Is there a canon reason why the West Coast has a proper civilization (the NCR) after just over 1 century, yet the East Coast is still just disconnected towns and bands of raiders after two?

  1. Yeah people don't give the Enclave enough credit for how much they destabilize areas, honestly without a superpower to continually meddle in the west that could have been a reason for the possible growth of the NCR. For gods sake the Appalachian Enclave wiping out a state is relatively minor compared to what the west coast Enclave had planned initially what with the modified Curling FEV virus. Then of course there's whoever funding the merc groups like Talon in the CW, which I've got to believe are groups like the Enclave or at least similar groups who want the region destabilized until they can sweep in and take control.

  2. The commonwealth was a lot more organized before the events of FO4, but fighting between the Institute and the rest of the groups destabilized it significantly. There's a bunch of lore about them forming a cooperative government that was then basically dissolved due to the Institute's interference

  3. The east coast of the United States is more densely populated. Because of this it stands to reason it got nuked harder than the west.

  4. California is full of industry and it has a good amount of naval bases and airfields. The Mojave was a relatively sparse region and Vegas had no real military value, which is why that particular area wasn't annihilated, but much of California would have been wiped out.

  5. Because the West coast has had two different heros show up and solve their problems big or small leading to the best outcome for a majority of places throughout their history and the east has not. The actions of these people have also had ripple effects throughout the west that further expand things.

  6. We could ask the same of the Mojave Desert, where the native communities hadn't even set up more than very basic farming until outside groups arrived. Or New Canaan, or anywhere else we've heard about or seen on the West Coast.

  7. I'm fairly certain that the New Vegas area has no development because of House's interference. Always ensuring that he is, by far, the most powerful force in the Mojave.

  8. The NCR is a confederation of independently “successful” cities, and not all the significant settlements in the west are part of the NCR. The west coast also seems to be the priority target considering every threat on the east coast is one that the west coast had already faced.

  9. You have to look at WHERE the NCR popped up. They didn’t regrow from any of the big cities on the West coast. LA was nuked to hell into the Boneyard and Sand Diego is the glow. So the two biggest cities of the west coast where reduced to radioactive rubble.

  10. The NCR was founded in Southern California, not Northwestern Nevada. LA and San Diego even comprise two of its five states.

  11. It's been a long time so I might have my lore wrong but I believe that the hub water merchants provided the water infrastructure and economic infrastructure, combined with the transport infrastructure of the crimson caravan and then the governmental infrastructure provided by shady sands combined to create a total system of government that let a civilization flourish there. Once vault 8 got into the next and provided some high tech supplies and know how, I think things really got going.

  12. We haven’t seen anything to establish a post FO4 canon yet (as far as I know), but there could be some arguments made it is possible the SS might have brought enough stability to the Commonwealth for some form of organized government, or at least enough to consider it “more civilized.” Given possible player choices and the right scenarios there could be an outcome for the commonwealth that sees the Minutemen attempt another version of the CPG, with enough settlement growth and recruitment for roads and other areas to be deemed “safe” enough for travel like in much of the NCR, at least in the north half anyway. The “informal alliance” or whatever you want to call it between the the RR, MM, and BoS you can do in game could happen, but it’s more from not doing certain things and leaving quests open versus doing anything formal, but could lead to even more stability if some version of it somehow became canon. Given some of the major players (NPCs) involved I don’t really see that happening though. No matter how you slice it though, we won’t know what becomes canon in the CW until we get something post FO4.

  13. I was thinking because there’s more major Cities on the East coast so more nukes sent over by the Chinese leading to radiation spots/seas of radiation?

  14. I think it’s all about the area population before the war, now one major thing about nuclear war and war in general is taking the big cities and most populated areas and of course most important. The east coast in our real world for the past 150 years has always been more packed and populated together closer than the west. It’s more open, less divided by mountains like the Appalachian with exception to the Rockies, but between the from the pacific, to the Rockies allll the way to the Appalachian mountains it’s scarce of population compared to the tin of sardines in the east. So I’d imagine it was hit more and hit harder than anywhere else in the US. In fact, and take this with a gain it’s just a cool detail, in 76 there’s a globe you can get from the atom shop that spins and shows bombs dropping and where does most of it drop in the US? The east coast, mainly where DC and Boston would be and of course New York but we know nothing about it. So with it being hit so hard, I’d imagine it would be harder to try and start up civilization again as quick as the west coast did. Not only that but the west also had good luck with groups surviving and thriving unlike the east. In 76 the responders and the subsections of the group around West Virginia were doing pretty well, until the enclave under its dumbest leader ruined it with the scorched plague making it so anyone who did survive, scattered and for a while made any traveler wanting to live there give the region a wide birth. It’s called bat country to some people. Even the Pitt was more livable than West Virginia which I guess is saying something how horrible the scorched plague was. Groups in DC weren’t bound to thrive either especially in the city ruins but communities still survived enough to build towns and even trade but with little to no clean water it was a struggle, it’s why the main quest of fallout 3 was getting clean water to the region. But I will say this, we really don’t know too much about the east as much as we do the west. Hell we’ve been up most of the west coast and beyond. Most of what we’ve seen of the east is DC, Boston, West Virginia in the distant past, a small part of Pittsburgh, small part of Maryland in point look out and a small smaaaall part of Maine. That’s not a lot of east. We don’t even know the situation going on in the souther US in the south Atlantic, the other half of the east coast

  15. Considering that the West Coast and the Mohave were already pretty inhospitable to begin with, the plant-life was already suited to harsh conditions. Add to that the Mohave has less populated areas to target, you have more places potentially farm from.

  16. It's never officially stated but I think It's because d.c was hit the most, the white house is still a highly radioactive ruin to this day, 200 something years after the war. Also, to many raiders, remember that in the og fallouts the ncr wrecked the jackals and the vipers (I could be wrong tho), it probably helped and the fact the soil hardly grows anything in D.C.

  17. The west coast is mostly disconnected and densely populated areas in vast seas of nothing. The new worlders repopulated in the unirradiated nothing parts. That and assistance from Mr.House allowed civilization to flourish on the west coast.

  18. We've seen a shitload of the west coast. The original two games had extremely large world maps by virtue of not being what we today consider "open worlds", instead being a series of "levels" one travelled between on a menu, with random encounters during travel (represented by a few generic "desolate wilderness" levels) to give the illusion of a game that spans the entirety of Southern (FO1) and Northern (FO2) California: roughly 700 miles of coast with both maps going about 200-300 miles inland. If we zoomed in to the level of the East Coast games on one area of those maps it would probably feel just as disconnected and uncivilized.

  19. 20-40 square miles? The Fallout 3 world map has parts of Maryland, Viriginia, and Pennsylvania in it without adding in the dlc areas. That's a whole order of magnitude more than 40 square miles.

  20. Now that you bring up the possibility, I do think it'd be neat if Fallout 5 took place in the South and, just like how FO4 was strongly tied to the American Revolution, FO5 could be tied to the Civil War. Neo Neo Confederates enslaving people (mostly black people again, but also ghouls probably) and fighting with some abolitionist faction. I'll admit I mostly want this so that I can go away down South in the land of traitors, rattlesnakes and alligators and kick some slaver ass, but I think that's reason enough.

  21. Because there's Vault 87 and Raven Rock in the East. And the Institute is single handedly responsible for the Mutant infestation in the Commonwealth. Actually the Institute and Enclave are the two most responsible for the condition of the East coast.

  22. Dont forget about Conrad Kellogg! He comes from NCR, golden gate is shown in part of his quest in the main storyline!

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