The Atlanta Falcons Legacy in 7 Players

  1. yeah part of me already regrets using the word legacy on this, should've just called it continuity or genealogy or something... then again, boneheaded plays kind of are our legacy lol

  2. Made this quick little graphic for myself and thought I'd share here. Someone posted a few days ago about the most average player, and the name Keith Brooking came up (lol). Turns out he was the only player from the '98 SB season to also play with Ryan, and that got me thinking about how few players it would take to span the entire franchise's history, with the requirement that there would be some overlap (at least one season playing together). There were a few ways I could go about this, but here was my logic:

  3. yup, he was a damn good Falcon! not perfect or flashy, but not a bum for sure. too bad his last moment here was so bitter, that really hurt his legacy unfortunately

  4. oh yeah, this is something totally different, but i 100% agree with that notion. i'd also have my boy roddy on there for sure!

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