Help What carts should I start buying frm here.. I don’t wanna keep buying cakes

  1. Bro I’m in SC and I just walked into a random store that had D8 and I’m just smoking my dispo and I just laugh at this black fucking tar looking hhc cart all the alt cannabinoids here are fake as shit thank god I don’t live in this state be careful what u buy bro there sum sketchy ass fakes I saw

  2. Ppl say urb but y’all should avoid THC-JD/ the Thc infinity line, it’s the closest to synthetic there is with the delta shit

  3. carry’s all this shit just not as marked up, thoes cake bars should be 50 cents tho and that’s asking a lil much

  4. I have a question lol, are all these delta crap even worth smoking at all? I’ve never touched one and probably never will lmao, but I see everyone asking and posting and always wondered why not just buy real actual thc carts and not all this RC’s?

  5. Well in illegal states all they have is Delta, it’s not that bad it just depends on your tolerance… if your tolerance is low it’s damn near real weed lowkey

  6. Your best bet is to hold of on buying any, go home and find some brands with full, clean lab tests and transparent business. Everyone is saying urban, but most of their products don't have full tests, only some do. For sure stay away from THC-o/p/v/jd/h and stick to delta 8 or maybe delta 10 only since I have yet to see a product with any of those other ones that has sufficient testing. If I were you go for an urban delta 8 cart as long as it's only delta 8 and nothing else, since those ones have sufficient tests

  7. all these are trash. don’t smoke anything that isn’t from a dispo or from someone you know made it. I personally only smoke weed I grew, bought from a grower, or from a dispo

  8. all stash some scams. if ur going to smoke Something that bad just smoke fentanyl. atleast when it kills u ull be high and not in agonizing pain due to lung damage

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