vs focusing on fuel. Some technologies are far more advanced while others remained in a state of perpetual "50's" It's more or less the vision of what the people of the 50's "thought" the future would be like.

  18. If flying cars being used as the benchmark of futuristic level, then it is messy world that is. I mean Cyberpunk world is gigantic mess of super urbanized environment so much so intensive farming done by drones not being trusted to people. In contrast Fallout world has achieved suburban utopia in some place, imperishable foods, domestic robots, medicine that seemingly capable of curing almost everything (contrast that with V's dying). And what good is flying cars for? Them being powered by hydrogen cell (or something like neo-gasoline mix, IIRC based on the old tabletop) is lackluster compared to microfusion cells of Fallout world's energy capability. And Fallout world has antigrav propulsion for eyebots. Flying cars are nothing. It's just people tend to value quiet neighbourhood more. So big cars with long fuel lifetime > flying cars.

  19. There's actually a few possibilities. One is that the world did indeed develop differently technologically. But that doesn't quite track. The moon landing still happened in 1969. Also in 1969, the Commonwealth system was established, and if you want to get into brass tacks, what I suspect is that this ultimately lead to an authoritarian governance which either changed the way that digital technology proliferated or which coerced the population into giving up their digital technology so the state could remain dominant.

  20. I mean people in the 1920s thought we would all have flying cars and be living on other planets by now. The fallout universe is a bit more realistic than say Cyberpunk 2077

  21. I disagree. Both stagnated technologically for different reasons and at different points. That doesn't make one more realistic or less realistic than the other. And they both exceed our own technology in some fields but lack in others. It's all just based on the needs and capabilities that exist in the two universes.

  22. Ehhhhh... this is misleading. The microprocessor was definitely invented, the big difference between our world and the Fallout universe was the popularity of them. In Fallout, vacuum tubes are utilized way more often than they are IRL, leading to more bulky processors and fewer tiny ones. The military still had access to them, the rich definitely had access to them (what do you think the platinum chip was? Part microprocessor, part storage device.), and even civilians could get their hands on them sometimes, though context clues seem to indicate there was never a point where civilian microprocessor tech ever became preferable to the stuff with vacuum tubes in it.

  23. Well its mostly a lack of general information. Like think about it things still used vaccum tubes instead of transistors in fallout. Thats a pretty decent technological limitation. Another thing is things were heavily privatized because things like the cold war never ended. Also there is no “big internet” every company has its own internet basically all of its terminals link to only company terminals. So basically information in general is a lot more limited.

  24. Apparently the transistor was never invented in the fallout universe. But much of the tech in fallout would still be impossible to invent without transistors.

  25. The transistor was invented in 2023 at the latest, and even then they're described as "new transistors" please read the FAQ thanks.

  26. The transistor was invented in 2023 at the latest, and even then they're described as "new transistors" please read the FAQ thanks.

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