Policing in America: A legally blind man was walking back from jury duty when Columbia County Florida Sheriffs wrongfully mistook his walking stick for a weapon. When he insisted he would file a complaint the officers decided to arrest him in retaliation.

  1. New arrestable offense in america unlocked: walking while blind. Previous similar one was walking while black, therefore walking must be made illegal.

  2. You can see how defeated the supervisor was at that moment. He knew he would be paying for this, but all he can do is slink away and pretend he didn't just enable this BS.

  3. Police and their fragile ego... Cant talk back to them, cant reason with them. Dude cleared the suspicion of holding a firearm and still trying to detain the man. These people really shouldnt be allowed to be cops. Always trying to escalate situations and get a good arrest story to inflate their egos. All At the cost of fucking over peoples lives.

  4. I love how they still straight up double down when they're wrong. Instead of "My bad you partially blind pedestrian citizen, carry on."

  5. Not only that, the guy cop, the "supervisor" just decided "ah know what, let's arrest him for resisting arrest." Dude didn't offer an iota of resistance when they cuffed him.

  6. Meanwhile an actual emergency is happening somewhere nearby with the ambulance going by, but nah let’s harass this blind guy with a walking stick

  7. The sad part here is even though he did nothing wrong and wont be convinced of this bullshit charge, the arrest will still stay on his record. Truly fucked up.

  8. You can beat the rap but you can't beat the ride. Once they've made up their minds to go after someone in public they won't/can't back down.

  9. I wonder what % of unlawful arrests and time wasted, cops across America, commit each day like this? Resisting arrest? PFFFFt WHAT A JOKE! And she was so proud and smug putting him in the car as if she did something noble.

  10. Shit drives me crazy. My tax dollars go towards police harassing people who committed petty crimes or did nothing wrong, meanwhile sexual predators and white collar criminals get minimal sentences.

  11. I got hit by a car walking into work. Ended up being an off duty officer who was in fault. Cops came after I called to file the incident, and long story short they said there was no proof of me being hit and took me to jail for disorderly conduct

  12. She thinks he got what he deserved because he talked shit to her. Just typical corrupt, power hungry bullshit. I would imagine in her heart of hearts she knows it isn’t “right”, but people like this aren’t out for the greater good, they’re out for authority over others.

  13. According to the Washington post, 40,000 payments between 7,600 officers has cost taxpayers more than $3.2 billion to settle police misconduct claims.

  14. It should not be an allowable stand alone charge. You got arrested for resisting arrest?? What kind of Schrödinger’s cat bullshit is this?

  15. "Resisting arrest". Police do this bullshit all the time when they don't have reasonable cause to detain someone. They escalate it and then pretend the person was resisting.

  16. LOL the DA in every county in this country is the right hand man for the police and is scummier and more bereft of morality defending their horrible actions.

  17. Just what happens when pieces of shit take a job to have their power trips. Forgetting said job is to be a SERVANT TO THE PUBLIC. Not monarchs with subjects that have to submit 😑.

  18. And what fucking difference does it make if he needs it or not? It’s not a weapon or anything remotely illegal. End of fucking discussion. It’s not like you’re only allowed to carry things you need.

  19. It's called knowing the outcome of the interaction ahead of time. The cops went into the interaction knowing they were going to find a way to arrest the dude the millisecond that he started pushing back on them.

  20. I’m honestly surprised when the blind guy said can I see your ID that the cop didn’t say “how can you see if you’re blind, you’re lying to the police now”

  21. Nah, that's not just it. He literally schooled those officers in law, since in Florida the stop and identify law requires reasonable and articulable suspicion that he had committed a crime, is committing a crime, or is going to commit a crime. He told them exactly that, AFTER dispelling all suspicions in the first place, AND THEN got arrested anyway.

  22. Not enough people take the time to imagine how this really felt. You're walking along, and then you're suddenly being interrogated. The STATE wants to know who you are, where you're going. The STATE puts its hands on you and cuffs you. The STATE shoves their hands into your pockets and goes through them to search your person.

  23. We should definitely save this video and email it to all attorneys offices in Florida in case the police department "accidentally" loses this recording.

  24. Who pays for this? The people, not the supervisor that's the reason why this will continue and we will continue to hire people who don't care.

  25. She could have said, “fuck you old man, get the fuck out of here shithead, badge #xxx.” and that would have been the end.

  26. I'm licensed to practice law in Florida. I hope he sues. She was fine stopping him but what happened after that was illegal. Once she confirmed he wasn't armed the encounter should have ended. The seizure and subsequent search were unsupported by probable cause and therefore were 4A violations. Then taking him in after he asked for their ID info . . . they should lose their jobs. They wear badges with that info so the public can hold them accountable for their actions.

  27. In other terms I'd say this is fucking disgusting, as they're just flexing on this poor guy for pointing out to them that they have no valid reason for their treatment of him. I'll gladly help fund his defense if needed.

  28. Let’s not lose sight of what was this gentleman’s greatest offense. He upset both of their feefees by challenging their thinly skinned egos and daring to question how shittily they’re doing their jobs. For that he must be punished.

  29. Do you try a lot of 4A cases? People complain about violations of the 1st and 2nd Amendments all the time, but the 4th is the one that gets dragged through the mud the most often.

  30. Even if he was armed, there is no suspicion of carrying illegally due to the prevalence of licensed concealed carry. LEOs wonder why they are despised, well it is because they think they can "suspect" anyone and everyone is a criminal and treat them as such when everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I look forward to the day when lawsuits against LEOs hit them personally rather than being bailed out by unwilling taxpayers for their crimes against the citizenry.

  31. He posted this video to his YouTube channel, and according to his replies, he's having trouble finding representation.

  32. I dont understand why the senior police officer doesn't de-scalate the situation and let the guy go on his way. This sort of thing always happens and it's crazy that the senior police comes on to the scene and just backs up the junior officer no matter what.

  33. The citizen didn't grovel and dared to talk back, so clearly this walking ego with a badge needed to show the guy the error of his ways.

  34. You see, she spilled her coffee and dropped her doughnut in an attempt to get over there to stop the man. Now she needs Justice for her fallen comrades

  35. "I had to walk up here in the dark for jury duty which is cancelled" Well, that obviously explains why he's not using the walking stick during the day.

  36. How many times before this did she go around casually arresting anyone who was rude to her? We may never know. It takes a lot to keep your cool in a situation like that so the blind guy was probably just the first to be unjustly arrested "correctly" enough to get his lawsuit payday and trending on the internet. Seen other videos where the victims starts yelling at the cops and get beat down.

  37. Florida Cops. Like Florida Man, but with guns. Edit Columbia County Sherrifs office has some of the lowest requirements to be a police officer in Florida. It's actually harder to get a job as a Walmart manager than be a Columbia County Deputy. You would make more at Walmart.

  38. Maybe I'm dumb but as soon as she saw it was a walking stick and not a gun it should have been a "Thanks, have a nice day sir" right? Like Florida isn't an open carry state so that should have been the end of it...

  39. Power trip, he knew his rights and she didn't like the "disrespect". People like her and the "supervisor" should never be allowed to be cops because they are always on a power trip.

  40. She knew it wasn't a gun before she stopped him. Otherwise she would have shot him when we went to reach and pull it out his back pocket.

  41. Have you seen the footage of the cop(s) that dislocated the shoulder, fractured the arm and sprained the wrist of the 73 year old women with dementia and then laughed about it?

  42. "Ahem...we are offering to drop the charges against you, but you must sign this waiver absolving the police of any liability"

  43. I believe that I first time an officer abuses their authority they should be suspended without pay. The second time they should be removed from the force, able to rejoin in 5 years. The third time is prison.

  44. they dont wonder, they know, its the blue thin line flag waving boot lickers that are stupid enough to keep wondering.

  45. Who here remembers when Reagan fired all the air traffic controllers? If we can Federally spank ATC unions, we should be able to bring the hammer down on abusive police and policies that protect their wallets. Immunity only exists because society tolerates it.

  46. Vile police need to be shamed and perp walked into the jail with zero special consideration. No probable cause to to cuff and stuff him.

  47. Does anyone have an article on this particular incident? I'm heavily rooting for the man with the walking stick and hoping there is a follow up to his questions.

  48. This is why I believe a federal agency should be created to oversee issues with police such as this, because we all know nothing will be done to this officer nor the department.

  49. Remember in police TV shows they had the big bad boogeyman of Internal affairs? It's like they are toothless in real life or something.

  50. It’s called the Department of Justice. And it does. But they work at a larger level… LA Sheriff’s department, Cleveland Police Department, etc…

  51. Filed a complaint? What? No. Filed a civil lawsuit. Dudes getting paid! Especially after a wrongful arrest that clearly demonstrated by the video.

  52. Given that the video is police cam footage, I would assume he filed a complaint and the footage went into public record as evidence. Otherwise I doubt it would have been released.

  53. I hope so too. Only happened last week though. Not sure how long it would take before we get an update, but might be a while.

  54. Charges as follows: harassment, unlawful detainment, libel (official documentation claiming he resisted arrest, on public record). All sentences to be compounded because the crimes were committed from a position of power.

  55. Cops don’t lose their jobs. Worse they’ll get is paid suspension. Police unions have made a position where there are very rarely actual consequences for actions.

  56. Don´t get me wrong but where i live (germany). if the police would done such a thing the police officers would lose their job and can´t ever be in the police again. also if you want to become a police officer it is difficult. the us should probably do the same.

  57. My heart stopped each time he pulled that thing out of his back pocket. Police here in this country will shoot you IMMEDIATELY for reaching for anything, especially after already saying they suspect it's a weapon anyway.

  58. I’m a 6’2 dark skinned brown teen with curly hair and a beard in nyc and boy let me tell you about the nypd. Mfs will deadass drive past me and either stop in the middle of traffic and stare at me for awkwardly long periods of time or straight up put on the lights, pull a u turn and drive back in my direction just to see if I fit the description of a suspect or look for a reason to stop me.

  59. Keep pushing , the people have had enough , won’t be long before they stand up in mass and push back. If you don’t know what fn walking stick looks like compared to a gun then you should be manning the register at Fkn 7/11.

  60. Is it really that hard to say: “Sorry sir, I thought you had a gun, but now I see it’s just a walking stick, sorry for bothering you.” It’s that fucking simple. No need to handcuff anyone, no need to kidnap anyone. Do they jerk off to the bodycam footage or what? Defund the police, take away their guns and maybe they’ll learn how to police properly.

  61. This is not “a couple of bad apples” this is how police officers are trained to act towards civilians. Use power until the people are subservient. And if they’re not put them in jail for a couple of days and then drop the charges. The police officers should be financially responsible for wrongful arrests. But it comes out of YOUR pocket. Yes you who are reading this right now, your police do stupid shut like this, and your city can’t build a park, or fix potholes, or put on a fun harvest festival. All because of this.

  62. If he was black they wouldn’t have let him snatch a “weapon” out of his back pocket. They would have drawn at least a taser on him before approach and he would’ve been facedown before the realized he was blind.

  63. The fact that he was walking back from jury duty that was canceled, and his jacket is an American flag jacket, and he is legally blind, cops mistaking a walking stick for a weapon, FREEDOM.

  64. Well, he didn't get blasted when he reached around for his "weapon" so, I'm going cup half full here.

  65. I goddamn hate a bully with a badge and I’m looking forward to seeing reports that these fucksticks were unceremoniously dismissed.

  66. He's lucky the cops didn't beat him to death or murder him for 'fear of their lives'. Nothing will happen to the scumbag cops.

  67. Didn’t he immediately say it was a navigational aid? The only confrontational piece was him saying, “are you a tyrant?” And she responded, “yes.”

  68. Why the hell did the one cop ask him why he wasn't using the walking stick? Like that's a thing? Having a stick and not using it is grounds for what happened to the poor guy?

  69. “Why weren’t you using your stick” Because, officer, you yourself are not blind and its none of your business when blind people do and do not feel the need to use assistive tech.

  70. Do most people not know that a red and white cane is a guide cane? My wife gets comments about her cane fairly regularly like, "are those nunchucks?" (because they have elastic between the segments when folded down I guess) and so many variations on, "you're not going to beat anyone with that are you?"

  71. Cops totally did not need to be a dick in that situation. Saw it was a walking stick. “My apologies sir. I got a call about a person with a gun in their pocket, I see that it is not you are free to go. I’m sorry I bothered you. Have a good day.” Why don’t cops take the high road?

  72. Publicize the names of these two cops and we make sure to publicly shame them every time they go out on the streets.

  73. Departments actually seek out non-free thinkers. Anyone above a certain range of their aptitude tests gets dropped because they can think critically which would cause conflict with how "policing" is supposed to be done in leaderships minds.

  74. I really hope they got some kind of discipline, are US cops that bored they have to assume everything is a weapon and also when proven wrong they make an arrest than admit it? It's pretty embarrassing guys

  75. As a legally blind man myself, this is literally a nightmare scenario. I use a cane to get around all the time and I have had a couple people think it's a weapon of some kind. For the police to do so though, with the idea that they could shoot or arrest you if you make the wrong move, it's terrifying.

  76. two members of a local gang stop to question lawful citizen then kidnap him bc they've never been humbled before

  77. For me, the MOST annoying part is the last few seconds when she’s putting his stuff in her trunk after arresting him on false charges of resisting, and goes “Hmph!” so fucking smugly like they’ve “won” the interaction.

  78. The fact this female cop REALLY doubled down and said "in fact, yes I am" to being asked if she was a tyrant is outrageous. Kidding, being a smart ass or even lying about that should have you immediately drug through the mud.

  79. Perfect response from him, "It's gonna be" then they continue refusing to give names/badge numbers. Fucking pig criminals. I hope he gets a nice settlement from the city.

  80. The glee in the female officers voice after this man was placed under arrest, as if she won, is disgusting and a great example of just one of many issues that plauge the US police force. Clearly she was there to serve herself that day, and not the public.

  81. Dude handled himself like a champ. Got out of jury duty and is about to get paid a couple hundred thousand. Should come out of the police pension fund. Then the “good cops” would stop putting up with the shitty cops’ bullshit.

  82. Isn't Florida open carry anyways? Why would they need to stop someone simply for possessing a firearm. That's not a crime in itself and there was no suspicion of one being committed.

  83. Oh shit a disabled slightly elderly man! Better call back up!! Is that a walking stick that assists blind people to find their way?! Weapon!!! Surprised they didn’t shoot him. Fuck these asshole cops. “Back the blue”!!! Drrrrrrrr neighborhood way safer now! Patting each other on backs. Fuck the police

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