Russian President Vladimir Putin visits Russias most prestigious sperm bank (2016)

  1. Because he didn't actually go to a sperm bank. He just manually stimulated 100 guys and had them ejaculate into a yogurt cup.

  2. In all seriousness, I find it rather sad or something, to see this man enjoying a treat just as any other regular individual would, he even does a little shimmy, showing his inner child. But on the other hand he’s a psychotic dictator who would end his own country along with the rest of the world to boost his self esteem.

  3. I actually kept scrolling til I found a comment like this. I have this thing where I feel sad sometimes watching people eating it’s a strange sensation. Like how this video made me feel.

  4. i had a similar thought. i can’t help but see an innocent human here. it’s hard to accept that the person we see here is behind so much evil and cruelty. :-/

  5. I just assumed that there wouldn't be footage of Putin eating or drinking anything in case he'd 'accidentally' ingest Agent Orange or plutonium. Or that he's actually secretly a lizard man who feeds off of negative energy or some shit.

  6. The clip is pretty funny, but it also is just pretty homophobic. I get that someone might argue that it is a great insult because Putin is extremely homophobic, but the punchline is still pretty homophobic regardless.

  7. I hate the lazy "Putin is gay" memes that are flourishing because they are mostly using gay as a negative thing, but this is in no way homophobic. Gay people don't eat sperm out of a yoghurt can.

  8. Reddit makes "putin is gay" memes all the time as if it's some terrible thing, fuck this bigoted website.

  9. I can’t wait to hear your explanation on why someone eating sperm by the spoonful as an insult is homophobic. Is that what gay people do, eat spoonfuls of sperm from a yogurt cup? I don’t get your correlation. Lemme hear it, why is it homophobic when at no point anything about gay/straight was mentioned in the title or clip. I, for one, don’t care if it’s a man, woman, trans, gay, straight, bi, dog, cat, or lizard. They are all disgusting to be shoving spoon fulls of cum as a snack.

  10. "Insulting an entire people and being racist" Is apparently on par with "Insulting a single cruel homophobic fuckwad" to you so I'm not sure your opinion on Reddits continued operation is valid.

  11. Damn, and he just ate a sample of each an every single donor? Truly wishes for a genetically delicious… er superior Russian future.

  12. Why does he eat like that. Shit would bother the fuck outta me. Just bring the spoon to your mouth savage. You can bring the cup with it. Who eats cum like this?!

  13. Do you think Putin just sits there angrily reading Reddit and then just orders someone to commit a war crime? It seems possible if you ask me.

  14. That look on his face reminds me of that scene in the movie Road Trip when Kyle (DJ Qualls) is sitting there smiling eating that french toast after sending it back and Horatio Sanz had licked and smeared it all over his balls.

  15. Honestly, seeing him enjoy something like that makes me wish he stayed out of politics and the KFB, and instead became a business man or something

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