[Space Exploration] I figured I'm not patient enough to calculate solution for this puzzle mysef. So I wrote a program that does this instead

  1. Sure, but if you're "manually" computing linear algebra with floats to multiple digits of precision, then yeah you should probably use a computer. And if you're going to do it 10 times, then at least fire up ipython or excel and write a function for it.

  2. I don't know how to do linear algebra (I'm a lowly finance person) but my spreadsheet with some simple arithmetic easily solved Interburbul.

  3. Are you sure your program is right?? I get coords of approx (3.60, 0.41, 1.19) for the example you have shown...

  4. I checked it on all 10 shared levels and bunch of random ones. Vector was pointing straight into the center of target sector every time

  5. I've got 800+ hours in SE and not found this, time to load up my SE run and continue searching for new planets! I've found 2 other ruins that have held some good loot.

  6. I just used a spread sheet. I don't think this is even really overkill, trying to calculate those vectors by hand was a pain in the ass.

  7. I don't even get the basics of this minigame; You've explained that you are trying to guess a vector that hits the highlighted sector, but I still don't see how you would even begin to solve this manually.

  8. >!Given we know the top left, top right, and bottom left, we can use that to find the middle, which is halfway between topright and bottom left. Once you know the middle, you can find the bottom right since it will be twice the distance from the top left to the middle. Now that you have all four corners, you can interpolate any other place on the grid. This was how I did it manually before automating.

  9. I beat space exploration but avoided all the heavy nerd secrets on purpose, because I'm not a serious nerd, I'm more of a half assed nerd

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