Are ghouls really immortal, or just long living?

  1. As far as we know; they're immortal. If they die of old age, then the timespan since the Great War even by Fallout 4 just hasn't been long enough for them to reach that point.

  2. I think Hancock mentions at one point that it's not to uncommon to wake up and lose a part of yourself, both figuratively and literally, so long living seems more likely purely based of physical preservation. If a ghoul can't grow new parts for its body, it's body will eventually decay beyond repair, and it will die with it.

  3. I think ghouls still have wound healing and the ability to regrow other tissue, otherwise they would die really fast.

  4. Ferals are beyond skinny and just frankly don't have the capacity to take care of themselves. Regular ghouls look like sloughed people who feed themselves to me.

  5. I’ve always understood that they do still need food and water, just much, much less than your average human.

  6. There seems to be many factors which feed into the longevity and deaeration of ghouls. Their lifespan and cognitive function seem to be separate and the physical lifespan can far outstrip higher awareness.

  7. In fallout 4, there is a child ghoul in a fridge thats been in there for 200 years. He comes out as a child still. He hasn't physically aged at all. So I'm guessing they are immortal. Or they live long enough to become feral...and then its a matter of time before they are picked off by an explorer.

  8. It is uncertain how long he's been there, but really looking into it, I don't think he was actually there for 200 years

  9. I wouldn't try to think too hard about how ghouls work tbh. The idea that they can run around for hundreds of years without eating or drinking is silly enough as it is. They couldn't possibly be truly immortal since their flesh would eventually deteriorate.

  10. They are not immortal, and they do age but at a heavily slowed rate. The only evidence I have of this is Raul Tajeda. As a companion he mentions feeling pain from arthritis, or having bad knees. This could be a joke since he is cognoscent of his extreme age, but I also believe he mentions his mind not being as sharp due to his age. I hypothesize they just live long, but I also believe if an area is irradiated like most of areas of Fallout they would die off. They feed off of radiation, take their source of sustenance they wouldn't be able to regenerate. This is just a hypothesis though.

  11. Since they’re the result of extreme doses of radiation, I think it’s safe to argue that generally, they all live a -long time-, but radiation triggers in them all a little bit differently. (Just like any mutations given from high rads) They’re also referred to commonly as “ticking time bombs” basically slowly losing their cognitive abilities til they succumb to the brainless state feral ghouls, but I’d like to think that not all of them get there because of my first argument. Who could know, really? :P

  12. Well its been slightly more than 200 years since the war. So we know that they at least live longer than that. There might be an upper limit but the timeline of the games has not reached that limit yet.

  13. We don't really know, it's only been 200-ish years since the first ghouls we know of popped into existence. Ghouls might have a lifespan of 300-400 years and we simply haven't hit the age limit yet. Or they might be genetically immortal and completely not aging. Depending on your opinion of that quest with the kid in the fridge it might be totally ageless.

  14. While it varies from ghoul to ghoul, the prevailing idea is that their metabolisms are operating as slowly as possible. They have to take much higher dosages of chems for the same effect, they need a lot less food or water, and when unconscious they can survive for decades without food, air, or water.

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