Post Game Thread: Pittsburgh Steelers at Atlanta Falcons

  1. Mariota sucks. We have no idea what we have with Ridder. I’d rather figure out what we have in Ridder now and start draft prep if we don’t think he’s the answer

  2. I agree. I'm not calling for his job but he's gotta really make a move forward next year. With more cap room and theoretically a better team on paper, there's going to be less excuses for failure. How low is the bar set where he's a genius because he's 5-8?

  3. I would like to say this was a Falcons game. Marcus Mariota played like Marcus Mariota, defend him if you want. Arthur Smith coached I guess.

  4. This group of receivers is horrifically bad. It's kinda amazing they do anything at all outside of London. Combine that with a below average passer in Marriota and this is what you get. I'm not blaming the coaching staff either, if anything they are getting the most humanly possible out of practice squad level players. Things will be better next year when they get another draft cycle in and a boat load to spend in free agency. I don't think there's any doubt the focus needs to be on building depth at receiver, then pass rush though.

  5. It’s kinda hard to get a real sense of how the WRs really are with such awful QB play. Turns out the media was right all along, 5 wins is our ceiling this year, we will be lucky to get another 1-2 but I’m not holding my breath.

  6. Not expecting anything different from Arthur, but all I wanted from this regime to be better about having some foresight than the previous regime. Not much hope in that department after almost two years. I mean the falcons offense hasn't score more than 20 points in 5 weeks now. It's not like people saw that the offense was stagnant. And LOL at all the Marcus defenders from last week. He's still and will continue to be the vet that he's shown in over 70 starts. That's who he is. The faith and hope that Marcus would be any different by Arthur and some falcons fans was just pure delusion. Hope this game clears it up, but like I said, I'm not putting anything past Arthur.

  7. The team is bad and MM is worse. Next year will be better, don't die on the sword of defending MM

  8. I told my wife just in time for Marcus to screw up and asks what do you mean? I said he usually fumbles or throws a pick here. I got here out just as he released the ball, sigh.

  9. Based on the bye week and the different tone in Smith post-game, i think there's some potential for it.

  10. It's kinda funny that the game that seems to have broken the mariotas back was against a qb drafted after ridder.

  11. What’s funny about that? The falcons have made mediocre talent look down right elite literally all year. Pickett is no exception. He’s objectively not a good quarterback…

  12. Something something Mariota ain't it, something. I ain't even mad as it, because In all honesty, that penality at the end killed us. Why am I not mad? Because at this point, I expect him to use his arm to us out of games.

  13. The Falcons have a bunch of money to spend next year. Ridder is a very confident individual, a few bad games wont ruin him. We need to find out what he can do this year so they can spend all of that money on the right positions. Rookie Pickens is going to be better next year because of the experience he gains this year. It would be good for Ridder to gain some experience this year.

  14. It wont matter when he has no one to throw too. They are running one NFL lvl receiver out there and a bunch of practice squad level guys now that Pitts is out. They need to prioritize building depth at that position in the draft and FA. Not saying to overdraft or overpay, but they've got to seriously allocate some resources to a #2 or #3 level receiver so Pitts and London can get more single coverage.

  15. CP should have no less than 15 carries a game. When he’s on the field the chances of scoring go up drastically.

  16. I’m 6”5 I played wide receiver I had a 35 inch vertical I can name off the top of my head the amount of times a ball was too high drake London is 6”5 has a 40 inch vertical……and has a higher wingspan do you know how terrible you gotta be to overthrow a 6”5 guy

  17. After the Chargers lost there was a guy here who said that we had an easy 4 game stretch going into the bye and could easily be 8-5...

  18. Mariota is so bad. The Mariota fanboys need to come to accept the fact that he’s not starting QB material anymore. They remind me of the Ryan apologists that took over the Colts sub lol. For real though, Mariota seems like a nice dude but fuck, enough is enough. Put Ridder in please!

  19. I would call y'all Ridder fanboys but he doesn't deserve you. You'll be gone after he loses a game anyway. Even if it is because of our lousy O-line and our defense which can't tackle. You'll be calling for us to draft a QB the following week.

  20. I mean, Mariota is definitely not starting material but Matt Ryan absolutely is. He’s the only reason that horrible offensive unit has scored any points at all. He’s not MVP Ryan, but he’s middle of the pack average behind the one of the worst lines in history.

  21. Defeat once again snatched from the jaws of victory. See you all in two weeks. Arthur Smith has to do better, this one is on him as much as its on Mariota.

  22. Not surprising but another game with no sacks. Team fights but its always coming up short. Well needed bye week coming up

  23. This is why i was never really a believer in a run first offense. Its nice and all but it aint winning games, you need a competent pass game to succeed. Run first offenses only work if you have a top 10 defense.

  24. Yet another game that we could have won if just ONE thing went differently. I'm still saying that's an improvement over last year, we're not getting blow out in games, we are either playing TOO conservatively, or one thing happens that knocks us out of TD range, or one dropped pass makes us one score short, etc. But, we can NOT make QBs like Picket look good, he's historically bad.

  25. This was the end of the season, very likely. I’ve tried to remain hopeful, but I don’t see a reason to remain hopeful for a playoff spot this season. Even if we do make it, there’s no reason to risk draft positioning for an early exit in the wild card round. We’ll be embarrassed.

  26. My patience running out. It’s 2023 or nothing with one of the biggest cap spaces in the league. They can nail FA and draft, then the team could sneak into playoffs. Brady may retire and Saints QB/coach situations are murky. Panthers just flat out suck.

  27. We have to start Ridder. We need to know whether or not he has potential or if we need to draft a franchise guy. Let’s get some answers.

  28. Been a huge fan of Pees so far, but playing that soft when we needed a stop down by 3… about as bad as it gets. Easiest 8 yard pass of Pickett’s life.

  29. We’re 1 game away from a top 5 draft pick with 4 games left and that was the “easiest” game left on the schedule. Young/Stroud are still well in play ladies and gentlemen. Also the perfect time to give Ridder the chance to prove why we don’t need a QB.

  30. Perfect time to plug Ridder in during the bye week and see what we’ve got. I’m sure others are saying the same but I came here to put my two cents in before I read everyone else’s lmao

  31. Can't wait to see how Arthur Smith spins this for MM. I'm so tired of his 3 word answers for legitimate questions. You can do that when you are winning not when you're 1-5 in your last six.

  32. Sadly the fact that we can still make playoffs somehow will be the only reason Arthur Smith needs to STILL continue to start MM. When DR can just learn on-field live action. You're not gonna learn too much behind MM when he's making these mental mistakes.

  33. On the very, and I repeat, VERY slim chance we make the playoffs, we’re gonna lose that first game. This season is pretty much a waste at this point, so they might as well see what Ridder can do. Can’t be any worse

  34. This loss is on MM for his shit throws, Dean Pees and that trash ass defense, but I'm mostly pissed with Arthur. If you're going to play Mariota, then fucking acknowledge that he's terrible at throwing the ball. Why wait until late in the 3rd Q to run the football?!!

  35. Bro please just play Ridder😭 there’s literally no way we make the playoffs with Mariota and even if we COULD there’s no way Ridder can do worse than he has

  36. This had basically all the facets of a Falcons loss: close game, ref calls, Mariota, penalties (new feature!), bad clock management, soft coverage, getting run on, and Koo our only hope. Like a Thanksgiving dinner of the Falcons experience!

  37. Yeah. They definitely deserve some blame today but they only gave up nineteen points. Can’t lose like that in back to back weeks

  38. Yes. The offense is so one dimensional. If the run game doesn’t work perfectly we lose. And this in a passing league.

  39. Can we agree we are trash yet? And give Ridder a shot to see what he can do? Seems like not a bad idea going into offseason at least having some clue what we have in him.

  40. I’m not sure I’ve seen a less clutch QB than Mariota. Dude always comes up with a costly pick or a fumble on possible game winning drives every week.

  41. There isn't anyone defending him. More people defending the coach is discretion on when it's time. I do not believe anyone on this sub is a Marriotta Stan.

  42. I understand we were supposed to be bad, but this is the fifth straight year of the Falcons being total garbage. I don’t know how much longer I can take this.

  43. It’s just fucking frustrating to watch this team continue to barely lose every single game but have zero offense to get caught up.

  44. Lol what did you want him to do on the pick, pressure comes up the middle. If he throws it away its intentional grounding and you get a safety. No one else was open. Im excited to ridder but please stop this shit

  45. On the bright side, we went from the 15th overall pick to the 11th overall pick and possibly 9th overall depending on the Raiders and Colts games

  46. I heard a rumor they're thinking of putting Mariota's skillset to use and sending him to Afghanistan. They wanna use him to overthrow the Taliban

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