Where does the idea that all ghouls will one day go feral come from?

  1. I think its just one of those things where given enough time the probability of anything theoretically approaches 100%. By all accounts ghouls seem immortal, so if they aren't murdered or don't die of some other unnatural cause, eventually circumstances will probably lead to them going feral. But in practicality who knows, maybe a ghoul can lead such a good life nearly forever where they are never exposed to any risk factors that make them go feral.

  2. I believe it’s just because some non feral ghouls go feral leaves most to fear monger and be afraid to ghouls and therefore the rumour spreads. Little hard to nail down exactly but if want to look at it from a medical point of view science may explain that it’s possible after all.

  3. Eddie Winter is a ghoul who took an experimental radiation treatment that turned him into a ghoul before the bombs dropped. He used the radioactive materials from Wicked Shipping. As far as I know he is one of the oldest ghouls in the fallout universe and he seems fine apart from the whole skin and voice thing. He did spend his time in a secret bunker where he probably didn't get much radiation after the bombs. This probably helped him not turn into a feral but its just speculation.

  4. Also there’s the house in Boston where a intern is testing an experimental radiation treatment but is going feral cause it’s a placebo and we can see her slow and horrific degeneration in her audio logs

  5. Go to Nuka-World in Fallout 4 and find the dead ghoul "Rachel". Also do the Affinity quest with Hancock. He talks about it. He is actually concerned about it, iirc.

  6. Rachel’s Holotape in Fallout 4 proves that this is lore. “Rachel Watkins: I think this is it. I can't go any further. I can feel it taking me. growl No, gotta keep it together a little longer. Oswald, I'm sorry. I've looked everywhere I could think, but there's no cure. What towns and outposts I could find said that we ghouls just go feral eventually, and there's nothing to be done. Maybe it was the misters. Held out... moan ...as long as I can. I know this isn't what you'd want but... I can't stand the thought of mindlessly attacking everyone around me, so I've decided to end it on my own terms. I don't know why it hasn't affected you the same, but if you've still held it together... I want you to move on. Leave Nuka-World. You can still make a life out there. It's not all as bad as we thought. I love you Oz.”

  7. Which kind of implies that it's based on mentality, not inevitability, or else Oswald would've turned feral, since he bathes in rads 24/7.

  8. I mean Rachel doesn’t make it very far. The words of a few wastelanders doesn’t exactly prove anything imo, just that the theory is in universe, not that it’s fact

  9. It's a complicated topic. The distinction between Ferals and non Ferals believe it or not, comes from the first game. There are both Ferals that attack on sight and non Ferals that are friendly.

  10. Instead of 'feral' maybe we could use something like 'severe dementia' or something like that. Because the idea of all ghouls turning feral one day does have medical backing in our own world. Humans were not meant to live for hundreds of years and the brain WILL degrade (especially if you factor in radiation). We see this in our own elderly, dementia wasn't really a problem when people died young, but with modern medicine it definitely is a problem. And I don't see how ghouls could get around this issue, it's pretty much inevitable given enough time.

  11. Good point, also as for you point on phrasing Cut content(actually only inaccessible due to bug but whether or not it’s canon is hard to say) for fallout 3 with the doctor in underworld actually gives feral ghouls a more scientific name of ferocious post-necrotic dystrophy

  12. There an interesting theory somewhere on here about ghouls needing a lot of hydration to survive, and ones that don’t get enough are susceptible to becoming feral. It also suggests they require radiation to be healthy and thrive, and that low rads could harm them and maybe even cause the brain to degrade. Ghouls seem to run on radiation more than anything else, even food doesn’t seem too important for them.

  13. You've got the right of it really, it's pretty much just a wasteland rumour, there's no good evidence for us to believe all ghouls will turn feral. We don't even know what causes people to turn feral to begin with.

  14. Feralization in a ghoul happens when they take prolonged exposure to radiation, it damaged their brain and causes them to exhibit loss of cognition and extreme violent tendencies.

  15. All goals become feral depending on how much radiation they absorb, it heals them but it also screws up their minds. It's mentioned in literally every fallout game to some degree.

  16. Hmm, I’ve played every mainline game and I don’t recall ghouls being effected by radiation other than being healed, who mentions this?

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