Why does Pre-War money still have value?

  1. It’s literally cotton and polyester, it’s literally clothing that doesn’t tear easily. See that shit together, you got a money suit.

  2. Would they have silk in them though? Due to inflation I would imagine the Pre-War government not using such an expensive material in the trillions of dollars printed..

  3. It's backed by water in fallout 1, maybe in new vegas as well when ncr bucks become less valuable. In fallout 76 robot vendors will only accept it making it good currency for the 76ers and Appalachian residents.

  4. Because a lot of vending machines (robot vendors) were set to accept caps to sell goods as a special promotion/sale before the war, and they got stuck that way. So people bartered for caps, so that the caps could eventually be spent in the vending machines.

  5. Could be a post war fiat currency, could also be some automated services still accept prewar money giving it actually utility.

  6. It can be used as toilet paper, insulation, both for building and clothes, it's cloth so it can be used to patch clothes, or make brand new clothes out of if you're desperate and know your way around a needle and thread.

  7. Napkins, beds, blankets, toilet paper. Since the cloth it’s made of can be used too help make these things there’s value in what it can be used too help create.

  8. The materials they can get from it is more durable and useful than some materials they use post-war, and it can be used as fuel for fires. Plus, toilet paper.

  9. Others already mentioned it's a material, so I'll add that it's also a finite material. Pre-war money is no longer being printed, once it's gone, it's gone. Which inherently gives it a rarity value (even if still seemingly abundant).

  10. It's impractical to barter all the time. So long as enough people agree to attribute value to the paper money, it's more practical to use for exchanging.

  11. The same way bottle-caps have monetary value. It makes it easier to trade and people agree that it has value. Just because the world ended, doesn't mean capitalism did.

  12. Scarcity, quality, and symbolic value. One could argue that the gold reserves were actually untouched, so it could still hold it's value. (Vault 79 shennanigans.)

  13. Pre-war money is only worth the cloth it's minted on. Which is probably more than it was worth in 2077 as a fiat currency.

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