Staff member prices 1/2 Parmesan wheel at $10.44 total instead of $10.44 per pound

  1. My friend bought one of those expensive cured spanish ham legs from a grocery store. It was sitting on a stand/knife set. It was labeled poorly and he got the leg and the set for 200 bucks...which was the price of the stand/knife...the leg was 2000.

  2. My buddy was in Spain with his wife for their honeymoon and got quite drunk and ordered an i Iberico ham at a shop to be sent back to the states. This was long before we met them but she still slaps him around every time she tells the story.

  3. So much pasta, so much mashed potatoes, so much chicken parm... It would just be a parmesan fest through springtime. I'd be putting Parmesan on my ramen and giving every sandwich a bit of a sprinkle.

  4. Fun tip: the rind on these things isn’t wax, it’s mega hard cheese. Keep it! You can use it to infuse parm flavour into sauces by just laying it in there, and then pulling it out when you’re done simmering. So flavourful!!! Extra bang for your buck!

  5. Ohhh my god, I work at a popular, very nice grocery store chain here in FL, to give away $400 worth of cheese for $10.... I think they would actually strap you to a table and flay you 🤣🤣💀💀

  6. I worked at Wegmans where you make a show of cracking the wheel with a chisel, it would have been very bad. It looks like real Parmigiano reggiano

  7. Yeah he’s cute about it. Of course it’s her fault because she didn’t answer the FaceTime LOL. He scored and has a right to be pleased with himself.

  8. $465 if 44.6 pounds at $10.44, but someone mentioned that Parmesan typically sells for more like $25 a pound so someone marked that shit double wrong. That's more like $1100 worth of cheese.

  9. Give that shit to friends and family. Don't let good cheese go to waste. I'd have bought it, too. Hell, wegded and frozen, it can last for up to a year. LOL

  10. That’s a legit score. I pulled the same thing at Home Depot with husky tool box mat. I got a whole case for the price of one roll. The case was priced as one roll. Well that’s how it scanned. I paid and left and still have 3 rolls left. That was years ago.

  11. Yeah bought ten boxes of trim cause there was 10 pieces per box so when he scanned it he thought the price was for each box but it was per piece so ended up getting. 1000’ or solid Acadia for 38$. Instead of 380$.

  12. Haha! I once got a half wheel of English cheddar for $.98, when it should have been $98lb. Fuck you whole foods!

  13. Got a pound and a half of sliced roast beef for like $2.50 once. I'd have put it back if they wanted me to. They knew something was wrong and I was just sitting there like a Karen like "well, it scanned that price didn't it?" I kid but I wasn't gonna buy it for the appropriate price and they didn't have a different way to ring it up so I got a bunch of free roast beef and the cashier got to bitch about the lazy assholes running the deli for like five minutes. The store would have never noticed it was gone so everyone wins.

  14. This story will carry on to his grandkids. Remember that time i bought 1/2 a wheel of parmesan cheese at 10.44$.

  15. And this didn’t set off alarms bells at the checkout? Man handling the half wheel of Parmesan over the scanner didn’t make them think “er what?”

  16. If the people can't even label things right, you really think they're gonna watch the customers right too?

  17. Where I live, if an item is priced incorrectly, they have to sell it to you at the sticker price. Even if another staff member or a manager queries it. It's part of our consumer law. (Manager of multiple retail stores for 20 years)

  18. Don't blocks of parmesan last a long time due to the low moisture content? I could google but I would like to give someone with cheese knowledge a chance to shine.

  19. Parmesan is the densest, driest cheese, and will keep for a long time in a cool dark dry place. It's also the fattest, this guy is gonna put on 40 pounds this year.

  20. Actually, if you check the consumer price for a pound of this particular cheese (Parmigiano Reggiano) it averages around $25 a pound. That wasn't just the wrong price, it was the wrong piece of cheese entirely. Even though there would be a bulk discount for a resturaunt, for a consumer he is getting a hell of a deal.

  21. You can literally hear her laughing in the background but of course reddit thinks she's shaking with anger at him

  22. Lol she's not mad? She's laughing. Just cuz she's demanding answers doesn't mean she's mad - more like having a major WTF moment at the situation.

  23. Dude. Last I checked Parmesan cheese can cost around 15 usd per pound. You can sell most of that or even give it away your neighbors.

  24. I am 100% in this guy’s camp. His laugh when he weighs it is magic. If I ever get the chance to buy 44 pounds of parm for $10.44., I’m taking it without any reservations.

  25. Man is wasted as fuck. His wife came on the other thread and said he drove their children home too. She tried to convince everyone he was sober though.. doubtful.

  26. That should be way more than 10.44 a lb. Regardless that was a steal. Parm wheels are I think about 70-80lbs and cost like $1700-1800. He basically got $1700 of parm for free

  27. That is a GIANT score. When I came home after a year in Italy, I brought a kg (2.2lbs) of Parmegiano Reggiano with me. I was very sad when I went into my bedroom a few hours after I arrived and found a ripped-open packet, some crumbs and a sleeping dog.

  28. Thats like twice as big as my hotel's padano foodservice wheels. That size really has to be made just for grocery delis.

  29. Seriously I'd do the same thing every chance I get. Best Buy had a misprinted price tag on a 65" TV and when asked if that was correct they said yes. I showed another customer and we each bought a TV $1100 below retail.

  30. Dude is a legend. He saw an opportunity and he grabbed it. It didn't matter what it was. It was an opportunity! Now he has a lifetime of pasta eating to do.

  31. Wife and I were in Stop and Shop in Groton, CT and we saw a WHOLE wheel mis-priced at about $20. I should have gone right to the register but we continued shopping.

  32. I don't know why she isn't giving the guy a high five. A pound of good parmesan can go for $14. So 14 * 20 folks I mean to me it sounds like he made a really smart business decision.

  33. I don’t know if this could be possible, but couldn’t you go to a local restaurant (family owned) and see they can take it off your hands.

  34. In his defense, that's one heck of a deal and this cheese will keep for a long long time in a cool dry place.


  36. Supermarkets actually have the lowest profit margins of almost any industry (between 1-3%). It’s competitive as heck. They aren’t the ones gouging, the food producers are.

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