Completely overhauling/redesigning our base 250 hours into Space exploration.

  1. Well biters were an issue for a good chunk of the early game. Dealt with it with excessive laser turrets. But once you get MK4 power armor and fill it with lasers biters become more of a annoyance than anything. At that point (maybe 150 hours?) we turned pollution off on the starting planet Nauvis (which we don't even use now) cause they were causing lag. Biters still exist on other planets but with the late game weapons they can't do anything.

  2. Interesting to see, that you apparently decided to give up most of the productivity from modules in favour of having everything in space.

  3. We unlocked wide area beacons by then. So everything is fully beaconed and moduled in space too (well speed wise)! Power draw is our main bottleneck atm.

  4. I’m just starting out a space exploration run, hearing this makes me both excited and worried about once I get to space (hopefully this weekend I’ll have enough time for launching a rocket).

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