why the institute replaces people with synths?

  1. There's also Sammy in Goodneighbor. In addition the Institute will send synth spies to your settlements, and if you are not aligned with the Institute they will turn on those settlements in the event of an Institute Raid. It could be surmised that perhaps the Institute uses theses synths to exact some measure of control over the surface by gathering knowledge, and retaliating against their enemies

  2. The Institute never struck me as being particularly interested in controlling the Commonwealth. I think for them, based on the attitudes of the scientists themselves, the Commonwealth was more of a test lab / controlled environment to run experiments in. They had no interest in diplomatic relations or entertaining alliances or even recognising the benefits or needs for an alliance. They take the path of least resistance. Much easier to just control a farm that provides essential crop for the institute rather than be distracted with the social and diplomatic relations of outsiders. Far better to keep the status quo as it is by controlling the leaders of settlements and directing their efforts away from the Institute's interests.

  3. Father clearly doesn’t see wastelanders as people, and he shares that attitude when you meet him on top of the CIT ruins. So they are definitely just “things” to use.

  4. It's likely that the Institute is just trying to keep the commonwealth in a constant state of paranoia to prevent them from rebuilding.

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