What is the average THC content for fake carts?

  1. Good question. It would be easy to do the math but the better question is “are those lab results even real since the cart is fake anyway?”

  2. i wasn’t referring to the Lab results on the box. I remember a while back i saw that someone had sent a few different brands of fakes for actual testing, i was hoping for something similar

  3. Everything is different. People are out there buying popular packaging, filling on their own, then selling to bulk to the plug that pays the most. Same brand doesn’t mean same experience. The THC % doesn’t really matter anyway cuz there’s other junk in there to maximize $$$ made.

  4. depends really. id estimate like 45-60%. glos have tested for 80%+ but thats central source ones (idc what yall say there is). i know ass gold coast clears have tested for 80%+. keep in mind these same carts have been filled by other and been like 10% horsepiss etc. just gotta be judgement and know shit can be ANYTHING

  5. They are suppose to be 50 percent and above the rest are terps. Higher concentration you go less flavor you get

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