1. in the early game it's not very wise to clear nests unless they're in the way of you getting ore/oil patches. Killing nests increases the evolution factor by a ton, which means bigger and scarier biters spawn quicker. It's better to set up a defensive wall since biter kills don't contribute to the evolution factor. Once you're a bit further in you should definitely go on a killing spree and set up huge perimiters though.

  2. To some extent you need to clear the biters to get more space to solve your other problem, because the solution to any problem about the factory not scaling is to get more research patches and create more factory.

  3. It's wise to destroy nests within your pollution cloud, and wrap defenses around the outside of your cloud - that will dramatically reduce the frequency of attacks that you have to spend resources on.

  4. Land liberation is the aim. You have to be prepared to hold it, though. Unless you're playing a custom or preset map with expansion turned off, they'll just come back. I usually have 4 phases to expanding my territory:

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