Did The Institute Kill The Other Vault 111 Residents?

  1. We have no concrete reason as to why, just speculative thoughts from Kellogg. He assumes the Institute didn't want dozens of potential loose ends to wake up in the future and potentially cause a problem, but that's it.

  2. One of the terminals also notes a remote override (or similar) followed by mechanical cryogenic failure. We later learn that Shawn knew when his parent left the vault and tracked them remotely as opportunities arose during their wasteland adventures.

  3. The Institute wanted to keep someone genetically close to Shaun for continuing their work, and by turning off the remaining systems, power is saved for your pod in particular. At least, I think that's the best read on their reasoning. If Shaun dies somehow, they can more easily use someone that has half his genes than none.

  4. Every single person in those pods would've seen or heard the institute break into their vault, kill their neighbor, and steal a baby. I think it's fair to say that relations wouldn't be exactly stellar.

  5. The only thing leaning towards that is that only our pod works. The others have all failed. At the least, they only cared to keep your pod working.

  6. Less actively killed, more let them die. Technically, they were alive in their pods when Kellogg and co. left. But without life support systems, they just died in their cryostasis at some point after being refrozen.

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