German climate activists glue themselves to the conductor's stand at a concert. The stand is removable so they were taken offstage and the concert continued after a 30-second interruption.

  1. I can kinda see why people think they are actors because it's all been max level hipsters. The kind of people who try to look as idiotic as possible on purpose. Fuckers look like they cut their own hair and take design cues from 1970s furniture.

  2. Dudette on the left looks like she got lost on her way to the bathroom and isn't sure how she ended up with her hand glued to a pole next to Vector.

  3. The misguided efforts of the well meaning. How dare that symphony create so much….check hand…CHOPIN

  4. I had to look at the pic again, and I stared for a couple minutes because I legit thought he was wearing a hat before I realized that was his hair.

  5. I don't mind climate activists, they are probably right in the long-run, but why do they have, invariably, such a haircut deficit...?

  6. Wouldn't it be funny if that frame was walked out the back door somewhere and chained to a fence or something so that the activists can take ownership of calling a friend to come get them with some Super glue remover.

  7. Police and rescue forces in Germany are regularly equipped with glue remover, sanitizer and hand creme right now. They check their IDs, file a report before sending them off and leave dealing with the matter to the venue owner or company in most cases. Who also have better things to do.

  8. It's curious we see so many of these absolute non-stories pushed by the media. Especially when they portray climate activists as unfortunate looking dolts.

  9. I don't think these are plants. I think the problem is that we're only getting reports of the dumb ones. There are lots of protests that are sensible and peaceful. But they don't make an exciting article, and they raise topics which are depressing. No one reports on them.

  10. that's probably the whole point. climate debate is happening these past few months in the legislative bodies of many big nations and suddenly climate "activists" start stunts like blocking traffic, trying to destroy art, etc.

  11. I don’t agree with the methods. All anyone talks about is how silly/stupid these people are. But can we talk about what they are actually trying to achieve? How do much of cultural institutions are funded by oil/gas companies in a vain attempt to ingratiate themselves to the public?

  12. I think what's actually happening is that there's always some protests that go silly, while there's also plenty of protests that don't. But people trying to shut down legitimate climate change activism are promoting the ones that go a bit silly via social media manipulation in an effort to discredit the whole idea of all of these protests completely.

  13. I fully support climate change activists, but I'm also willing to believe that a few of them are hilariously inept, like these guys. Don't know if you went to university but poorly thought out stunts like this, for very good causes, were common on my campus. Lots of enthusiastic and passionate kids, not a lot of forethought.

  14. Making fun of these protestors just feeds the system they're protesting. It's easy to poke fun because they're so few. But if you do you're being played by a system that wants you working or dead and you are essentially just another crab in a bucket.

  15. I think it's funny that all these protesters are using petroleum based products to protest against petroleum...

  16. Come on… we need to do something about climate change and direct protests towards those involved are fine but this just puts people against your cause

  17. These climate protesters been doing direct climate protests for years. Nobody reports on those though and nothing changes. This is the result of people getting desperate since nobody cares when it’s not absurd enough to make the news.

  18. I was thinking the same thing. Like do these ppl realize how often their videos are posted and nobody is talking about their cause and everyone is just pointing and laughing? I almost wonder if it’s doing more harm than good. Like putting ppl like me who believe in fighting climate change on the same side as ppl who are climate change deniers. We’re all just laughing at these idiots.

  19. i mean we could be talking about how they have a point in protesting but all the 14 year olds on reddit are too busy just shaming them for the way they look or whatever. you are all part of this fucking problem, but hey, hope you got your rocks off by typing "cringe" or whatever..

  20. Less than two weeks ago some protested by blocking a private jet terminal. Nobody heard about it because those protests aren't effective. This is.

  21. Well we know that industrial meat production is harmful to the environment so I’m wondering what kind of vegetables she’s eating.

  22. I bet the audience thought THAT was worth the price of admission! Also love the look on the lady's face and the haircut the dude is rockin'!

  23. Climate activists like these are doing more damage to the cause than anything else. And it seems they all compete for the dumbest idea ever.

  24. Oh boy, another millennial couple doing something stupid instead of actually helping out their community or doing something meaningful!

  25. Imagine the impact on the environment if that woman had a more healthy diet. Looks like she has the carbon footprint of 4 people because of that alone.

  26. Whipping them with a stick till they move isn’t an option? I’m sure they will figure out how to unglue themselves really quick.

  27. If people live within a normal BMI and not eat excess calories, it would have a huge impact on climate change.

  28. some people are simply unattractive, uninteresting and have no life. Therefore, they become activist. In the 3rd world they would become terrorists or menace others in some other ways.

  29. After further inspection it was found out that the guy on the left never actually glued himself to the stand, he's just physically too weak to lift his arm from it

  30. I wish I could have seen the faces in the audience erupting with laughter the moment he lifted the railing. What a couple of ineffectual hipster doofuses.

  31. I’m all for climate activism, but why are they being extreme in the most useless way possible? gluing yourselves to random shit is usually just an inconvenience to every day people, it’s not hurting the big corps that they should be going after. i just can’t imagine that people who feel this strongly, can’t come up with actual ways to help the climate crisis, and instead just do shit like this that helps no one.

  32. You are also forgetting the that more extreme actions will drown out the message. I suppose that their logic is "we will annoy people into doing something", but that hasn't worked ever.

  33. This isn't activism. Doing this pisses people off and paints a negative image of your ideas, values and thoughts. I am an environmentalist, but this is the wrong way to get people thinking and aware.

  34. If anyone looks even a little bit into these just stop oil activists, they can clearly see that they are just being paid to make climate change activists look dumb.

  35. The destruction of the planet we live on is some sad shit, these activists trying to add meaning to their life by causing a nuisance is sad. I want the world to be better while also wanting to see these activists shitted on

  36. I mean if you really want to help climate change go on a killing spree and destroy airports and then kill yourselves would be my best advice or help developing nuclear energy and failsafes so we can run effective

  37. It’s a way to make a statement, and complicates their removal from whatever they have attached themselves to

  38. Reality always writes the best comedy. Also these guys look so stereotypical you could think they put on an act

  39. Why are these assclowns effecting middle class people living there daily lives. Glue yourself to Rupert murdocks house. Like go after the big fish with private jets Jesus you stupid fucks.

  40. These people fucked up, but I’m in support of peaceful protesting. Of all kinds. These people want to save the environment, and I’m for that

  41. The real facepalm is people from developed countries (like the US with 7times the gas emissions per capita we should aim at), laughing at them for the act, while completely avoiding the reason behind.

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